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Child Abuse Allegations Surface again at Andrews ISD

Elementary School
Devonian Elementary, Andrews Texas

ANDREWS, TX – More allegations of alleged abuse at the hands of a special needs teacher against the same children whose families we met two years ago in a similar situation. Christopher Wolfe and Haiyden Gregory were both classmates in the Devonian Elementary Special Needs class this school year.

Back in November, Lauren Gregory, Haiyden’s mom, was informed by a former aid, Lacie Stringfield, that incidents of alleged abuse were taking place, especially against Christopher Wolfe.

Something Lauren did not immediately believe. Lacie also informed Gregory that she had been fired after making complaints to the Devonian principal on three separate occasions.

“So, after that, I decided I would send another audio recording to make sure it was the truth, so I sent it the next day,” said Lauren Gregory.

And what Lauren says she heard on those recordings confirmed the aids allegations for her.

“They trashed Lacie the entire day in front of the children,” Gregory said. “During the audio, Mrs. Harmon is making fun of Christopher to Haiyden, but the biggest thing that upset me was Haiyden. He did have his diaper changed and he was fed, but the entire time, they did not talk to him. It’ll just hurt me because I trusted them.”

Both Haiyden and Christopher suffer from disabilities that do not allow them to verbalize as well as other children. Haiyden has Cerebral Palsy and Christopher has Downs Syndrome. Something these parents say once again made their kids easy targets.

Christopher’s grandmother, Joann Wolfe, was first notified of the allegations when Child Protective Services showed up at her home.

“I was told that they were investigating allegations of some physical abuse,” said Joann Wolfe. “And had I noticed anything? And thinking back initially I was shocked. And I didn’t even know the person that had made the initial complaint, but I’m very grateful that they did.”

Joann was later contacted by Lauren and told of the concerns the aid had in regards to Christopher’s well being in the class. “She said, Joann it happened and I was devastated,” Wolfe said. “I was very, because I believed her. Like I said, she was the one, there was another tape. There were witnesses to things that were happening. And I had not talked to her. I had not talked to her prior to that.”

The families were informed the teacher was placed on administrative leave, but Lauren said she had enough and pulled both Haiyden and her other child out of the school district.
“I cannot trust AISD with my kids because this is the second time,” Gregory said.

Joann pulling Christopher out of school till changes were made.
“We are finding resolution in the problem. The school system, AISD, Dr. Azam has been very helpful in addressing things,” Wolfe said. “Texas disability rights is involved because it was found in their internal investigation that his individual education plan had not been followed.”

We spoke to the Andrews ISD Superintendent, Bobby Azam, about the allegations. However, he was unable to confirm or deny if such incidents were being investigated at Devonian Elementary.
But, new developments have come into play Friday in this saga. Just Friday afternoon, a petition was filed against Andrews ISD on behalf of the former aid, Lacey Stringfield.

NewsWest 9 obtained a copy of the request for the temporary injunction that lays out the allegations against the special needs teacher, Mrs. Kelly Harmon.

In it, Stringfield claims she was told by Mrs. Harmon at the start of the school year, that what happens in her classroom stays in the classroom and that “we do our own thing here.”

Stringfield also claims that during the second week of the school year, Mrs. Harmon informed her that the best way to motivate one of their students with Downs Syndrome was to use plastic spiders to scare him.

“CPS did acknowledge that as a tool to get him to do something that plastic spiders were put on him,” Wolfe said. “And he is deathly afraid of spiders. Another student was told to put a spider down his shirt and CPS acknowledged that yeah, that happened, but that’s not so bad, but I think it is.”

Other allegations include Mrs. Harmon informing the aid that the bus driver allegedly spanked a student because “that’s what he needs.”

After that incident, Stringfield alleges that she made her first outcry to the Principal of Devonian who informed her that she was aware of some of the practices. Then, in the Fall, Springfield claims she saw Mrs. Harmon drag a student across the floor causing rug burn only later to tell the child’s parents the burns were a result of the child running and falling.

Then, on November 20th of 2014, Mrs. Stringfield claims she was let go from Devonian and told she was not the right fit. This, after three days prior she had made her last outcry to the Principal.
We contacted Lacie Stringfield’s lawyer about the lawsuit and allegations.

“I think there is more than enough evidence to conclude that she was terminated in retaliation for making those complains,” said Dan Ross of the Ross Law Group. “And I would like to say that Mrs. Stringfield is a very brave and courageous woman to come forward with this and that she is seeking to have this kind of activity cease and it’s not something that is an easy thing to do for anyone.”

Some of the requests of the temporary injunction are to make the classrooms more visible with cameras and half doors. Stringfield is also hoping to be reinstated into her position at Devonian Elementary.

Joann Wolfe tells us that CPS has not contacted her whether or not the investigation into alleged abuse against her grandson, Christopher has been completed. She is waiting to hear the outcome of their investigation.

We reached out to the teacher, Mrs. Harmon and did not receive a response. We also tried to speak to the Superintendent, Bobby Azam about the petition, but have yet to receive a response. We did reach out to the President of the AISD School Board before the petition was filed in regards to the situation. Dr. Pam Fisher said she could not comment, but that the Andrews School District puts their children first and cares very much about their safety and learning experience which is always a first priority.

RESPONSIBILITY – Parents Failure

Cheerleader loses spot to Bullys

**** I’d like to make an attempt to wake this world up before I tell  you that we lost another Child.

How many of you know what happened 73 years ago, Dec. 7, 1941????  A BULLY almost knocked our blocks off.  Now use your imagination for a minute: Standing in the Principal’s Office, little Japan says “It’s not my fault, YOU did nothing when little Adolf marched 32,000 soldiers and armed policemen into the Rhineland playground in March 1936…. “.

“If France had then marched into the Rhineland, we would have had to withdraw with our tails between our legs.” – Hitler

It’s no big secret that people are saying that the anti-Bullying programs are not working,  The “War on Drugs” has never worked.  Racism is still alive and well.  WHY????  Because it’s NOT the Children’s fault!!!!  RESPONSIBILITY is the missing attribute in a large percentage of adults since the beginning. I will say no more about Bullying being the fault of adults, there is a little box below to voice your objection, I DARE YOU.

We pick and choose when we will enforce the RULES we have set down.  THIS IS NOT GOOD PARENTING!!!!    We pick and choose when the RACE CARD is played.  GOD fearing citizens saw nothing wrong with forcing Women and Children back across the border, into almost certain Sexual Slavery.  Yet, a MAN and his accomplice ROBBED a store, then assaulted a CIVIL SERVANT in an attempt to take his weapon;  we all know the outcome, but are YOU objective enough to admit that Michael Brown was at fault, Oprah Winfrey is a racist, Al Sharpton is a racist AND incited a riot.  Before 2000, a Child was convicted of murder, despite the tainted jury, despite the fact that a BULLY physically attacked this CHILD multiple times, despite the fact that THIS NOW DEAD BULLY PROVIDED ILLICIT DRUGS TO CHILDREN IN AN ATTEMPT TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT THE FEMALE CHILDREN.  Remember what I said earlier, there is that little comment box right down below, but be warned, I WILL light you up if you say something in a hurtful, uncaring way.

12-year-old boy committed suicide after being bullied for being a cheerleader

ABC News10 reported that Ronin Shimizu, a former 6th grader enrolled at Folsom Middle School, was taken out of the school to be home-schooled after intense harassment from fellow students. According to Ronin’s friends and family, the harassment centered around Ronin being the only boy cheerleader for the Vista Jr. Eagles squad.

“He was bullied very badly,” Folsom student Riley Coleman told News10 as she teared up. “It’s not okay to bully people.”

The night after Ronin had taken his life, many families gathered at the Shimizu home to pay tribute. There were so many people who had showed up to mourn Ronin in the street that cars were unable to pass, said News10.

“So sad to know that people can hurt you that way,” student Allie Flahive said.

“I was devastated when I found out. I started crying,” said Ronin’s friend Grace Velander. “I’ve known him since 6th grade. Me and him had classes all last year together.”

Local parents showed empathy at the Shimizu home, as well as concern for their own children.

“He was just a sweet child. For him to feel that hopeless is heart-breaking,” said parent Cynthia Brown.

Another concerned parent, Stephanie Doherty, said, “I can’t imagine a child taking it to that level. I’ve had a son that’s been bullied. It’s so scary.”

Folsom Middle School Principal John Bliss emailed parents about Ronin’s death:

“Dear Folsom Middle families: I’m writing with a heavy heart today. By now you have heard about the tragic death of one of our former students. Ronin Shimizu briefly attended Folsom Middle last year as a sixth-grader, and this news has deeply saddened many of our students and staff who knew him.”

“Today we have and will continue to provide counseling and support to students and staff who need assistance dealing with their grief. And while do not know all of the circumstances surrounding Ronin’s passing, we will continue our work to maintain a safe, caring and positive school environment free from bullying and harassment.”

“I encourage you to talk to you child about how they are processing this news, what feelings they may be experiencing and if they need any help. In the meantime, please keep this student’s family in your thoughts during this difficult time. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Thank you,
Principal John Bliss

The school district also released a statement:

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by this unspeakable tragedy, and our hearts go out to Ronin’s family during this difficult time. Many students, teachers and staff who knew Ronin remember him as a positive and outgoing child, and our school communities are truly grieving this loss today. We are moved by the outpouring of support from families and community members asking how they can help.”

Daniel Thigpen, Public Information Officer, Folsom Cordova Unified School District

News10 spoke with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Andrew Mendonsa, who explained that there is an increase in suicides among young people. “Unfortunately, what people don’t realize is that the younger you are, you don’t have a reference point that adults do. ‘Things get better. That’s just a bump in the road. Trust me life will get better.’ We have that as adults. As children, you don’t have that,” said Mendonsa. Mendonsa went on to state that social media has only made matters worse for the latest generation of young people battling against bullying. “Once it gets out there, it can be retweeted, or reblogged, or reposted numerous times, and it’s almost exponential that one person because ten, becomes a hundred, becomes a thousand.”

Dad jailed for Bullying Bully

Father Arrested After Confronting Daughter’s Bully

ST. LOUIS, MO- Police arrested a man after he confronts a small child on a school bus.

Malvin Crain turned himself into Collinsville Police. He’s facing charges of battery and aggravated assault. They are both class a misdemeanors. Police released Crain after he posted bond.

Police say 33-year-old Malvin Crain of Granite City reportedly grabbed the six-year-old boy by his jacket. He then pulled out his belt and threatened to attack the child if he didn’t stop bullying his daughter.

But according to the Collinsville School superintendent, Bob Green said he got word of the alleged bullying days ago. “The mother of the little girl came to the school last week and reported that there was a problem on the bus.”  Green said the principal followed procedure, contacted the parent of the six-year-old, contacted the other parent and they thought it was a done deal. “This morning the father came to school, told him everything was fine we have it taken care of, and apparently the parent went to the bus stop.”

When asked why the adult was allowed on the bus in the first place, he repeated what the bus company First Student told him. “They said sometimes parents get on the bus, to ask questions or deliver information. They didn’t think the parent was going to get out of control and do anything,” said Green, “It’s more like putting the kids in danger, what if you mistaken the kid… who did the bullying, you whooping someone’s kid who didn`t do anything, that`s messed up.”

I care, but…

Where would we be without you?

Look around you, what do you see?  Do you see a perfect world that you enjoy being a part of?  Do you see a world that is less than perfect, but you are content, so it’s not so bad?  Or do you see a world with misplaced priorities;  a world where Athletes are the Heroes, the Good Guys, even if they do sucker-punch their 100 pound Wife and knock her out in an elevator occasionally.  A world where the media hangs on every word of a Team Owner; a man your Children just possibly have noticed on the evening news, with his hands where they shouldn’t be on a woman who isn’t his wife.

So you DO CARE, you don’t like the inequalities that exist in the world as it is now;  but you have nothing to offer in the way of talent, you are uncomfortable and shy when it comes to speaking when more than one stranger is present.

Join the club, I just described me.  I was and still am, a bookworm, Ms Librarian, OK a nerd, I said it.  A short time ago, I was offered(?) a job as Editor of a G+ page for a group of people(strangers).  I was petrified, the first week it would seem to take half a day to type a very short post(OK, so I didn’t have to look these strangers in the eye, it seemed as if I was standing right in front of them), I would type 1 letter and then check to see if I had misspelled “a”, I was a nervous wreck by dinner every single night, and on the 3rd night was threatened with force feeding or a feeding tube by a certain tyrant.  But an unbelievable thing happened, these strangers were more than understanding, many were and still are there, day or night for me.(especially Bunny)

Then one day “she” joined Our Circle(“she” is actually 2 very different women, 1 is a brain, I just had to mention you Caroline), she was everything I ever daydreamed or imagined me being.  April was beautiful, talented, a very good parent, and even cared for others.(my 3 are actually at least 5, since I inherited 2 from my alter-ego and The Tyrant)

Please don’t mistake who I am intending this for, if you read each word, everyone mentioned and implied is who I am writing this for, but read on so you will know YOU TOO are desperately needed, to effect the change this world so badly needs.

I hesitate to think where we would be at this point in time without you.  A caring heart big enough, and with so much love, for everyone and every living thing in Our World, and you in  your GOD given caring way, already have all the above mapped and cataloged in your heart, which included this nerd.  You mean so much to me, and it is only right that I share at least a part of what Our Circle has been Blessed with. This is Our Circle’s April:


Another of Our Children LOST To Bullying

Community raises awareness about bullying after teen’s death


October 21, 2014
HAVANA, Ill. — A community came together Tuesday night to celebrate the life of a 16-year-old girl and shine a light on the issues of bullying, depression and teen suicide.

Lindsey Heflers died Saturday after battling depression that her parents say stemmed from bullying. 

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was a junior at Roanoke-Benson High School, but spent her freshman and sophomore years at Havana High School.

Lindsey’s parents want to share her story with the hope that someone being bullied or battling depression will hear it and take another route. They say there needs to be more awareness, because right now those topics are just swept under the rug. “When it comes to bullying, it’s a simple comment. It’s a simple, you’re fat. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance,” said Linsey’s dad, Danny Helfers. “I know you are kids, but think before you say something. It’s more than just words. It lasts forever for us now, it’s the rest of our lives.” “She made people happy and laugh and kept everything she was hurting inside and she couldn’t deal with it anymore,” said Lindsey’s mom Linda Helers.

Experts at the Center for Prevention of Abuse in Peoria say more than 160,000 students don’t want to go to school each day because they are afraid of being bullied. The director of prevention services, Marcia Bolden says there are signs to watch out for if you think someone is being bullied. Those include being withdrawn, having a hard time focusing and not eating. Research shows that depression can be an outcome of bullying and experts say reporting it is key to stopping the cycle. “I want to speak to those bystanders, those individuals that are also generally present,” said Bolden. “Speak up, be a voice for that person that has experienced the bullying. You could save someone’s life.”

Visitation for Lindsey is Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Her funeral is Thursday at 10 a.m. Both are at the Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes and Crematory in Pekin.

If you suspect someone is being bullied or is battling depression you can get help by calling the Center for Prevention of Abuse at (309) 691-0551