Texans Stand Behind A Sheriff With Heart

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Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez is urging adults to to keep an eye out for signs of abuse.

Harris County Sheriff: ‘We cannot let
a health pandemic become a
Child Abuse pandemic!’

HOUSTON, TX  –  With children spending all their time at home, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez is urging adults to be more vigilant about the children around them and to keep an eye out for signs of abuse.

“The number one reporters of child abuse are teachers,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez wrote in a tweet.  “But kids aren’t seeing them right now.  Neighbors and other family members, PLEASE pay close attention.”

We cannot let a health pandemic become a child abuse pandemic!  The number one reporters of child abuse are teachers, but kids aren’t seeing them right now.  Neighbors and other family members, PLEASE pay close attention.  Learn more at @Childhelp & the National Child Abuse Hotline

— Ed Gonzalez (@SheriffEd_HCSO) March 23, 2020

“It’s the time to be proactive (about child abuse) because we may be in this for the long haul,” Gonzalez told KPRC 2 in an interview.

“If you hear what sounds like painful screaming, things like that, that would be a red flag,” Gonzalez said.  “You see clear bruising or things like that, anything like that… make sure and call the authorities and let us know, because we need to know.”

The Texas Department of Family Services offers educational videos and other materials to support parents and neighbors on its website.

“Right now the children aren’t seeing their teachers,” Gonzalez said.  “It behooves all of us to step up, as neighbors, as family members, and keep a close eye, and make sure that we’re paying attention to anything out of the ordinary.”

Suspected Child Abuse can be reported to local authorities, or using the National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453 (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

If you see or suspect Child Abuse, please call 911 immediately!

4 thoughts on “Texans Stand Behind A Sheriff With Heart”

    1. Hi Mary Ann, I hope all is goin well with you!
      I am planning a Domestic Violence post, and I believe I will mix in supervising the children 24/7, and this goes double for any electronics.
      I send all good things your way

      1. Great idea Robert,
        Here in VT we had after school programs, the kids didn’t get home until near 6 PM..
        The parents didn’t work, but many loved the fact of free child care.. There will be a lot of stressed parents and children until the Lord ends this pestilence.. I await your post!
        God Bless

      2. Hello Mary Ann, my post slightly changed by the time I got it posted. After my search engines were filtered, then I was subjected to horrible language written about Our President, I couldn’t help but give one of my “Jackass of the Year Awards”.
        Yes Mary Ann, I know all too well about how parents pawn their Children off to almost anybody, anywhere. I was an asst baseball coach, an asst soccer coach, an asst Scout Master, and Associate Advisor for Kotso Lodge 330 for many years, and the sick part of these predators that slipped into the Boy Scouts as leaders and asst leaders, is the fact that it has always been a rule that one leader NEVER takes the Scouts anywhere by himself.. The sad part of it is that I am the last of 2 asst Scout Masters and the Scout Master is also with Our Dear Mighty Lord GOD. We were a part of many young boys lives who went all the way to Eagle Scout. Seldom did any parents join us. I even helped the Mothers at Cub Scout Day Camp, as Senior Life Guard.
        Parents should utilize all the protection on every electronic device their Children uses. Which is no different to me than a life jacket, my boys wore a life jacket anytime we were at the lake until they could pass the mile swim. They thought I was so mean at the time, but all my grandkids grew-up wearing a life jacket for a good many years. But our Family has never lost anyone to drowning.
        The sad, brutal part is that when Frank and I werre little kids, we were going fishing and had just got to the lake when they pulled a boy out several years older than us on a cold, dreary, over-cast day, and that waas burned into our memory. We both were certified divers but would never go into dark water`except for the fire department on body searches.
        Thank You for your input Mary Ann, I promise to catch up with my mail and my unfinished comments. I have a Son who was almost killed 20 years ago who I have been spending as much time as possible with him.

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