Jury Found Barrett Guilty Of Abusing His Three Adopted Children

.jpg photo of man found guilty of human trafficking
Jeffery Barrett

Greenville Man Found Guilty of Human Trafficking, Sentenced to Life in Prison

HUNT COUNTY, TX  –  After a 25 minute deliberation, a Hunt County jury found Jeffery Barrett guilty of a human trafficking case in Greenville.

On Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the jury found Barrett guilty of abusing his three adopted children.

“It is heartbreaking to know this horrid abuse was happening in our state, and it is unfathomable that a person could be so heartless to abuse the foster care system and use children in need of a loving, safe home as slave labor,” said Paxton in a prepared statement.

According to investigators, Barrett subjected his adopted children to continuous abuse through isolation and coercion, making the children work at his puppy mill for years and not allowing them to attend school.

During the seizure, the puppies were taken under the care of the SPCA, and the children were removed from the home.

Barrett was sentenced to life in prison and a $10,000 fine, which is the maximum sentence for this offense.

This verdict comes after Barret’s wife, Barbara, was sentenced to 99 years for the continuous trafficking of children.

“There is no excuse for this evil behavior, and it will not be tolerated in our state,” Paxton said. 

6 thoughts on “Jury Found Barrett Guilty Of Abusing His Three Adopted Children”

  1. Anothe day,another Weasel! There seems to be a never-ending number of sickos waiting to be caught,tried and sent off to jail.

    1. Hello My Old Friend, I hope this finds you well and good!
      As you know by now, we highly value your input, so please keep it coming!!!!
      I think this weasel and his wife misjudged the outcome for using foster Children for slave labor, but then adopting them just compounded their misery, however, when I think of these Dear Children wanting and hoping for a real place to call home, these weasels-Sewer Rats got just what they deserved.
      Thank You HAWK, I Love You Brother.

      1. I forgot what my exact words were,but roughly that thank God for a great Attorney General in Texas,my former home of 40+ years. We need this type of Politician across the USA. On another note,I’ve been streaming Perry Mason on TV,reminding me of the rain days back in the day. Lots of good memories with my two Brothers. Much love, Lha

      2. Hello HAWK, I apologize for accidently deleting your input, it had to be the Perry Mason mention and here I am left out for once…. MAN, THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!
        I sure appreciate you putting this message together again, although you saved me a lot of moaning and growning about you watching Perry Mason without me.
        HAWK, I Love You Brother, I wish you would decide to move up here with me…. I’M NOT KIDDING!!!!
        Anyway, Our Attorney General is continueing to make the bad guys pay.

  2. Glad to see that these two sad excuses are going away for q long time. Its scary to think that noone in the state checked on these kids that they handed there carr over two these sickos. What is wrong with our state services that they couldn’t detect problems in the so called home. No it was the SPCA investigation that uncovered the abuse of these caregivers of the state.

    1. Thank You so much Tharon!!!!
      I have to agree with you, since it looks as if it took far too long to stop this evil man and wife!
      The really sad part is that more and more ppl are doing a lot of evil things to Children, and fewer and fewer people seem to care.

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