NE School Supt First Hearing For Sexual Assault Of Child, CA Charges

.jpg photo of nebraska school superintendent arrested for sex assault of child
Timothy DeWaard, 56, is charged with felony child abuse.

Former Centennial superintendent
makes first appearance on
Child Abuse charge

LINCOLN, NE  –  A former superintendent of Centennial Public Schools accused of inappropriate contact with a student made his first court appearance Wednesday.

Timothy DeWaard, 56, is charged with felony child abuse.

NE School Superintendent Arrested Child Abuse, Sexual Assault Of Student

DeWaard resigned in July after being arrested on sexual assault of a child and child abuse charges after law enforcement received a tip regarding the alleged abuse of a high school-aged student.

Investigators said in an affidavit for his arrest that DeWaard began talking with the male student over the Snapchat app.  The talks escalated to DeWaard bringing the student into his office on multiple occasions and having him sit on his lap while he helped him with his school work, investigators wrote.  DeWaard also touched the boy’s inner thighs, according to the document.

The incidents took place over several months, with the alleged victim telling investigators he “felt he had to do this or he would fail out of school,” according to court documents.

Deputies with the Seward County Sheriff’s Office arrested DeWaard without incident at the school.  He was released after his wife paid five percent of his $50,000 bond.

DeWaard’s next hearing is scheduled for November.

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    1. My Life in Our Father’s World, I agree, while at the same time they are heart breaking.
      You are very welcome, and the link is to our blog “My Brother’s Keeper”, I published the story in July of this year when this Sewer Rat was arrested.
      I wonder how many Christians ever even think about how many of these sodomites there seem to be in this day and time.
      I can answer that for you, it is no accident that every prison on this earth is exactly the very same, and has been since the destruction of the 2 cities thousands of years ago.
      If you don’t quiet understand what I am saying, email me or msg me on fb.

      1. My Life in Our Father’s World, Thank you so much for your input, and for, quiet obviously, having a heart of Gold.
        I appreciate you for being burdened enough by all these people locked away, and now and aways.. you are always in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers.
        If you will, please include us in your prayers at this time, as my 89 year old Step-Dad wasn’t doing well, so I contacted 911 and got the paramedics out here.
        Please be safe, you and your Dear family.
        I send all Good Things your way

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