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My Worst Nightmare

Hopefully this will help someone out there..

A couple of years ago we were at Walmart, and as usual I had to go easy when I got near the isle with bleach, Fabuloso, and cleaning supplys, because of the chemical spills known for Walmart.I wasn’t quiet there yet, when it hit me like a bomb.

I moved as quick as possible, considering I could barely breathe already… wouldn’t you know the closer to the front I got, the more and more people blocked my way… I wasn’t going to make it out of the store.

About that time I spotted the ice cream and frozen food isle, and headed to the first or 2nd door on my right, opened the door to the frozen ice cream, stuck my head in, and pulled the door agaiinst my chest.  (Later I learned that I was a very BLESSED Man, due to the refrigerants used now to cool these big long freezers.

I am unsure how long I crouched there on my knees, but my lungs stopped shutting down(little did I know then, but my lungs were filling with liquid, and later I will tell you what that liquid looks like when you finally start clearing it..)

Just then, a couple of Balch Springs Firemen were at my side, with very concerned looks on their faces.  I explained what I was doing as well as possible, and they told me they would get me out of the store.

I was already breathing better as we headed for the front quicky, and I saw my StepDad coming behind us.  As they got me to the front doors and set me down, I heard my StepDad babbling “I told him, I told him, I told him he needed to see a Doctor”, while they were making sure I was comfortable and breathing better. and suddenly one of the Firemen, already very agitated, said “this man knows what he is allergic to, and what to do when he realizes he is near the allergins, a Doctor can do him no good, the medications available to stop this could very well kill him at his age”.

TO BE CONTINUED… My Worst Nightmare…


.jpg photo of Biden administration evil sex predators
School should not be about SEX, it is time for EDUCATION, FUN, AND GOOD CHILDHOOD MEMORIES!!!!

File your formal complaint in opposition to Biden’s public school rule proposal

Last year, we tried to stop the U.S. Senate from confirming a radical to President Joe Biden’s Department of Education.  Despite our warnings, LGBTQ activist Catherine Lhamon was approved to the Office of Civil Rights and is now driving her agenda to force all public schools in America to allow biological males who identify as female to use the girls’ restroom and locker room.

The Department of Education under Lhamon is now proposing a new rule that will put women’s safety and privacy at risk and deprive women of athletic and professional opportunities.  It would do so by radically rewriting Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.


  • If this rule is approved, biological males would be able to:
  • Openly change in girl’s dressing rooms.
  • Take college and university scholarships specifically reserved for women.
  • Use their position to charge schools with discrimination if they feel they aren’t getting enough “playing” time.
  • File a formal sexual harassment complaint against any female who speaks out against men in women’s sports.
  • Share hotel rooms with females during overnight trips.
  • Enjoy physical advantages like greater lung capacity, higher bone density, and greater muscle mass.

Title IX already prohibits discrimination based on sex in any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.  It’s enforced by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

The new rule proposed by Biden’s Department of Education will redefine “sex” to include “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

TAKE ACTION: File your comment in opposition to this proposed rule by the Biden Administration.

By law, the Biden administration must give citizens a period in which they may comment on new rules proposals.  The deadline to submit your comment is September 12.

Already, the Biden administration has had to withdraw two rules because of overwhelming public pressure in opposition.  Your action makes a difference!


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

If our mission resonates with you, please consider supporting our work financially with a tax-deductible donation.  The easiest way to do that is through online giving. It is easy to use, and most of all, it is secure.

All Forms Of Child Abuse Are Against The Law: CAPTA

.jpg photo of Montana State Capital Building
Bills banning gender affirming medical treatments for minors have been introduced in at least a dozen other states.

Montana Senate advances bills targeting transgender youth

Senator Diane Sands, so in your opinion Children have no rights.  Child Predators should have never been allowed near Children.
Robert StrongBow

HELENA, MT  –  The Montana Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to advance two bills targeting transgender youth despite overwhelming testimony opposing the measures.

The measures would ban gender affirming surgeries for transgender minors and ban transgender athletes from participating in school and college sports.

Both bills have already passed the Montana House.  They head next to votes by the GOP-controlled Montana Senate.

The measures passed votes by the committee along party lines, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.

“This is one of the most hateful heinous bills this session has ever considered, and I’m ashamed of us,” Democratic Sen. Diane Sands said Thursday on the bill banning gender affirming surgeries for transgender minors.

Earlier this week, the committee heard overwhelming testimony opposing the measures from medical providers, human rights activist and students in the state.  They said the measures could harm the mental and physical health of an already vulnerable group.

Proponents of the measures said they would protect minors from undergoing irreversible surgeries they may later regret and would protect female athletes from competing against athletes with an unfair physical advantage.

“Transgender people deserve full human rights.  But there is no human right to female sport, just like there is no human right for me to participate in a junior high school wrestling team,” Republican Rep. John Fuller, who sponsored both measures, said during a hearing on Wednesday.

Bills banning transgender athletes from participating in school sports have been introduced in more than 20 states this year.  Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves signed such a ban last week.

In South Dakota, a similar bill was passed by Legislature.  Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has expressed support for it but has not signed the bill.  A similar ban was enacted in Idaho last year, and quickly blocked by a federal judge as a lawsuit plays out.

Bills banning gender affirming medical treatments for minors have been introduced in at least a dozen other states, but none have been signed into law.