Imagine That, I Found Some Different Numbers


.jpg photo of child abuse graphic There is a war being waged for Our Children, and they desperately need your help.

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis,
and HIV/AIDS are out of control,
and then some…

Emerging Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: What’s New and What Now?
March 06, 2017

A decade ago, there was still only five treatment options for gonorrhea, and even then, they had to try one, then another, and another before finding one that worked. On this day in 2017, CDC finally admitted what many of us already knew, gonorrhea was now wearing a SuperGonorrhea cape, and not 1 of the 5 known treatments had any effect on this STD.


The above information isn’t completely correct….

Navy’s Outbreak of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Traced to Single Bar Hog

October 2012
8,000 sailors with super gonorrhea and over $3 million in medical expenses.

Syphilis Call To Action-2017-04, a pdf from the CDC

Adolescents are disproportionately…

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4 thoughts on “Imagine That, I Found Some Different Numbers”

    1. My Life In Our Father’s World, you are very welcome, and I value your input very highly!
      As a Steward for Good Parenting and the well-being of Children, I felt it my duty to inform Parents, friends, neighbors, and my fellow man in general of the urgency of this dire situation.
      Thank You again,

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    1. Mary Ann, Thank You for your input!
      I am unsure if you realize, but this goes well beyond marriage and abortion.
      In the case of Roe vs Wade, SCOTUS ruled to satisfy the rich, and their evil plans to have an endless supply of fresh, new organs to illegally transplant into the rich HAVES, while undoing the morals of society,i.e.. THE HAVE-NOTS.
      Now, the liberal Law Makers and Liberal Judges have, in effect, put a bounty on every Child’s head(body), where the Sodomites and every Child Predator is infecting more and more Children with STDs and STIs every day!!!!
      The immoral masses think they have a free rein to complete the undoing of Our Great Country.
      Little do they know and realize, while their tab grows longer and more expensive by the day…
      Our Dear Mighty GOD is NOT ASLEEP ON THE MOUNTAIN!

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