MO Daycare Worker Charged With Abuse Of Toddler

.jpg photo of daycare worker charged with child abuse
Natalie Rhyneer was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse.

Rolla, MO daycare employee arrested,
charged with Child Abuse

ROLLA, MO  –  A Rolla daycare employee has been arrested and charged after allegedly abusing a child at the Immanuel Lutheran School.

According to court documents, a detective with the Rolla Police Department was assigned to follow up on an allegation of child abuse on January 14th.

When the detective got to the school, he was met by a mother of a two-year-old boy. That mother told the officer her son had injuries when she picked him up on January 9th that he did not have when she had dropped him off.

The detective watched several days of surveillance video from the classroom where Natalie Rhyneer was supervising that boy.

According to court documents, officers say Rhyneer is seen twisting and flicking the boy’s ear in one of the videos.

In a different video, police say Rhyneer picked the boy up and rocked him while he was crying.

Court documents say in that video, Rhyneer can be heard saying “stop hurting me” to the child.  The boy cries but those cries are muffled as Rhyneer holds his face against her chest.  Police say the boy begins to struggle and pull away.  He lies on the floor, and police say Rhyneer covers his mouth.

While the two-year-old was lying on his stomach on the floor, police say Rhyneer is seen laying on top of him saying “stop it.”

Court documents say Rhyneer then places her hand on the back of his head, pulls a pillow to his face, and muffles his cries.

Police say the boy kicks and stiffens his legs and stops crying.  After a few seconds, police believe the boy regains consciousness and starts crying again.

Court documents say police took the video to a child abuse physician who said the video and images showed actions and injury consistent with suffocation.

Rhyneer was charged with two counts of child abuse and was arrested Thursday morning.  She posted a $50,000 bond.  There is a hearing set for April 2nd.

A Reporter with one person with the church who did not want to be identified.  That source said the congregation of the Immanuel Lutheran Church voted to shut the school down completely shortly after these allegations surfaced in January.

The closure of the school is something the congregation had thought about in previous years because of declining enrollment, according to that source.

The church did not have any official statement on the arrest. 

6 thoughts on “MO Daycare Worker Charged With Abuse Of Toddler”

    1. Saundra, Thank You so much for your input!!!!
      Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you, there is just far too much abuse in daycare facilities.
      I hope you know how much we appreciate you and your thoughts on our posts.
      Also I want you to know that you have your own special place here every time you come to visit.
      No Child should ever go thru what your GrandChildren have experienced, and no Parent or GrandParent should ever experience the hurt, worry, and feelings of helplessness in dealing with HHS/CPS as you have for far, far too long, although 1 minute is too long to ever have to deal with evil of this magnitude.
      I want you to know that you are always in our thoughts, our heart, and our prayers.

    1. Pat, Thank You so much for your input, your thoughts are highly valued on our posts.
      We are supposed to forgive, however, at the same time, we are supposed to protect the weaker members of the flock.
      When I read what this Doctor said about this evil woman stopping this Child’s breathing and causing him to pass-out, I got hot as fish grease, because it brought back memories of the football coaches putting the sleeper hold on the boys.
      I called a very close friend(who is my size), and asked Vern if he knew what they were doing to the boys.
      Needless to say we met at the field house and went straight in. Oh the coaches didn’t like that at all. However before the hour was up, they were extremely glad that all the boys just got to see them get told just how it was, and how it was going to be if we came back. (Of course we invited them all outside at one time, did you think we wouldn’t….)

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