WARNING Child Killer Still Out There

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Your Child Needs You to Love and Supervise them.

Killer Takes Children Unattended In Vehicles

On Monday, July 20, 2020, the 11th Child this year was taken in Arkansas while playing in a vehicle.  Her 15-month-old sister remains in critical condition.

Two days earlier, on Saturday July 18, 2020, the killer was there in Texas when the little boy climbed into the vehicle and started playing.  There were no eye witnesses when the unseen stalker took the 10th Child this year.

In Kentucky, Saturday July 11, as the little girl played in the vehicle, someone had to see and know the danger, even before the 9th Child was taken.

Every one of the Children on this list lost their lives due to HEAT STROKE.

How many Children were VICTIMIZED by Child Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Mental Abuse, and/or Trafficking just this year?

Our Children are easy prey when left unsupervised and many parents mistakenly believe their Children are safe indoors.

The internet is a cesspool of perverts and pedophiles doing everything possible to lure Children to them.

Nothing can replace Parental Supervision and Quality TimeMissed Quality Time is gone forever, and can never be made-upGood memories are easy to make and free for the making during Quality Time.

When children grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments, they learn empathy, impulse control, anger management and problem-solvingall skills that protect against violence.

Every Child Deserves Good, Loving Parents.

7 thoughts on “WARNING Child Killer Still Out There”

  1. There is no reason for these tragedies.
    Every summer the national advisory airs commercials warning not to leave children or pets in the car.

    1. Hello Mary Ann, it is so good to see you and have the chance to interact.
      OK, tell me how many of these 11 Heat Stroke Child deaths have you seen in the news?
      Mary Ann I was talking with the Director of Kids And Cars on this last saturday, and they thought I was kidding `when I said I had seen nothing about even one Child lost to heat stroke in a vehicle, much less 11 and a tiny 15 month old toddler was almost lost with her 3 year old sister(#11), the little girl is still in critical condition last I heard.
      I know Mary Ann, this is a very sad thing, BUT, can you imagine a 3 year olsd little girl going outside, and the 15 month old little girl followed, and they both got in the vehicle…. and people wonder how a Child just goes missing, and they are never seen again.(this makes me sick to my stomach even thinking about it.
      Have a great saturday Mary Ann, and Thank You for your thought provoking xcomment!!!!
      I send all Good Things your way

      1. Thank you Robert.
        I pray you are well, blessed,and protected.
        I am amazed myself that any parent would leave their child unattended.. Yet I read a story of a police officer who left her child in the car while she went in to see her boyfriend.. you would think it takes logic to become an officer, but bad judgement won.. I do not understand why anyone would have children if they do not want to take care of them.. It is like the puppy syndrome, they are cute when you get them, but many end up left outside, abused and neglected.. Adoption is the kindest decision, but selfishness say’s
        “no it’s mine, and I will do what I want”

        God Bless

      2. Hello Mary Ann, it is so good to hear from you.
        I totally agree, and I could not hardly believe #11, the 3-year-old little girl just walked out and no one seemed to notice, but her little 15-month-old little sister apparently went out with her and both got into that vehicle together.
        I dislike even mentioning this, but so many times we wonder how a child just “disappears” and is never seen again alive.
        I am really down in the dumps now, out of curiosity I just took a look at Kids And Cars, and I see a 2 and 4-year-old little girls lost their lives on July 22 when the mother overdosed, and an 8-month-old little girl was left in the vehicle on July 28 and lost her life.
        WHY aren’t all of these being shared across the nation so everybody sees and knows???? This is unbelieveable!!!!
        Mary Ann Thank You so much for your thoughts and well-wishes.

      3. Yes, the world is enough to cause us to be down and even heartbroken..
        I pray the Lord will guard the innocent.
        There is solace in knowing children go to heaven.
        God Bless you Robert.

      4. Mary Ann, I needed that, I just did another one, #15 to be exact.
        Mary Ann, there is solace knowing WE go to Heaven Dear!
        I’m real glad your comment was heree today, it helped make my day!
        Be Safe, and always be aware of your surroundings.
        OH, my post has an update from KidsAndCars.org, they are having a thing on Twitter today.
        AND now I got a new PreventChildAbuse Women’s Group on FB.
        Have a great day Mary Ann

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