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Pop star Glitter convicted of child sex abuse

Child Sexual Predator
Paul Gadd – Pop Star Gary Glitter

Glitter, 70, to be sentenced Feb. 27
LONDON (CNN) – British former pop star Gary Glitter has been found guilty of child sex abuse for crimes he committed more than three decades ago.

The 70-year-old Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was convicted Thursday of one count of attempted rape of a girl under the age of 13, one count of having sex with a girl under the age of 13, and four counts of indecent assault against girls, two aged under 13 and two aged under 16.

The six offenses were committed against three victims between 1975 and 1980. Glitter is due to be sentenced on February 27.

Glitter was known as a “glam rocker” in the 1970s for his flamboyant clothes and performing style. He sold 18 million records with hits like “I’m the Leader of the Gang,” “I Love You Love Me Love” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Orchard of London’s Metropolitan Police praised the courage of the victims in coming forward to police, years after the crimes were committed, in a statement after the verdict. Paul Gadd has shown himself to be an habitual sexual predator, who took advantage of the star status afforded to him by targeting young girls who trusted him and were in awe of his fame,” Orchard said.

“His lack of remorse and defense that the victims were lying make his crimes all the more indefensible. I am pleased the jury was able to see through this.”

Glitter has been prosecuted previously on sex charges.

In 1999, he admitted possessing child pornography and was jailed for four months. While living in Vietnam, he was convicted of sex offenses against young girls and jailed for nearly three years before being deported to England.

Glitter is the latest celebrity to be accused or convicted of historic sex offenses. Radio and television star Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, was revealed after his death to have been one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders. British police say more than 200 victims — aged between five and 75 — have been identified. Last year celebrity publicist Max Clifford was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment for assaults on girls, while Australian entertainer Rolf Harris was jailed for five years for indecent assaults against four girls.



There has been so much progress made in the last couple of months toward keeping Our Children safe, while imposing tougher penalties.  Mr LaHood, the new DA in Bexar County Texas didn’t hesitate in going right to work and sending a message when he started a Child Abuse Division.

Wyoming is in the progress of a major overhaul of their Child Maltreatment Laws, while upping the minimums and maximums on a far too lax revolving door system.

Pennsylvania brought in new laws aimed at improving child abuse prevention and detection, and their reports have doubled already.

With all the good being done to bring laws and sentencing up to, NO I need to say bring them down to the level of sub-human that would ever consider harming a Child!!!!  Then I happen to notice Alan Fountain’s Post, and my heart hit the ground.  I would like to mention that Alan is a big part of Our Circle, and his blog is at:

How can a whole state like GEORGIA not want to protect Our Children????  If I remember right, “EVERYONE” seemed to be up-in-arms over the kidnapping of the school girls in Nigeria by terrorist, and then selling them into slavery.  Yet here we have a bunch of “good ol’ boys” protecting a good friend, who just happens to be a CHILD PREDATOR.  Then you just happen to add in all the CHILD KIDNAPPINGS that seem to happen in that part of the CHILD SEX AND PORN CAPITAL OF THE U.S., and something is rotten in Georgia.



Sex Offenders
Child Abuse is WRONG!!!!

A few short hours ago I posted a very sad, heart-ripping story of a woman who should never be allowed around children again.  This atrocity has become an everyday thing, just like Violence

Racism and Police Brutality have not only been revived as excuses, both are used on a daily basis as some lame attempt at a battle cry, all the while, the problem is right in front of you….  when you are looking in a mirror.

A 9-month-old little boy was not only put into a bathtub that burned him, he was in there long enough where his….



While taking care of Our new Facebook page, since we are having a “LIKE” and FOLLOW” drive, I was asked to go REPORT A PEDOPHILE PAGE that also had Child Porn on it.

I started reading every post after seeing no porn, much less No Child Porn,  What I found was very close to what I found here at WordPress 5 months ago;  I found a young man here that several of you don’t care for(because you aren’t worthy enough to sharpen his swords) THAT is intended for the jealous idiots who never give 100% at anything.  Oh what the heck, I’ll even give you a hint, HE IS A BIT OPINIONATED….

But this young man I am impressed with KNOWS words, and he is also here on WP.  Is he as good as the young man who got my attention 5 months ago….  Now  HE IS BLOOD KIN TO WORDS, so I’m figuring since Joshua is younger(I think) there is no way for me to know.  The wordman could change the meaning of 1 or 3 complete languages if he doesn’t tire of defeating windmills.

Here’s a surprise….

Manhunt for Minnesota Minister-Predator

Man who is Child Predator
Victor Barnard

Minister accused of 59 counts of molesting girls

CNN — Preacher accused of 59 counts of molesting girls in Minnesota.

Authorities nationwide are searching for a Minnesota minister accused of 59 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct with two young girls while they were members of his church.

Victor Barnard, 52, was last seen in Spokane, Washington, according to a written statement from the Washington State Patrol.

On April 11, prosecutors in Pine County, Minnesota, issued a criminal complaint after a two-year investigation into allegations from two women about Barnard’s alleged conduct while he was preaching to a religious group in Finlayson, Minnesota.

Lindsay Tornambe is one of the two women, who are referred to as “B” and “C” in the complaint. Now 27, she lives in Bethesda, Maryland. She wants Barnard to go to prison.  “I definitely don’t want him hurting anyone else and ruining other people’s lives like mine was,” she told CNN.

The complaint says Tornambe alleges that she was sexually abused by Barnard from the ages of 13 to 22 while she and her parents were members of the River Road Fellowship. Tornambe told investigators that Barnard created a group of 10 young girls and women who were known as Alamoths, or maidens. Her group was sent to what she thought was a summer camp, the document says.

Tornambe alleges that Barnard first molested her after he preached to her that he represented Jesus Christ in the flesh. She told investigators that she estimated that Barnard sexually assaulted her one to three times a month until she left in 2010 to be with her parents, who had moved to Pennsylvania.

In fall 2011, she was contacted by another former maiden who shared a similar story; she said she was molested by Barnard from the time she was 12 until she was 20, although she said the number of sexual acts varied each month.

Tornambe and the other woman went to the police in Minnesota. Barnard had moved to Washington state after an admission to affairs with married women caused the religious group to split, the complaint says.

Both women said Barnard sometimes became upset with them and was violent. They also said their parents were called to a meeting — after Barnard allegedly had begun to rape them — where he told the parents he might have sex with them.

Tornambe’s father told investigators that he knew what Barnard was telling them was wrong, but there was pressure to not be exiled from the church and “lose everything he had.”

The ministry operated in a secluded area of Pinesure to not be exiled from the church and  County from about 2000 until 2011 or 2012, said Chief Deputy Steven Blackwell of the County Sheriff’s Office. The fellowship vacated the property shortly after a new sheriff was elected and began investigating the ministry, Blackwell said. The Salvation Army now runs a family camp there, he said.

In the complaint, an investigating officer with the Washington State Patrol said he spoke with an elder in the church who had two daughters who were maidens. That elder denied that a group had ever been separated from their parents.

CNN attempted to reach the man Wednesday night, as well as a man described in the complaint as Barnard’s right-hand man, but was unsuccessful.

Lt. Shane Nelson, a criminal investigations officer for the Washington State Patrol, said officers were unable to find Barnard and it was possible he had fled the area. There are no charges against Barnard in Washington, Nelson said.