Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

.jpg photo of Distinguished Eagle Scout Mike Rowe
Eagle Scout Mike Rowe, who was also awarded the Distinguiushed Eagle Scout over 5 years ago.

Mike Rowe Unloads on All-Inclusive ‘Scouts’ in Tucker Interview

In an interview this week with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Eagle Scout Mike Rowe (who may have done a few notable things since) expressed concern over the recent changes in the Scouts, arguing that he hopes the organization would be “an antidote for the safe space environment that’s out there.”

Rowe made the remark when asked by Carlson about how “the scouts are no longer the Boy Scouts, but simply the Scouts” and how he felt about it.

“Well it’s funny you should ask, Tucker, because no less than 10,000 people have asked me that very question over the last month on my Facebook page,” Rowe said. “Distinguished Eagle Scout, if you’re keeping score.  Five or six years ago, I was awarded that, and it was very touching.”

Rowe indicated that he was adopting a wait-and-see attitude with the new initiative, which would let girls into the Scouts, but felt there were some ominous signs.

“Look, I’m watching what’s happening very carefully,” he said.  “I’ve sent 50 to 55,000 thousand letters out over the last 10 years to other Eagle Scouts, and I think the country needs the Scouts, I think the country needs the Future Farmers of America, and Skills USA, and 4H, desperately, now more than ever.

“So, it does concern me to see all the confusion swirling around the organization.  But like so many wounds, I’m afraid many of these are self-inflicted, and I also think some of the confusion that’s going on is legitimate.

“I read their official statement — while girls are being welcomed in, I didn’t read anything about integrated camping trips, or troop meetings.  I think it really is a play to compete more directly with the Girl Scouts.  And I understand why the Girl Scouts are upset, but since when is competition a bad thing?

“So I think character development and leadership development have never been more important than they are today, so my hope is that the Boy Scouts assume the opportunity that’s presenting itself and become an antidote for the safe space environment that’s out there and push back a little bit.  I mean, not to sound like the angry guy on your neighbor’s porch yelling at the kids on the lawn, but when I was in the Scouts in ’74 and ’75, it wasn’t a safe space there in the basement of our church. You’d go home with a bloody nose sometimes, or a black eye.  We had a boxing ring.

“You know, it was a vibrant place where you really could test yourself and fail in a way, that on the one hand, made you safe enough to attempt, but on the other hand didn’t try to check every box and please every single person,” Rowe added.  “It’s a tough time.  I’m sympathetic for the leaders, but I’m afraid you’ve got to draw the line somewhere and be very, very clear about what you stand for as well as against.”

When asked whether he thought something was ending, Rowe was ambivalent.

“I don’t know.  Again, you either evolve, or you die.  But at the same time, I think people are confused, because the Scouts simply haven’t come out and said categorically what they’re for, right?” Rowe said.

“So I just think this conversation touches every single hot point right now going on in popular culture, from tolerance to acceptance, which by the way, I’m not sure what the difference between those two things is anymore, but there used to be a big difference.”

Rowe added that “my hope for these youth-based organizations that help preach character is that they look for people who want to be challenged, and not curry favor so much with those who want a nice, reassuring pat on the head.”

After Carlson noted “that’s how the Episcopal Church died,” Rowe merely responded with, “Yeah, wow!”

Alas, one fears that the Scouts are moving in that safe space direction (the very idea of a boxing ring for Scouts sounds almost insane in this day and age, which should give you a good idea of where we’ve gone as a society).  However, they won’t go there — and nor will society — without a bit of pushback.  And, as you can tell, Rowe is going to be one of those pushing back.

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  1. As I began reading this, I admit to being confused. As a former Brownie, Girl-scout, and Color Guard wondered, now as a grandmother, if they had been dissolved since he mentioned accepting girls. Being a Girl-scout, with our camping trips, gave me some of my best childhood memories. My older brother was a Boy-scout. Change can be great! But change for the sake of change just to make a statement I don’t believe in as I look back on the comfort we all experienced. I have to wonder if this is what the children want or if they’d prefer things stay as they were. Why not let them have a vote and allow the majority to rule? When can we get back to that? At least for comfort of the children. Just a suggestion, but I may be missing something. The children may prefer to merge. Is this in their best interest? I’ll alwaus remember the woman who was my respected Scout Leader and confidant to many young ladies. At this age, boys and girls DO differ and have different issues, so if girls are allowed I highly recommend also adding a female Scout Leader to help. Just a suggestion. Thank you for reading my comments on this.
    Have a good morning;
    Crystal Belle

    1. Crystal, Thank You for your comment, we value it priceless.
      I firmly believe this could be a very good thing, and as a simple starting place it has value.
      But in my opinion, as a Boy Scout, as a Boy Scout Leader, as a seasoned member of a great bunch of highly qualified individuals who trained many young and old new leaders, and Associate Advisor for Kotso Lodge 330, the time is right to take this to the next level.
      Scouts should encompass girls and boys, and it is the perfect time to make Girl Scouts a part of Scouts. There are ways to easily incorporate this, so as not to dilute nor take away anything from the other.
      Camping together in the same campsite is not one of these ways.
      NOW, Crystal what you are missing isthe fact that some very depraved individuals took all of Our Children’s rights, and gave them to very depraved homosexuals whom they even allowed to be near Children.
      Then they failed to tell the public that California and an eastern state or 2 had “clinics” where they would let homos from anywhere bring prepubescent children in and these depraved FELONY CHILD ABUSERS injected them with puberty blockers so they could cross-dress and be sex objects, which they and the depraved FELONY CHILD ABUSERS who brought these 9 to 12 year-old Children in, didn’t like the name of what these FELONS created, WHICH IS “CHILDREN WITH GENDER DYSPHORIA”, so they made up a fake name to call these SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN.
      BUT, as I was saying, the idiots and Child Predators kept on and now HOMOS CAN GO CAMPING WITH OUR CHILDREN.
      BUT, they can also teach elementary aged Children, and stand in front of these 5-11 year old Children and talk about their perverse homo fantasys, which centers around assaulting and raping normal Children.
      If states like California, and whoever prevent you from HOMESCHOOLING, MOVE TO TEXAS!!!!
      Our Children deserve every chance at BEING NORMAL, and having a normal life.
      They are the future of this world.

      1. Thank you Robert. I am now updated and agree this time has come and understand why. Of course, keeping our children under safe supervision is top priority, as I spoke fondly of my Scout Leader in memory. This is the ultimate tradition to keep alive; proper guidance for our children. Times are a changing. This never fails to change. This, as you’ve explained, is a change for the better. Thank you for the update Robert.

      2. Crystal, you are welcome, and we highly value your comment.
        I did, however, leave out something I wanted to checkout.
        ****First, I want everyone to know that SNOPES.com says this is mostly false.
        ***ATTENTION, Snopes.com is spreading LIES!!!!
        “Boy Scout” Policy Requires Condoms to be “Readily and Easily Accessible to All Participants” and Makes Exceptions for Alcohol Consumption at World Jamboree Scouting Event in 2019.
        I want to say that all the news websites are covering the major part of this sick perverse story up!!!!
        As a smoke screen, they say that since girls are allowed into Scouts now….

  2. Thank you Robert, for the further information. I do not consider Snopes reliabile due to my own research and testing so never use them other than to further verify facts in agreement with other proven facts bc I know many take Snopes seriously. I felt the need to comment and agree with your opinion on Snopes due to my own personal experiences and knowledge, although they aren’t always wrong about everything. But who could be? Thank you for your honest evaluation.

    1. Crystal, I don’t like the media when they champion the #AntiChildAgenda.
      There is nothing right about taking Children’s rights, and that is exactly what the citizens of Our Country allowed.
      Incidentally, I email this original story to some of the old Troop’s Eagle Scouts.
      Thank You Crystal, for your dedication to making this world a better place for Children.

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