Judge Fines, Releases Pastor Without Conditions


.jpg photo of Pastor jailed for refusing to limit the size of his congregation
Canadian Pastor Coates, who had been arrested and placed in jail for holding church services after the government ordered him to cease.

Pastor Coates released, hearing pending

Earlier this month, we alerted you to a Canadian pastor who had been arrested and placed in jail for holding church services after the government ordered him to cease.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been holding GraceLife Church Pastor James Coates since March 15, after he refused to agree to a bail release condition that he stop holding church services.  Pastor Coates remained firm in his religious conviction to obey God rather than man.

Since that time, the government’s prosecutors have agreed to release Pastor Coates and withdraw all but one of the charges against him.  That one charge is for allowing more than 15% of his church members to attend Sunday worship services.

According to Pastor Coates’ attorneys, he is expected to be released today and will be challenging the remaining charge in court in May, forcing the government to prove why it has the right to limit congregational worship.

Pastor Coates is a hero of the faith and deserves our continued support and prayers. Rather than go away quietly, Pastor Coates will continue to challenge the government’s immoral laws threatening religious freedom.

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If you have not yet done so, sign our petition to Pastor Coates, letting him know you stand with him in prayer and for justice for Christians everywhere.


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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2 thoughts on “Judge Fines, Releases Pastor Without Conditions”

  1. Why is it that Canada and the U.S. have allowed bars to remain open?
    Their restrictions are closing at 1 A.M. at half capacity.
    So to be fair churches could remain open worshiping until 1 A.M. at half capacity, as long as they remain seated.. That is the hard part 🙂
    It is very sad really, because you are more at risk being intoxicated. But they feel the real risk is the church.

    1. Mary Ann, it had nothing to do with covid.
      I know you remember last year around may or june, when the democrats got ANTIFA and BLM to begin the riots. THAT is the reason the covid numbers went so high.
      Mary Ann, there are fewer and fewer Christians every year, and that was intended for us. OH, I found out something we talked about, I will email you now.

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