25 States Still Prosecute Child Sex Trafficking Victims

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Our Children are being victimized every minute of every day.

Why Are Child Sex Trafficking Victims
Being Arrested?

Before you all begin this post, I want to say a few things.  On April 17, 2015, I published a post “Planned Parenthood Caught Giving Children Abortions“, and the sub-title was “U.S. Jails Sex-Trafficked Kids“.

I was able to utilize one of our new resources, Demanding Justice Report 2014, a study which was led by Ms Linda Smith, President and Founder, Shared Hope International, U.S. Congress 1995-99, Washington State Senate/House 1983-94.

This was a study of supply and demand of Sex Slaves, but especially about Child Sex Slaves.  We learned that the Law is really good about arresting the victim, but they also arrest the slavers sometimes.  Although they seldom EVER ARREST ANY BUYERS OF CHILD SEX.  You are probably asking yourself why, as you read this, and the answer is simple:  because the buyers are many times people in high places.

If you read this report, this Judge you are about to read about sounds just like what Ms Linda Smith talks about, CRONYS and GOOD OL’ BOYS.  This report is the first place I ever heard this called a “VICTIMLESS CRIME”, which made my blood boil white-hot.

Here we are 4 years later, and it is hard to believe 25 states still allow commercially sexually exploited minors to be charged and prosecuted for prostitution and human trafficking offenses despite federal and state laws that recognize these same minors as victims of child sex trafficking.
Robert StrongBow

Last month a judge in Kansas made national headlines for erroneously claiming that two girls — just 13 and 14-years-old — were “aggressors” in a case where a 67-year-old man paid them to have sex.

“So, she’s uncomfortable for something that she voluntarily went to, voluntarily took her top off for, and was paid for?” said Kansas Judge Michael Gibbens.

“I wonder, what kind of trauma there really was to this victim under those peculiar circumstances?”

The public responded with outrage, but the issue of children who are victims of sex trafficking being charged for prostitution and minor crimes they were forced to commit is nothing new.

Writing in a piece for Wichita State University, Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm from the Center for Combating Human Trafficking, Wichita State University and Linda Smith from Shared Hope International explain:

As a society, we must ask, why did money sanitize what, in any other circumstance, would be considered child rape?  And more concerning, how did the exchange of money shift the narrative so dramatically so as to characterize children as aggressors in the crime of which they were victims?

The answers lie in the paradox in which victims of child sex trafficking are legally apprehended and consequently, socially stigmatized.  Twenty-five states, including Kansas, still allow commercially sexually exploited minors to be charged and prosecuted for prostitution and human trafficking offenses despite federal and state laws that recognize these same minors as victims of child sex trafficking.

This paradox still exists despite an increase in awareness, and specific laws to protect children from such offenses over the last couple of decades.

Criminalizing youth who have experienced the horrors of commercial sexual exploitation, and oftentimes survived traumatic experiences that predate the exploitation, is not only the gravest of injustices but also prevents survivors from receiving critical services and ongoing, specialized care.

Notably, the age of consent in Kansas is 16, meaning sexual contact between an adult and the minors in this case was not consensual.  Still, comments on social media surrounding this case tried to place blame on these two girls, calling them “delinquent,” “out of control,” “promiscuous,” and “prostitutes.”

As Countryman-Roswurm and Smith write, “as Kansans we must ask ourselves: How do we really view individuals who have been victimized by and survived human trafficking?  If we truly care, how do we shift our culture to recognize all survivors of sexual violence, including child sex trafficking, as unequivocally blameless in the conduct that constitutes their very victimization?”

12 thoughts on “25 States Still Prosecute Child Sex Trafficking Victims”

  1. There are Corrupt politicians in every state covering up for the true Criminals in this hideous trap for this Nations children. I have written letters to every Corrupt politician in the state of Florida and all they ever do is warn the Traffickers that someone else is on to them. When Rick Scott was Governor I wrote him and four days later Probation Officer Annette Ashcraft tried to kill me and my Son in the dead of night inside our apartment. The new Governor is no better. There hasn’t been any attempt on my life yet but lack of funds and other things that I need is destruction enough. Some days I wonder if I will live through it. I wonder if there is really any help out there for us the raped and pillaged. I have to trust God knowing that He sees and hears but I also wonder how many have to die before He moves. I wonder how long the evil will be in the high places committing high crimes and getting away with it.

      1. I don’t doubt that at all. I don’t believe however that the level of corruption has always been as bad and far reaching that it is now. I know that it has been built up to where it is now through blackmail,via mostly pedophilia,murder and all manner of wickedness. The government and the narrative fueled press as well as the liberal Hellywood media has rocked America to sleep. Good people who only want survival for themselves and their families have cowered down and have decided that it is best not to even fight for what is right and righteous for themselves and this Nation. When the righteous refuse to stand up to evil, evil permeates and takes over. The Almighty God has Not forgotten that America was built on biblical principles and while the “righteous” ones continue to say that I am waiting on God we have to consider that God is waiting for us to step up in His righteousness and the power of His Spirit to at least try to change the evil for good. The thing is that we have to be working in God’s Power to change not only our families but American Families and. The blessings of the Lord are for All of His children and there are millions of us in America and the world. We have to understand that the anointing breaks the yoke of bondage and that’s not just for me, me, me. If we don’t stand,pray and work towards a National Repentance and change for our entire Nation we are defeated. I have decided that whatever happens to me, there are too many suffering and dying because the”righteous”are too afraid to stand up for what the Almighty God wants for our Nation I have refused to be one stopped by the fear. God has not given me a spirit of fear but I have decided to believe God and work towards His end. David killed Goliath with a rock because he Knew that God was with him. God is with me and I am surrounded by a Wall of Fire and I know that His Word is the truth regardless of what I see and feel. God bless America. He hears the cries of His Children and He answers us. Faith is the key to turning things around for the United States and the world. Have faith

    1. Saundra, but this isn’t a good thing.
      So many homeless Children have already been victimized in one form or another at home, which leads to runaway.
      Then, so many of these Children fall into the hands of Traffickers. What few people realize is that most places protect the “Good Ol’ Boys” who are the “Johns”, and simply arrest the people who are Trafficked, which makes it even harder to have any place to go home to, once they are convicted of a sex crime.
      These Children have almost nothing working in their favor from the start, since:
      1 – Average age a victim enters trafficking is 11 to 14 years old.
      2 – Average life span of a victim is reported to be 5 to 7 years (found dead from attack, abuse, HIV and other STD’s, malnutrition, overdose or suicide).
      If I told you any of the other stats, you would never sleep again, with what you have been thru already.

      1. I don’t sleep already because I am tired of these people who are in the high places committing high crimes and getting away with it

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