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CA Woman Kidnapped, Trafficked With Child In TX

.jpg photo of man arrested for alleged human trafficking
Devanshu Gupta, 26

Irving Police Arrest Pair For Alleged
Human Trafficking

IRVING, TX  –  The Irving Police Department is investigating a case of human trafficking that happened during the past few months.  On Sunday, April 15, 2018, officers responded to a call where a victim reported escaping from a prostitution enterprise.

.jpg photo of woman arrested for alleged human trafficking
America Anderson, 20

The victim, a young adult female, was kidnapped from California and brought to a home in the 200 block of Rolston Road against her will.  While there, she was forced into prostitution by two suspects, America Anderson, 20, and Devanshu Gupta, 26.

They would advertise the services on a variety of websites, then take the victim to various local motels to meet with customers.  Also at the home was a second victim, a juvenile female, who was also being held against her will and forced to participate in prostitution.

The responding officers and detectives quickly identified the suspects and took them into custody after seeing them leave the home with the juvenile victim.  Both are currently being held in the Irving City Jail on charges of Trafficking of Persons, Trafficking of Child, Compelling Prostitution ($100,000 bond each charge) and Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution ($50,000 bond).

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    1. Mariana, Thank You so much for your input.
      It is the same the world over, with slave labor there is a greater profit margin.
      Mariana, there is a whole lot more Child Predators than you, or most people would ever imagine in this world.

      1. That’s sad Robert! People ran away from meaningful jobs and innovativeness to seek lazy work. What’s worse is that they are trampling on the dignity of their fellow human beings in the process.

      2. Mariana, yes, that is true, but uhhhh I don’t think it bothers people like that much, if any at all. I mean it’s not like they care anything about their slaves feelings, well-being, or dignity. People that would do that to anyone else is the lowest form of sewer rat dung on this earth.

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