Created Stickers Of Children Being Abused????

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Children should be supervised 24/7 until grown.

Members of Child Abuse WhatsApp
group arrested in 11 countries

“Some group members had even created “stickers”… similar to emojis – of children being abused.”

Spanish police say 33 people have been arrested globally in connection with a WhatsApp group for images of child sex abuse and other violent content.

The many “extreme” images shared in the group had been “normalised by most of its members”, the force said.

Arrests were made in 11 different countries across three continents, but the majority – 17 – were in Spain.

Many of those arrested or being investigated in Spain are themselves under 18, including a 15-year-old boy.

WARNING:  Some readers may find details of this story disturbing

In Uruguay, police arrested two people – one of whom was a mother who abused her daughter and sent images of this to the group.

In another case, a 29-year-old man was arrested for not only downloading the images, but also encouraging other group members to make contact with young girls – particularly migrants who would be unlikely to go to the police.

How were they tracked down?

Spain’s National Police began investigating the group more than two years ago, after receiving an email with a tip-off.

They then enlisted the help of Europol, Interpol, and the police in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

As well as Spain and Uruguay, arrests were made in the UK, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, India, Italy, France, Pakistan and Syria.

What did the group share?

In a statement, the police said the group shared “paedophilic content, sometimes of extreme severity, together with other content that was legal but was not suitable for minors because of their extreme nature”.

Some group members had even created “stickers” – small digital images that are easily shared, similar to emojis – of children being abused.

The police also said all of those arrested in Spain were men or boys, and that they come from a mix of social and cultural backgrounds.

One of these men had fled his home in Italy when a search was carried out.  He went to a relative’s home in Salamanca, unaware that it was Spain’s National Police who had ordered his arrest.

The operation will now focus on identifying the children being abused in the images. 

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    1. Hi Irene, were you surprised that I ran a post from your neck of the woods?
      This is a classic example of what I mentioned before, about there being 2 forms of justice. There is no way that they spent about 2 years investigating 33 people, and several of these were not legal age. They also utilized Europol and Interpol, so there is little doubt that the rich and shameless met whatever price of payola, and no doubt offered them a handsome Christmas gift also.

  1. So sad and alarming how far up down and sideways this particular Corruption goes. It’s in the Upper Eschilans of Every Government on the planet. The Lefts whole bottom line is the destruction and sacrifice of children to Baal. Time to shut down the Luciferians Structure. Pray longer than ever before because God is about to do a World Wide Rescue if His children. Why is it that children in America have absolutely no rights, not even the right to be born peacefully. Our government has legislated INFANTICIDE. Most in our Congress, CIA, FBI are part of Secret Societies that rape and torture even murder Children on a regular basis. #pizzagateisreal

    1. Saundra, Thank You so much for your input, I hope you know how much I value it, as it sheds more light for people to see and realize what is so wrong in our world with the evil visited upon Our Children 24/7,

    1. Hi Mary Ann, THANK YOU! for your input, for It is highly valued here. I don’t mind saying that this time I value this even so much more!!!!
      When I tell someone that it is wrong to implant indifference in a Child’s heart, I often wonder just how many know what I am truly saying….
      As it is, I say things much more loosely than many others, who are getting put in Fb jail for a week or weeks at a time, or even banned altogether.
      However, I can only go so far in what I say, for the simple reason that if I am banned on one of the social media platforms where we have support pages, then there will be no one, or one less, who will speak for Our Children and what they are forced to endure on a day-to-day basis.
      Have a good day Mary Ann, and Thank You so much for this.
      I send all Good Things your way

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