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OK School Teacher, Husband Accused Of Child Abuse

.jpg photo of Teacher arrested for Child Abuse
Tamara Zeno

Oklahoma City, OK  –  An Oklahoma high school teacher and her husband have been arrested on complaints of child abuse.

Cyril High School teacher Tamara Zeno, 36, and her husband Tony Zeno, 36, were arrested after complaints of child abuse and child neglect.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show an investigation began after Tony’s two sons returned to their mother’s home in Colorado after a staying at their father’s home from June 2 to August 1.  The boy’s mother noticed her 10-year-old son was much thinner.

The boys then told their mother they had suffered physical abuse while in the care of their father and his wife, Tamara.  The boy’s told police their father had choked them and Tamara had zip-tied them to a chair.  The boy was then reportedly forced to sleep through the night while zip-tied to the chair.

One of the boy’s reported he was made to swallow peroxide and soap. The boy’s also said they were hit by Tamara with a golf club.

The Cyril High School website lists Zeno has a high school English and speech and drama teacher.

TN DCS Child Abuse Registry Now Public

.jpg photo of Child Abuse Registry online
TN DCS Child Abuse Registry now public

MEMPHIS, TN – There’s an easier way to learn the names of people responsible for child abuse or neglect in your area.

Some people said the way the state is going about it is unfair.

WREG found out how and why the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services is sharing the names of these people online even if they weren’t prosecuted.

Some were shocked to learn The Department of Children’s Services abuse registry is now public.

DCS started sharing that online in July.

That applied to anyone believed to have something to do with child abuse or neglect, even if they weren’t prosecuted.

Keith Armstrong said that’s a risky move.

“I do think that will raise some type of controversy,” he said.

DCS said the department is making the move after discovering a law that dates back to 1987.

“It requires state agencies to share names of substantiated abusers with the health department, DCS has long maintained its own database, we’ve maintained our own internal registry and we have 154,000 names,” said Rob Johnson with DCS out of Nashville.

Armstrong said he’s afraid this will ruin someone’s reputation who may be innocent.

“To put somebody in that particular category and put their name out in the public before they’re accused in the court of the law, then it’s like a witch hunt because they could actually be innocent,” he said.

Others believed it’s the right thing to do.

“People do have the right for a file review, they have the right before a hearing administrative law judge and if they wish to appeal those findings to a chancery court they can do so,” he said.

DCS said the Department of Health will operate it.

Man Jailed for Child Porn May Review Computers

RICHMOND, Va. – A Fairfax County, Virginia man jailed for possessing child pornography can reexamine computers tied to the case in an effort to show his father was the real collector of the material, a federal judge ruled.

At the time of his 2012 arrest, Robert Fenn lived at home with his parents and a brother, and worked as a special education teacher at the Poplar Tree Elementary School in Chantilly, Virginia.

The charges against him stemmed from a search of his home by the Department of Homeland Security in which suspected child pornography was found on several computers in the home, as well as on two portable hard drives.

During a subsequent interview, Fenn admitted that he downloaded and viewed Hentai images – basically porn featuring animated characters — and images of girls ages nine to 14. But he steadfastly denied any knowledge of child pornography.

Fenn was convicted of one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography and sentenced to 120 months in prison on each count (to run concurrently), and a 20-year term of supervised relief.

Since then, he has repeatedly appealed his conviction and filed motions for a new trial, all to no avail.

But as time has gone on, Fenn has argued, compelling “evidence” has emerged that suggests his father may have been the individual who downloaded the child porn.

The court documents note that “although agents found the Acer Desktop in Petitioner’s bedroom, other witnesses testified that the Acer Desktop was located in the basement of the residence from 2010 to June of 2012, where the father spent a lot of time alone working on his electronics and HAM radio.”

Then, in February 2014, Fenn claims, he learned that his father “had sexually abused his stepdaughters when they were the same age as the children depicted in the child pornography files at issue in the prosecution.”

Still his motions for a new trial were denied.

But something very different happened with his latest pair of motion – one seeking to vacate, set aside or correct his sentence, and the other an instant motion for discovery.

In his motions, Fenn claimed he received ineffective representation during his first trial, and asked that his new counsel be able to copy, analyze, or otherwise inspect the seized computer equipment.

Fenn argued that such an examination – particularly of the Acer desktop computer is “critical’ because at trial, the Government ‘sought to exclude William and John Fenn as suspects by proving they were elsewhere during the times the Acer indicated that child pornography was accessed.”

Fenn contended that the analysis would also reveal whether anonymous logins were the source of the child pornography. He also sought an examination of his father’s Toshiba laptop, which contained suspected child pornography, “to determined if further evidence exists linking him to the confirmed pornography found on the Acer.”

On June 23, U.S. District Judge James Cacheris held that “Based on these specific allegations, Petitioner has demonstrated good cause for discovery and has given the Court reason to believe that the petitioner may, if the facts are fully developed, be able to demonstrate that he is entitled to relief.”

“Petitioner’s ineffective assistance of counsel claim is based, in part, on the allegation that trial counsel failed to secure an independent forensic expert to analyze the computer media at issue … This is not a fishing expedition, as the Government contends,” Cacheris wrote. “Instead, Petitioner’s request is narrowly tailored to a forensic examination of the four computer media at issue.”

The judge concluded: “Ultimately, Petitioner shoulders a heavy burden in seeking to vacate his judgment of conviction. For the foregoing reasons, the Court will grant the motion for limited discovery as to only the computer media at issue.”

Fenn’s appeal is handled by James W. Hundley and Erin L. Blanch of Briglia Hundley of Vienna, Va., who did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Courthouse News.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the ruling.

LaPlace grandmother booked with child abuse, kidnapping

.jpg photo of Child Abuser
Davana Tripps, 42

New Orleans, LA — A LaPlace grandmother has been arrested and booked with child abuse in connection with allegations that she, along with the child’s aunt, physically abused her 8-year-old grandchild, who authorities said was hospitalized in May after being severely burned, beaten and starved.

St. John the Baptist Parish authorities announced Wednesday (June 24) the arrest of Davana Tripps, 42, as part of a continuing joint investigation with the State Police and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office into the treatment of the little girl, whose mother had reported her kidnapped after a custody dispute.

St. John Sheriff Mike Tregre said the child’s mother, who lives in St. John Parish, reported the girl missing May 7. She told authorities that the child’s father, who lived in Calcasieu Parish and who had been granted custody in 2013, has been in jail since March 2014, and that his mother and sister had the girl.

The woman said she was granted custody in June 2014, but said the two women would not give her the child, nor tell her where she was.

Tregre said the child was found at Kerrian Clofer’s home in Calcasieu Parish on May 14. The girl was taken to a Lake Charles area hospital for treatment for injuries consistent with severe child abuse and neglect “to include fractured bones, burns, and failure of organs due to malnutrition and starvation”, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

Clofer was arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Parish jail.
The girl is now with her mother and is “doing very well”, Tregre said.

Authorities said the investigation in St. John the Baptist Parish revealed that Tripps “severely abused” the child while she was at Tripp’s home in the 1600 block of Yorktowne Drive in LaPlace.

Authorities have not released specific details of the accusations against Tripps, who they say lives with her husband and their two juvenile sons. The boys were said to be in good health, but have been temporarily placed in state custody, authorities said.

Tripps was booked her with aggravated second-degree battery, second-degree cruelty to a juvenile, aggravated kidnapping of a child, and false imprisonment. She remains in custody under a $153,500 bond.

Gov. Scott Signs Bill to Let Children Secretly Tape Their Rapists

.jpg photo of Florida Governor
Florida Gov. Rick Scott

I don’t mind saying that the Laws this Country was founded upon, and put in place by Our ForeFathers to protect the innocent and hold the guilty accountable for their crimes, have been manipulated by a perverse group to the point where the guilty go free at the expense of the innocent.

To make this possible, Our Bill Of Rights was dissected, then each and every word analysed as to every possible meaning.  The end result casts a shadow of doubt on the motives of the innocent, and not only lets the guilty go free, but leaves the impression that they are the offended and injured party.

Florida  –  Child rape victims have legal permission to secretly record their rapists under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Scott one day after an ice cream truck driver who was serving a life sentence for sexually assaulting his stepdaughter was acquitted at a second trial.

The bill Scott signed Friday was a response to the Florida Supreme Court ordering a new trial for Richard McDade, who was convicted of repeatedly raping his stepdaughter when she was between 10 and 16. A judge during the first trial allowed recordings of conversations McDade had with his stepdaughter that she secretly recorded with an MP3 player hidden in her shirt.

But the Supreme Court ruled the recording was illegal and ordered a new trial last December. Florida prohibits conversations to be recorded or otherwise intercepted without the consent of both parties. The new law makes an exception for children who are victims or potential victims of rape and other violent acts that record their attackers. The law takes effect July 1.

McDade, 68, walked free Thursday after a Lee County jury that didn’t hear the recordings acquitted him. The Lee County state attorney’s office said the recordings wouldn’t have been allowed at the second trial even if the Legislature and Scott acted sooner because they were illegal at the time they were made.

Sexual abuse victim advocate Lauren Book said the bill signing was one good outcome of the case, though she was outraged at McDade’s acquittal.

“Nobody can or should feel good about this. The only silver lining is this won’t happen going forward,” said Book, who founded Lauren Kid’s, a nonprofit group that raises awareness about sexual abuse and seeks to prevent it. “It’s sort of sad that children need to be their own heroes sometimes, but that is what this bill does.”
Lee County Assistant state attorney Tyler Lovejoy, who prosecuted the McDade case, praised the new law.

“It is easy to stand behind legislation that protects children,” Lovejoy said. “Anytime that legislation opens the door for new, corroborative evidence to be admitted in the courtroom, it is both bold and inspiring. What is most exciting about today is the prospect that prosecutors have a new weapon to use against those who seek to harm children, and those same children can provide a new voice to those who still do not believe in monsters.”