The Giving Season Is Here, Sewer Rats Are Everywhere

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Your Child Needs You to be a Good Parent before it is too late.

Global Child Sex Abuse network
uncovered with ties to US

A tip earlier this year from the United States has led to the uncovering of a major child sex abuse network in Australia with ties to the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe and New Zealand.

According to The Associated Press, Australian authorities announced Wednesday that 16 men have been arrested in New South Wates, Queensland and Western Australia in recent months on 828 charges of sexually abusing children, producing and distributing child abuse material and bestiality.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough said that a child care worker and a children’s soccer coach are among those facing charges.  Gough added that investigators had identified a total of 46 victims in Australia as young as 16 months and no older than 15 years.

“No child should be subjected to abuse and violence from the people they trust, whether that is a family member, a childcare worker or a soccer coach,” Gough said, according to the AP.  “Sadly and heartbreakingly, this has been the case for the victims.”

A total of 18 “matters” have been referred to the U.S., where three men have been arrested in connection to child abuse material, the news service noted.

The investigations resulted from a February tip from the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, according to Gough, which warned Australian police that a New South Wales man was uploading child abuse material.

Upon the arrest of a 30-year-old man, authorities reportedly searched his computer, which revealed an online child abuse network with which the man was connected.

Gough said that the pedophile circle used “the regular internet,” as well as the dark web, to connect with each other and share materials.

When contacted by the AP, the Homeland Security Investigations’ representative to Australia, Adam Parks, declined to comment on the three arrests in the United States.

However, he did say there were several ongoing investigations within the country, adding that the child abuse ring was a global network “rooted in Australia.”

This comes as several investigations in recent months have uncovered human trafficking networks across the U.S.

In October, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R) said that a trafficking probe, called Operation Autumn Hope, resulted in 179 arrests and 109 victims rescued.  The effort included more than 50 law enforcement agencies and other organizations as part of a mission to end sex trafficking across the state.

In August, Ohio’s Operation Safety Net led to the rescue of 25 children aged 13 to 18 in just three weeks after its launch, according to the U.S. Marshals Office.

That same month, Operation Not Forgotten in Georgia recovered 39 children aged 3 to 17, with nine people arrested at the time.

12 thoughts on “The Giving Season Is Here, Sewer Rats Are Everywhere”

    1. Seeking Devine Perspective, you think it’s bad now, you just give it a minute.
      Seems like everybody has got their bags packed, and just sitting around waiting on that trumpet, and the shout of the ArcAngel.
      Well that is NOT the way it is supposed to be, unless my memory is failing me, I believe we are to be “WORK FOR THE NIGHT IS COMING”!!!!
      I sure appreciate your input,
      Thank You, and come back anytime.

    1. Mary Ann, there is little doubt that the darkness is in control, when our federal law turns their backs on law makers breaking every law on the books, yet they haul citizens in and prosecute them for things they didn’t do or else had little control over, then hand down mandatory maximums.
      It is truly a backwards world now.

      1. I agree.. When the righteous rule the people rejoice, when the wicked rule, we mourn..
        It’s has been a long time since we have seen the righteous in authority.

      2. Mary Ann, have you actually seen this with your own eyes?
        I could be wrong, but that is something I don’t recall ever seeing.

      3. Mary Ann, I was not trying to be mean, nor a smart mouth, or imply anything, dang I feel like a heel now.
        All I know is that I have never seen it with my own eyes, and in fact, this is as close as I have ever come to being in a Christian environment a large percentage of the time.
        In fact, the Alphabet Group dislikes me more and more every day, and I have little doubt that they will start harrassing me here, and make the worst mistake of any of their lives.
        I had one guy call and threaten me about 3 years ago, his problem was the fact that he didn’t threaten me, my stepDad answered the phone.
        AND, an exfriend copped an attitude, and started calling a very good friend on FB a Child Molester, Phil’s biggest problem was the fact that Maatthew has aspergers, so Phil and his right hand idiot got a knock on the door…
        OH, I have a semi-retired Preacher in Our Circle on MeWe now.
        I hope you have a great day Mary Ann, and please don’t be upset with me Dear, PLEASE????

      4. Dear Robert,
        No apology’s needed, I could totally relate to your comment, about the righteous vs. the wicked in authority. I have not witnessed any righteous in authority either.. even among many claiming to love Christ. I believe as you expose evil for what it is, the enemy will combat you through any means.. You will be ousted by social media for not conforming to their ideology or platform “rules”.
        You will be surrounded on every side, but always remember He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world !
        Polish your armor 🙂

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