GOD Speed With Our Prayers For You

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GOD Speed With Our Prayers For You Justin, in all you do.

Marine found not guilty in Child Abuse case

JACKSONVILLE, NC  –  A Marine arrested in 2016 in child abuse charges was pronounced not guilty by jury.

Justin Teeter was charged by the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office in February 2016 with intentional child abuse causing serious physical injury and assault by strangulation.  He was accused of strangling a 3-year-old and at the time of his arrest was an active-duty Marine with II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, The Daily News reported.

According to Teeter’s defense attorney, Matt Silva, the verdict was a long time coming for Teeter, who is no longer with the Marine Corps.

“I think he can go back and fix things now, which was a part of our goal — to restore his reputation,” Silva said.

The trial began with jury selection Tuesday and closed on Thursday, with the jury returning a verdict in just about an hour, Silva added.

Ultimately, Silva said he and Teeter were pleased with the verdict, which will allow Teeter to move on from the felony allegations he’s faced the last three years.

“I’m just happy he can move on with his life,” Silva said.

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    1. Jammin’, My Brother and Good Friend, I value your input very highly, and.. you are my Hero, Thank You for your service to Our Country!

  1. This guy was arrested for strangling a kid probably falsely because that’s how CPS gets down. My grandchildren we’re Purposely placed with a child predator and molester who strangled them regularly and so hard I am surprised that my babies lived through it. Guess what CPS,DCF the Corrupt Guardian ad Litem Program as well as the Attorney General Office covered up this pedohpile crimes Against my grandchildren for a year. My family insistence that Sheila Lee be jailed for abusing the girls severely for a year resulted in the Criminal Department selling them to a pedohpile in Washington State.

    1. Saundra, Thank You so much for your input, we appreciate it.
      The really sad part of this ongoing story is the fact that there are very few people truly on Our Children’s side.

      1. I have found that out personally as I fight the Criminal Department tooth and nail while they traffick my grandchildren in my face. My grandchildren have been sold to a pedohpile in Washington State because my son and I have insisted that the first pedohpile be jailed for the years worth of severe abuse in CPS Custody. We have pictures

      2. Saundra, we have assisted several people in getting their children back, but it is never a quick process, and in all this time, I learned quickly that the Children are molested within the first hours of being picked up.
        This organization was setup with this evil planned.

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