NM Wants Tougher Child Abuse Laws

.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic from New Mexico
Child Abuse Advocates believe tougher laws would be a better deterrent.

Advocates organize March Against
Child Abuse

ALBUQUERQUE, NM  –  A child that died on Tuesday had not even seen their first birthday.  The person who reported the death claimed the baby drowned, according to the Albuquerque Police Department.

They have not yet said how the baby died, but that the circumstances are suspicious.

The community is hurting — wanting to know exactly what happened or if someone is to blame.  That will all come out in the investigation, according to APD.

As police continue to investigate, the community is coming together to say enough is enough.

“Burying a child is the worst nightmare anyone can go through and then at the hands of a parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever the case may be, it’s a nightmare,” said Veronica Rael-Garcia, an advocate whose daughter was killed in a road rage shooting.

Rael-Garcia knows that hole left behind after a child dies.  Her daughter, Lilly, was killed in a road rage shooting when she was just four.  It was a case that shook the community.

“The community is upset, they’re scared, they want answers,” said Crystal Gutierrez-Baca, an advocate with New Mexicans Against Child Abuse.  “So now more than ever we need the community to join us.”

Crystal Gutierrez-Baca is teaming up with Rael-Garcia to be the voice for those children.  The goal is that other people and leaders from around our state start making a change.

“There should be programs out there in the city and the state so that if somebody feels overwhelmed they’re able to reach out,” said Rael-Garcia.  “I wholeheartedly believe if we had tougher laws that may be something that does deter it.  Who knows?”

Gutierrez-Baca and Rael-Garcia said the conversation needs to start now.  In recognition of Child Abuse Awareness Month, they’re putting together the third annual March Against Child Abuse this Saturday.  It will be at the Bataan Memorial Park from noon to 3 p.m.

4 thoughts on “NM Wants Tougher Child Abuse Laws”

  1. Don’t forget or ever let CPS and the Corrupt Family Court System escape their part in this Hideousness. They routinely take children out of loving homes and purposely place the in abuse

    1. Saundra, what you and a whole lot of people who follow our sites don’t know about Albuquerque is that we ripped these people in high places apart for quiet some time.
      The state of New Mexico had their Sex Offenders way too close to at least one Day Care, and possibly one elementary school….
      SO, everybody caught hell for quiet a long time, city and state officials.

      1. I know that the cabal that is running the child trafficking rings have people IN daycare centers here in Tampa. My grandchildren showed up to visits with me and my son with fresh still bleeding injuries on at least five different occasions. I have come across four of these centers since my grandchildren were sold. Unfortunately this wickedness goes higher and farther than people want to believe or accept. There are judge’s involved so why wouldn’t daycare centers? Sad

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