Slaughterhouse Environment, HIV/AIDS, AntiChild Agenda

.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
Your Child Needs YOU, BEFORE It Is Too Late

Unsterilized Equipment, Unsecured
Drugs, Attempting To Remove Parental
Consent Requirement For Minors

There is a war being waged against Our Children, and they are grossly out numbered.

As all of us have already seen, Our Washington Law Makers as well as Our Liberal Judicial system sided against Our Children’s equal rights.

Now, as a Parent, what will you do if someone attempts to have the Law of Parental Consent For Minors Changed?

What are your thoughts on a medical provider that did not sterilize their instruments?

This issue isn’t just about Our Children’s rights, health, or Child Sex Trafficking, this is also about every woman’s rights and health.

Whole Woman’s Health Exposed

You will not want to miss my next post “When Health And Safety Of Patients Don’t Matter“.

4 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse Environment, HIV/AIDS, AntiChild Agenda”

  1. Robert you know that as much as I love children, I’m as against abortion as any other child abuse. The safety of the mothers, unless young girls pressured into it by parents, is the least of my concerns. Cold? Perhaps, but honest. With the availability of birth control and morning after pills being so ready, these women just don’t care is my opinion. So my caring for them is as theirs for the children they conceive.
    I hope that you and yours are having a great Labor Day weekend.
    Crystal Belle

    1. Crystal, you made my weekend, it is good to have you back where you belong.
      Crystal, these sewer rats have a history of cutting corners, and now they have filed a lawsuit challenging almost all laws governing abortion.
      Thank You so much for your input!!!!

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