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31st International Symposium on Child Abuse underway at VBC

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – They’ve spent their careers chasing down the worst society has to offer, interviewing the most vulnerable of victims and working to stop the heartbreak of child abuse.

For one week each year, those involved in the various fields of child abuse and prevention are invited to Huntsville for an international symposium hosted by the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

This year, nearly 1,300 experts and advocates from more than a dozen countries are in attendance.

Through dozens of workshops and presentations, they’ll share their knowledge in the hopes of improving their own agencies’ responses to abuse.

The 31st International Symposium on Child Abuse began Monday with a series of pre-conference sessions.

On Tuesday, Kevin Mulcahy will officially open the event, sharing his experiences as both a child abuse victim and prosecutor.
Mulcahy currently serves as Chief of the General Crimes Unit for the US Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Michigan.

According to organizers, “the 31st International Symposium on Child Abuse is one of the few conferences that addresses all aspects of child mistreatment.”

The International Symposium on Child Abuse is an informative and innovative multidisciplinary conference which offers more than 130 workshops presented by internationally recognized experts from all facets of the child maltreatment field. Professionals receive practical instruction, the latest research and information, and the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.

This is one of the few conferences that addresses all aspects of child maltreatment, including but not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, poly victimization, exploitation, intervention, trafficking, and prevention.

The International Symposium on Child Abuse is a premiere conference that provides expert training and numerous networking opportunities to professionals in the child maltreatment field.

Who’s Team are You on: The Cronys’ or Our Children’s

Seven months ago, if anyone of you had said “Our Children are totally unprotected and alone”, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Today, after exposing THE TRUTH of how a group of evil people manipulated and betrayed the trust of WE THE PEOPLE, there is only one way to insure that the right thing is done in Georgia now.

A show of solidarity, in the form of a petition, not only documents the expectations of WE THE PEOPLE, it serves notice that WE THE PEOPLE are watching closely.

Alan Fountain
Shared publicly  on Google – 3:25 AM

Please share this petition to Help Hidden Predator Act of GA maintain Citizen Strong Representation as it heads to Senate Judiciary Committee for testimony and any amendments. We need a voice to not have a biased Bill. Please sign ASAP. Thank you Friends.

Please Support Alan Fountain of GA Families for Justice and Hear His Voice on Hidden Predator Act of GA or HB-17 while in Senate Judiciary Committee. We Trust His Integrity and Testimony to Be Our Citizens Voice Advocate Proxy on Hidden Predator Act of GA

Alan Fountain was a Victim in Georgia of a Serial Predator from age 9 to 16 and Understands the Psychology of The Victim Recovery Cycle and Can Testify to the Importance of Certain Arbitrary Language in Bill Drafts that can Impact a Practical Solution to be Fair, Just and Mediate a Position between Special Interest Resistance and Sensitive Politics but Represent the Public’s Balanced Point of View with a New Law that will not be Partisan to GA taxpayers with bias.

Mr. Fountain has been in attendance at every developmental stage assisting with the initial draft language of HB 17 while attending every public hearing. He began educating the Public beginning in July 2013 to prepare GA Citizens about the Merits and Benefits to an Amended Civil Statute of Limitations Law in GA. He began an informative Citizen Coalition Facebook page for GA citizens in April 2014

This Bill began as a (R) partisan Bill to meet an honorable situation from Camden County GA where the Bill Sponsor Originated but Mr. Fountain fought hard to have Democrat Sponsors included to bring levity and fairness to Voice Victims Concerns from all of the Citizens of Georgia equally and to include his hometown Community of Upson County with an at Risk unchecked Predator Culture with over 4x the national average of Registered Sex Offenders per capita in all of America but was blocked from his ability to inspire a dialogue on Prevention Remedies to Safeguard future generations because Civil (SOL) prevented city officials, “in their words” from any Dialogue stating their Civil liability Insurance Co. forbid them to discuss the past. (50 second Video Link of My Crime Scene:)

Mr. Fountain became an authority on the roadblocks with Civil (Sol) and worked tirelessly for a year creating a Social Media Following of 250,000 supporters in Various Prevention Awareness Platforms and the largest in Georgia on this Issue. He feels his work helped markedly in the outcome of the GA House Legislature Victory with a Vote of (169) Yea (2) Nay. He heard his original social media data being repeated in Testimony and in the House Chambers so he feels confident the efforts served the Public Well. Please hear his voice when Public Testimony begins and his recommendations should the committee entertain any Amendments to the Bill while in Senate Committee. He only wishes to represent the many Voices of GA that has pleaded to him to be heard. He can share with you redacted names with their compelling pleas for his help and their stories of youth molestation.

With the greatest of respect to the GA Legislature for their Moving Speeches on the Chamber Floor Before Passing this Bill to Senate and to the Senate Judiciary for Listening to Alan Fountain before a Conclusion. His work in GA and Contributions as a Volunteer Advocate on this topic can be found at:

Letter to:

  • Georgia State Senate
  • Governor Nathan Deal
  • State Senator Vincent Fort
  • State Senator Nan Orrock

Please Support Alan Fountain of GA Families for Justice and Hear His Voice on HB-17 while in Senate Judiciary Committee. We Trust His Integrity and Testimony to Be Our Citizens Voice Advocate Proxy on Hidden Predator Act of GA

Child Abuse an epidemic in Genesee County Michigan

Child abuse, a ‘public health epidemic’ in Genesee County, needs community collaboration for prevention, experts say

GENESEE COUNTY, MI — Genesee County had nearly 2,000 child abuse victims in 2013.

The community needs to do better and needs to do more, local officials say.

Of those victims, 1,050 were under the age of 5. Of those, 35 were reported as severely beaten in 2013.

“We have to educate. You have to get mad about what’s going on,” said Robert Ennis, president for Ennis Center for Children in Flint.
Whaley Children’s Center brought together more than 75 health care professionals, law enforcement officials, businesses and school and community leaders Friday, March 13, to discuss child abuse in Genesee County.

The meeting was in preparation for the Paint Our Town Blue campaign, which kicks off in April during Child Abuse Awareness Month.

This is the second year that the community leaders were brought together to have a discussion about what could be done to prevent child abuse and neglect. This year, the hope was to produce some concrete strategies, said Kevin Roach, president and CEO of Whaley Children’s Center.

“I think what we’re really excited about is really trying to bring about awareness of this public health epidemic not only that is happening in our community but nationwide,” Roach said.

It’s time to take a step forward and turn words into action, Roach said.

Over the past three years, 21 children have died from abuse, according to a previous Flint Journal report.

Every police department in the county reported some sort of child abuse to the Michigan State Police in 2012, with 625 cases ranging anywhere from one case reported to Mott Community College police to 231 cases reported to Flint police.

“How can people neglect a child? How can you physically hurt a child? You have these statistics and you think, what can we do?” said Genesee County Undersheriff Chris Swanson. “The more you think about it, really, you can just do your part. … You can’t give up. None of us can.”

Whaley Children’s Center officials are calling on the community to do their part in getting the awareness out. They want to paint the city blue in the hopes of getting people to ask question. Whether through wearing blue, creating a blue pinwheel garden or selling paper pinwheels, they are asking the community to participate and spread the word.

But it has to be more than that, said Ennis.

“We can’t just paint this town blue this month. We have to paint this town blue every day,” he said.

April 24 is Wear Blue Day. For more information about the Paint our Town Blue campaign, click here.

There are many ways to help.

Saving children from abusive situations can start with a phone call.

The number to report suspected abuse — 855-444-3911 — is a statewide number available around-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Going forward from these discussions, Roach and other community leaders hope to see all the experts come together in one place to prevent child abuse. They want to pump up their prevention efforts and create a center to facilitate all the expertise under one roof.

An example they gave on Friday was the Chadwick Center for Children and Families in San Diego. It has forensic and medical services, a failure to thrive clinic, kids and teens court training, professional and education services and trauma counseling services — all in one place.

The hope is to create a children’s political action committee to give the issue of child abuse more attention with legislators. And to create more programs, such as Project Safe Place, which would bring training in the schools, create crisis counseling and intervention and create safe havens throughout the community for children who are being harmed or in danger of being harmed.

Swanson said he hoped the community leaders didn’t leave the discussion with a lot a great ideas that don’t result in action. There’s something that everyone can do, he said.

“When you are willing to pitch kids aside, then that community is broken,” Swanson said.

South Carolina doesn’t have enough foster homes

GREENVILLE, S.C. —WYFF News 4 Investigates learned that South Carolina doesn’t have enough foster parents to care for the more than 3,700 children currently in foster care.

Finding people to care for foster children is a challenge in South Carolina. According to numbers WYFF News 4 Investigates obtained, there are 1,227 children in foster care in the Upstate, but only 682 foster homes and shelters.

Some foster homes care for more than one child, but foster parents said there is still a need for more homes.

“Unfortunately, if there’s a child from Greenville County but there’s not a home in Greenville available to take them, they’ll reach out to find a home wherever they can. So it may very well be in Oconee County,” foster parent Chris Koppenger said.

WYFF News 4 Investigates learned that more than half of foster children in the Upstate are placed in foster homes outside of their home counties.

“It’s difficult enough that they’re being taken from their parents, but now you’re taking away their friends, their school, the doctor they’re used to, the church they’ve gone to,” Koppenger said.

Koppenger is a member of Heartfelt Calling, an organization that recruits foster parents.

Koppenger said more foster parents would help increase the odds that children could stay in their communities and have a better chance to thrive. The need is great statewide. According to numbers WYFF News 4 Investigates obtained from the Department of Social Services, there are about 400 more children in South Carolina’s foster system now than there were two years ago.

We checked with Georgia and North Carolina as well. Officials in both states provided WYFF News 4 Investigates with numbers showing that there are hundreds more foster children in those states right now compared to a year ago. However, neither state was able to say if there are enough foster homes for the children.

Koppenger said people can be hesitant to become foster parents because they may only have the child for a little while. Koppenger said the more than 40 children he and his wife have fostered will always be in his heart, even if they are no longer in his home.

“These are my children, they will always be my children,” Koppenger said.

The Child Predators that broke the Crony’s back

The Child Predators that broke the Crony’s back

“Not one state has met all of the minimum child welfare standards set by the federal government”

I have decided, in the best interest of Our Children, to repost a report by the Children’s Advocacy Institute at the University of San Diego School of Law, entitled: “Shame on U.S. Failings by All Three Branches of Our Federal Government Leave Abused and Neglected Children Vulnerable to Further Harm” January 27, 2015

Below is the Link to my original post of this report.
January 28, 2015

“Abuse and neglect cases — especially those resulting in death — are often not disclosed as required by law. That lack of information has led to other problems in the system.”

“When your data is flawed, every other part of your system is going to be flawed.”

Laws intended to protect children from abuse and neglect are not being properly enforced, and the federal government is to blame.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which reviews state programs, declined to comment on the report.

Hmmmm, I wonder why…. maybe this is one reason WHY!!!!

January 12, 2015 – Nebraska
The former acting director of cybersecurity for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison over his activities on a child abuse image website that was hidden – but not particularly well – on the Deep Web and accessed via the Tor anonymity network.

Timothy DeFoggi, 56, was convicted on 26 August 2014 after a four-day jury trial in the state of Nebraska.

Beyond sharing child abuse imagery, DeFoggi was also accused of plotting to rape and murder children.

In a Department of Justice release, Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell was quoted as saying that DeFoggi used the same technology skills he employed at HHS to conduct his crimes: Using the same technological expertise he employed as Acting Director of Cyber Security at HHS, DeFoggi attempted to sexually exploit children and traffic in child pornography through an anonymous computer network of child predators.

This Link is to a single page report, although on the report there is a Link on the left to:

View Full Report
– View Executive Summary

– View Press Release

At the bottom of the single page report is the listing of every state in the United States, each one is a Link to that state’s reports. I think it only right to suggest that if you intend to look up the states I have listed, look up South Dakota before Georgia….

I urge every one of you to look at this report, and bookmark it’s location(URL).

If every person who truly cares about the well being of Our Children complys with my request, then spends a minimum of 1 day researching how well Our Children are protected in the few states a person can read in a days time, there is not 1 of you who will ever believe another word of these habitual liars that we have elected and are paying their salaries.

The Links below are 2 of my South Dakota posts, and 1 being what it is.

March 6, 2015

March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015