TN Man Indicted For CA, Neglect, Domestic Violence, and Child Sex Abuse

.jpg photo of Foster Parent indicted for child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and child sexual battery
John Stanley Reece, 55, was indicted in Jackson County Criminal Court, TN

Foster parent indicted for Child Abuse

The father of a Jackson County family known for fostering children has been indicted for a host of child abuse charges.

John Stanley Reece, 55, was indicted in the Jackson County Criminal Court earlier this month for child abuse and neglect, aggravated domestic assault by strangulation and sexual battery by an authority figure.

The victim was a child in his care, according to the indictment.

Reece was arrested Nov. 4 with $25,000 bond, which he posted and has since been released.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will not confirm or deny if the children are still in the Reece’s care.

“Due to the ongoing nature of this investigation, we’re limited as to the information we can provide at this stage,” said TBI Public Information Officer Susan Niland.

The TBI began investigating Reece in September.

“During the course of the investigation, agents developed information that indicated the victim was a child in Reece’s care,” the TBI release states.

According to an article published in the Herald-Citizen in June, the Reece family has 11 children in their care — some are foster children while others were adopted by the family.

5 thoughts on “TN Man Indicted For CA, Neglect, Domestic Violence, and Child Sex Abuse”

    1. Hi Irene, yes the first thing I saw that surprised me was how much his bond was, andx the crimes he was indicted for did not make me feel good, it just made me worry for these children more,
      Thank You for caring so much Irene!

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  1. In Hillsborough County Florida where my grandchildren we’re so hideously abused in Foster Care only to have the entire Family Court System cover up the crimes of the foster led me to investigate the number of child predators and child molesters were on the State pay roll, I was appalled to discover 297 child molester/predators on Florida State pay rolls just for Hillsborough County. The Guardian ad Litem Program had lesbian case workers riding around with their girlfriends in the car along with foster children and being sexual with each other in front of the children. Florida is a demonic cesspool of child trafficking because of the Family Court Systems Direct involvement in the crimes. This story gives me hope. David killed Goliath with a rock because he KNEW that God was with him. CPS and the court system is our Goliath and the Almighty God is most definitely with us. The giant is falling. Thank You Jesus

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    1. Hi Saundra, Thank You so much for your insight.
      Our Children have never been protected for several thousand years, and when there was finally a chance to do so when the social security act was amended in the early 1960’s, it got off to a slow start, but then it didn’t take a whole lot of years for that to be subverted and now it just keeps getting worst.


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