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Feds File More Charges On NM Balloon Pilot

Child Sexual Abuse
Bentley Streett, 39

February 26, 2015
Grand jury files new charges against Albuquerque balloon pilot accused of child sex crimes.

A federal grand jury filed a superseding indictment Wednesday charging Albuquerque balloon pilot Bentley Streett, 39, with more federal sex crimes against minors.

He had previously been arrested on Oct. 3 of last year and was indicted Oct. 21 on two counts of coercion of a minor and two counts of transferring obscene matter to minors.

Wednesday’s filing charges Streett with nine counts relating to either engaging in sexual conduct with minors or trying to obtain pornography from them.

He faces two counts of interstate travel to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minors; four counts of attempted production of visual depictions of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct; and three counts of transferring obscene matter to minors.

The first two counts allege Streett traveled to Illinois in July and August 2013 to have sexual relations with a female minor.

Two counts allege he tried to persuade another female minor to send him child pornography in Sept and Dec. 2013, and two other counts allege he tried to persuade a third female minor to send him child pornography in Nov. 2013

One of the counts says Streett “transferred obscene material” to the first female, and two other counts say he did the same to the third female victim.

Perception or Judging????

Like a pack of Hounds of Hell, in a never-ending assault to protect, what up until this point, had been yours to devour and destroy at will, that being the futures of Our Children.

I can’t count the times that one of you, covered in your Saintly disguise and armed with Our GOD’S Word, unleashed your backbiting tongue to list the many infractions of Our MASTER’S COMMANDMENTS, you had charged to my name.

Don’t misjudge my words, as you see, even the last stone is not in my unworthy hands.  Although after so many years of walking near the dung heap, and what I have in my hand, I can only wonder if so many of the maids truly forgot their oil, or did a Heavenly garbed Saint happen through and draw all eyes from those lamps….

One by one, the illusions have fell away, and the truth of what has been done to Our Children can no longer be ignored.  The CRONIES and GOOD OLD BOYS scramble like rats, trying to take as many of Our Children with them.


Family Friend Sexually Assaults Child for 2 years

Child Sex Abuse
Boaz Philippe, 35

A Pembroke Pines man is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl over a two-year period.

The now-10-year-old girl has come forward to accuse Boaz Philippe, 35, of sexual battery she says occurred when she was between the ages of five and seven, Pembroke Pines police said.

The girl said she did not tell her father until 2012 because Philippe had warned her not to talk about it for fear they would both get in trouble, investigators said. She broke her silence because a friend told her sex could lead to pregnancy and she was scared, the report stated.

The child was interviewed by detectives on May 29, 2013. She gave them graphic descriptions of all the things Philippe allegedly did to her on eight occasions, according to the arrest report.

Police declined to explain the time-lapse between the girl’s statements and Philippe’s arrest Wednesday but Sgt. Angela Goodwin said Philippe was the subject of ongoing investigations in other jurisdictions.

The girl told police that Philippe had a computer room in his Pembroke Pines home and often showed her pornography on his tablet, smart phone, computer and flat screen television, the arrest report said.

The girl’s father later told detectives Philippe was a family friend nicknamed “Nono” who often visited and was trusted to drive the daughter to her friends’ and relatives’ homes.

What her father didn’t know was Philippe sometimes made a side-stop to his own home and coerced her to have sex, police said.

Afterward, she said he would take her in the bathroom and “scrub” her so she wouldn’t be “dirty,” the report stated.

Two days after the girl told her father, he went to Philippe’s parents and they confronted Philippe, who refused to answer any questions. Eventually he said, “I’m guilty. I did that,” the report stated.

Police set up two monitored telephone calls between the girl and Philippe in November during which he admitted to the sexual encounters, apologized and offered to pay for her counseling, detectives said.

He was arrested on charges that include sexual battery on victim less than 12 years of age by an offender 18 or older, lewd and lascivious molestation on a minor and an obscenity count for the pornography.

He was ordered held without bond, jail records showed.



There has been so much progress made in the last couple of months toward keeping Our Children safe, while imposing tougher penalties.  Mr LaHood, the new DA in Bexar County Texas didn’t hesitate in going right to work and sending a message when he started a Child Abuse Division.

Wyoming is in the progress of a major overhaul of their Child Maltreatment Laws, while upping the minimums and maximums on a far too lax revolving door system.

Pennsylvania brought in new laws aimed at improving child abuse prevention and detection, and their reports have doubled already.

With all the good being done to bring laws and sentencing up to, NO I need to say bring them down to the level of sub-human that would ever consider harming a Child!!!!  Then I happen to notice Alan Fountain’s Post, and my heart hit the ground.  I would like to mention that Alan is a big part of Our Circle, and his blog is at:

How can a whole state like GEORGIA not want to protect Our Children????  If I remember right, “EVERYONE” seemed to be up-in-arms over the kidnapping of the school girls in Nigeria by terrorist, and then selling them into slavery.  Yet here we have a bunch of “good ol’ boys” protecting a good friend, who just happens to be a CHILD PREDATOR.  Then you just happen to add in all the CHILD KIDNAPPINGS that seem to happen in that part of the CHILD SEX AND PORN CAPITAL OF THE U.S., and something is rotten in Georgia.


How to prevent child sexual abuse

Child Sex Abuse Prevention
Stop Child Sexual Abuse

BATON ROUGE, LA — Child porn is not an easy subject to talk about, but Noel Andrus thinks it’s time we all start looking at the bigger picture.

“You hear of gateway drugs, people getting into gateway drugs that lead to bigger harder things, and it’s kind of a good thing to compare it to,” said Andrus. “There’s a term ‘grooming’ that you’re familiar with that a lot of sexual perpetrators will use to children to warm up to the actual physical act of sexual abuse.”

Andrus works at the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center. She helps families of sexually abused children deal with the pain of abuse.

“It turns everything upside-down for a moment and to come in and have someone really just listen to everything you have to say, and for the child to have that moment to have their time to tell their story,” said Andrus.

The Center works with other agencies like Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana to work on protecting the children in our state. Executive Director Amanda Brunson said since child porn is a form of sexual abuse, it’s something we all need to pay attention to.

Brunson said it’s up to each one of us to prevent child abuse.

“Learn the facts and minimize opportunities, so that means really looking to eliminate all opportunities for your child to be with one adult and one child, or your child to be alone with an older youth. Also, it’s important to talk to your kids about their bodies, about sex, about boundaries and pay attention to adults that may be paying extra attention to your child,” Brunson explained.

One out of every 7 children are abused by the age of 18, and one out of every 3 girls will be sexually assaulted by age 18.

To learn more about their initiative Darkness to Light Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, just click the link below:

To learn more about their initiative Darkness to Light Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, just click the link below: