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The New York Times Misses the Point:
Not Preventing Children from Being
Sexually Victimized Would be the Real
Misservice to Society

At Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), we are extremely proud to play a small part in helping to protect our society’s largest silent political constituency—the children.

A just published New York Times magazine piece raised the issue of whether one law enforcement program trying to address the problem of child exploitation, OperationNet Nanny” in Washington State, is the right approach to apprehending would-be child sexual predators.

The Times’ reporting questions whether hundreds of perpetrators, particularly some young men in their 20s, who have been identified, arrested, and successfully prosecuted for taking part in online “Net Nanny” sting operations, are being unfairly targeted and too harshly punished.

Following our mission to help protect children from sexual exploitation, our organization has become a strong supporter of Operation “Net Nanny,” a preventative-minded child protection initiative the New York Times acknowledges has a 95% conviction rate in hundreds of cases that have gone to trial.  O.U.R. is proud to back this effort and others that help prevent children from being sexually victimized in the first place.

The select cases highlighted by the New York Times (out of hundreds) were largely those of young men in their 20s with no prior criminal records.  The Times chose to only mention in passing that “some caught in stings are violent predators.”  This included 60-year-old Curtis Pouncy, whom the Times noted has “a history of brutal sex crimes” that “included raping a 13-year-old girl he picked up from a bus station as well as a 19-year-old at knife point.”  Pouncy was arrested in a Washington State “Net Nanny” operation while on supervised release in early 2019.  He is now serving life in prison.

One of the hundreds of cases the Times did not highlight was that of Bryan Earle Glant, 24, of Seattle.  Glant, a well-resourced young man, was tried, convicted, and sentenced to nine years in prison on two counts of attempted first-degree rape of a child.  Emails and text messages contained in his court record show Glant arranging through online communication to meet “Hannah,” a police officer posing as a mother, to engage in sex acts with her two daughters, ages 6 and 11.  Glant did not just discuss doing something online.  His messages were not the mere unguided explorations of a young man.  No.  He acted, showing up at the agreed location with lubricant in his pocket.

Imagine if police and their Net Nanny operation were not on the other side of the door that day.  How would the lives of those 6- and 11-year-old children have been different?

At his trial and on appeal, Glant unsuccessfully tried to argue that O.U.R.’s support of the “Net Nanny” program was “outrageous government conduct.”  We were pleased that the court rightfully dismissed those claims.  We are also pleased the court reaffirmed our lawful ability and efforts to provide tools and resources to help law enforcement agencies get those who chose to prey on our children off our streets.

The New York Times led readers to believe that there were “no victims” in “Net Nanny” cases.  This is not factual.  “Net Nanny” cases did result in the rescuing of actual victims.  While the “Net Nanny” arrests of perpetrators did not involve physical contact with a child, in several cases victims of those arrested came forward or the Washington State Police found evidence where the predators did sexually abuse a minor.  The majority of victims who came forward in “Net Nanny” cases were under the age of 11.

Throughout the life of the “Net Nanny” program, law enforcement involved in its supervised multi-jurisdictional operations followed protocols—and the judicial system agreed, clearly finding there was no entrapment under long-standing and tested legal standards.

How the judicial system decides to serve justice on those lawfully charged with violating the law is an issue left for each state to determine, including the severity of sentencing for convicted child sex offenders.

In the end, keeping child predators off the street is paramount, and we will always support law enforcement in their legal efforts to protect children, hopefully before they are preyed upon.

We believe among the best tactics in the fight to bring child sex exploiters, propagators, and abusers to justice is supporting and helping arm the good guys with better technology and expertise.  Domestically, this involves public/private partnerships that help support the nation’s law enforcement officers and prosecutors at the federal, state, and local levels in their important work by providing technology, software, expertise, and training where taxpayer budgets fall short.

This also involves sharing the latest intelligence we glean through legally authorized work O.U.R. does internationally with law enforcement, NGOs, and governments to help rescue victims of child sex exploitation, abuse, and trafficking.  To date, O.U.R. has assisted in the rescue of more than 4,000 victims globally since our first international operation in 2014.

Since our founding, O.U.R. has always worked hand in hand with law enforcement in the U.S. and abroad, and we will continue to do so, helping to provide the necessary ammunition so they are well-armed and equipped to stop predatory trollers seeking their next child victim.

Our team is composed of top former federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals experienced in child exploitation, trafficking, and digital world policing.  One of our newest team members is the former head of the Washington State PatrolNet Nanny program, Carlos Rodriguez, who joined O.U.R. this year following a distinguished 27-year law enforcement career.

We are honored to have Carlos on our team now.  Together with professionals at all levels of the public and private sectors, we can pool our knowledge, resources, and collective passion to protect children at home and abroad to make sure shrinking budgets never deter anyone from the ultimate goal: safeguarding innocent children and bringing guilty perpetrators who seek to prey on them to justice.

Law enforcement and child protection advocacy groups have done unheralded yeoman’s work in the past 20 years to strengthen efforts to combat the unconscionable exploitation of children.  But there remains so much more that must be done.

Today, the sad truth is this:  we still do not know the full extent of the enticement, exploitation, and in far too many instances, the sexual assault, of children.  In the U.S., the most developed nation in the world, the country’s leading measure of criminal victimization—the National Crime Victimization Survey—still does not measure crimes against children under 12.

Those who want to underestimate scale of the problem or claim to know with certainty who is motivated to criminally victimize a child in the many forms it takes are not being truthful.  We simply don’t know.

What we do know with certainty is that with each passing day, our children are becoming even more dependent on the Internet and increasingly engaged in the exploration of online and digital virtual worlds, even more so in the present moment with millions still staying home because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Honestly ask yourself this question—in the world we live in today, do we want law enforcement to have more resources, tools, and public and private support to combat child exploitation and abuse, or not? 

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  1. We need more organizations like this to protect vulnerable children..
    Huge amounts of money are pored into political causes without effect..

    1. Hello Mary Ann,
      Yes, you are correct, and about 99% of these are nothing more than BIG FUNNELS that empty into Law Makers pockets while actually doing nothing for Our Children, also if you look closely at these funnels, they have “We Care For All Children” written on the side of each.
      All the while, this huge group, which includes the Washington Pizza Group, The Epsteins of this world, The Clintons, and Mr Legacy Himself(Obama) has created all these cracks and crevices for Children to slip thru.
      BUT Mary Ann, there is ONE EXECUTIVE ORDER that will do more for Our Children and their Parents than has every been done, or even imagined, and THAT is President Trumps Executive Order that I posted a couple of months ago, which will remove a whole lot of evil from HHA/CPS.
      Robert The Follower

    1. Hello My Life In Our Father’s World, and WELCOME!!!!
      Yes Ma’am, I totally agree. As far as NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, and our blog, My Brother’s Keeper, I am very happy and proud to report to you that just over 6 years ago we started as a one page gift to Google+ and all it’s users, with 7 Followers.
      August 19, 2020, Our 6th Anniversary, we started the day with well over 23,000 Followers, from over 130 different countries.
      Just to make a very important point, on or about January 25, 2016 I did a post about the Senate Sub-Committee investigation into the loss of about 8-12 immigrant Children “accidentally” handed over to traffickers by HHS/CPS.
      About a year to the day, I received a message from Google of several dead links, and upon investigation, I discovered that my search engines had been filtered, so on or about January 25, 2017, I updated the Senate Sub-Committee Investigation post which was done in 2016, BUT, the TRUE NUMBERS of immigrant Children handed over to TRAFFICKERS by HHS/CPS and the Obama Administration was actually in excess of 90,000 Children, and to this day NOT 1 CHILD HAS BEEN ACCOUNTED FOR (other than lies), NEVER HAS EVEN ONE CHILD’S NAME BEEN SHOWN TO ME ON A LEGAL DOCUMENT FROM U.S. Border Patrol, or ICE, stating that said Child Was Returned To The Rightful Parents, complete with DNA PROOF.
      NOW, THERE is the Liberal Demoncrats, and I have a whole lot of posts with a whole lot of other evidence.
      Robert The Follower of Our MIGHTY LEADER

  2. It is so sad that we have these issues! I praise the Lord for these groups who are fighting to protect out children! Thanks for sharing this post Mary Ann! God loves you! And He loves His children!

    1. Gail Loves GOD, Thank You so much for your input.
      I am Robert StrongBow, Co-Founder of NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, and our blog, “My Brother’s Keeper”; around here we are all Followers, and Our Dear Mighty GOD is our Leader in all things.
      Gail Loves GOD, the day we opened our one-page gift to Google+ and all it’s users, Our LEADER knew exactly what we needed to be prepared, and I walked right into Our first Blessing, and it was a really BIG Blessing,(Gail, after your description, I had to tell you about Mr. 24/7, a.k.a SuperMan). Mary Ann, I hope you read this too,
      This BIG Blessing is Mr. Blair Corbett, Founder of Ark of Hope for Children, and he has been my Mentor and Role Model very near since that first day, August 19, 2014.
      FYI, no state provides what a victimized Child needs, and most particularly those victimized by Sex Abuse and Sex Trafficking, which is protected and secure housing, counseling, a continued opportunity for education and support groups. Just so everyone knows, 25 states arrest and prosecute Child Sex Slaves.
      Gail Loves GOD, since that first day, Mr. Blair Corbett has invested his valuable time, mountains of resources, and has always been there to advise me…. He is truly Mr. 24/7 due to how much he loves and cares for all Children, he has to be SuperMan.
      There is no greater non-profit that deserves Our Donations and Support more than “Ark of Hope for Children”.

      1. PTL, Robert! I am grateful for you and your friend Mr. Corbett! The children need all the help they can get. Information is so needed to share with those unaware, or even possibly able to spot a situation near them.
        I pray for you, Robert, as well as Mr. Corbett, and all those victimized. I’m praising God for getting me through a very hard week last week, and the procedures I had on Friday hoping to fix my problems, and the challenges that stemmed from having the procedures.
        May God continue to bless the ministry!

      2. Gail, Thank You so much for your input!
        Our Mighty, Loving GOD is so good to us.
        Mr. Blair Corbett’s website is Ark of Hope for Children, and if you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, Blair has a page on both, as we do also. I created a group on FB, it is “Friends who like Ark of Hope for Children, and I am a Social Ambassador for Ark of Hope for Children, as well as an ArkAngel.
        Gail, Our Dear Lord GOD works in mysterious ways, and I want to say that you are a really Big Blessing. Take good care of yourself and heal properly, then, please join us on the front lines. Surely you have seen that we belong to The Army Of Hope, when you go visit Mr. Corbett’s website, look for “The Army Of Hope”, and you will see us there.
        I think it was 3 years ago, I got an email from Blair, and WE HAD BEEN DRAFTED as an Allied Army in THE ARMY OF HOPE.
        Dear Gail, why don’t you read the post:
        Gail, you are already an Honorary Member of #OurCircle, if you are on MeWe, that is where I moved Our Home to, and we would like you to join us, it is up to you Gail, but you can help no matter where you are.
        Ms Gail, things are bad now, BUT, do you realize just how bad it will get for everyone… but if you read your Bible, you will know that Women and Children are going to suffer terribly.
        SO, as long as we are on this earth, WE will continue doing everything we possibly can for Children, and we will begin to take women and children away from the evil ones of this world, and share Our Dear Lord GOD’s word and how HIS SON, Our Dear Jesus came to this earth, and allowed his Dear Blood to be shed to attone for their sins if they accept him, and be convicted.
        AMEN, Praise Our Dear Mighty GOD and HIS Loving Mighty SON, AMEN!
        I send all Good Things your way

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