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Can You Read Better Than You Can Think?

.jpg photo of Congressional hearing on missing migrant Children
Where are the 90,000 Latino Children????

Three members of Congress arrested
at Trump Tower street protest

NEW YORK, NY  –  Three Democratic members of Congress have been arrested on disorderly conduct charges at a protest outside Trump Tower.

“This is a classic example of idiots listening to liars with a mic in their hand.  If anyone believes these three (3) Elected Law Makers care anything for Children, then you probably need a wakeup call….”

Lawmakers Fault HHS With Migrant Child Sexual Abuse

“The congressional hearing cited the AP report that found more than two dozen unaccompanied children were sent to homes across the country where they were sexually assaulted…”

Filtered Search Engine Results Today Might Not Be Tomorrow

“The article led the reader to believe that possibly 10 – 30 Children were “missing”, when the link was fixed that number had grown to 90,000+ Children.”

“NOW, tell me how many Elected Law Makers care anything for the Children of this world.”
Robert StrongBow

U.S. Reps. Raul Grijalva, of Arizona;  Luis Gutierrez, of Illinois;  and Adriano Espaillat, of New York, were among a small group of demonstrators who sat down in the street on New York’s Fifth Avenue on Tuesday and refused to move.

The lawmakers were handcuffed and led away.  Police say they were issued desk appearance tickets and released.

“How is this anywhere near EQUAL JUSTICE????   No Protesters in Charlotte, North Dakota DAPL, and surely not Kent State were issued desk appearance tickets and released.”

The protesters were demanding that Congress pass legislation protecting thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

Protest organizers said before the event the lawmakers planned to get arrested.

President Donald Trump delivered an address at the United Nations earlier Tuesday.  The Republican was scheduled to stay at Trump Tower afterward but wasn’t present for the protest.


Going To And From School More Safely


Millions of kids ride a bike, take the bus or walk to school every day. Help get them to and from school more safely by following this checklist.

Review the four rules of personal safety with your children.  Remind them to:

  1. Check first with you or the adult in charge before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything or getting into a car.
  2. Take a friend when going places or playing outside.
  3. Tell people “NO” if they try to touch you or hurt you.  It’s OK for you to stand up for yourself.
  4. Tell a trusted adult if anything makes you feel sad, scared or confused.

Walk the route to and from school with them pointing out landmarks and safe places to go if they need help.  Tell them not to take shortcuts and to stay in well-lit areas.

If your younger children take the bus, wait with them or make sure they’re supervised by someone you trust at the bus stop.

Teach your children to recognize the tricks someone may use to abduct them such as asking for help or offering them a ride.  Tell them to never approach a car without getting your permission first.

Encourage your children to kick, scream and make a scene if anyone tries to take them.

Instruct your children to get away as quickly as possible if someone is following them.  If they are being followed by someone in a car, teach them to walk in the opposite direction from the one in which the car is driving.

Be sure your children’s school has up-to-date emergency contact information.  Learn about their pick-up procedures so only those you’ve authorized can pick up your children.

Make sure your children know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

For more information about child safety, visit 

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®

Army Of Hope

.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
A war is being waged for Our Children, will you join the fight?

Organizational Alliances

I received an email from a Good Friend the middle of June of this year.  I could not believe my eyes, so I reread this over and over it seems, because Our Senior Editor said she watched me for over 5 minutes as I sat and couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief.

We had been inducted into the Army.

No, we are an ally of the Army.  We ARE an Army that is an ally to a bigger Army.

Ark of Hope for Children proudly recognizes the following Allied Organizations.

I had never imagined anything like this, Ark of Hope for Children recognizing NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! as an “Allied Organization”?

But just then my eyes fell on the other “Allied Organizations”, and suddenly I was reduced to the “Sand Lot” Team and our t-shirts we wear, while this group all had uniforms, scouts, Team jets… and now as I look back, (and after reading all of the email again, and making sure no one was watching this time), we aren’t such a “Sand Lot” Team anymore,   In a month and 3 days we will be 3 years old, with over 14,800 Followers.

Then my eyes just happened to look at the Yankees, Dodgers, and the White Sox….  Mr. Blair Corbett are you sure of this????

Right beside Our name….  I was humbled to my knees, and I prayed, and gave Thanks to THE ONE MAN that deserved all the credit.

Ark of Hope for Children proudly recognizes the following Allied Organizations.

Not In My World is an online child victim advocacy group that has grown dramatically in influence as it shares awareness of the harms of child abuse and human trafficking.

The levels of apathy in our world are still high towards the plight of survivors but the impassioned leaders of Not In My World are truly making a difference.

They use their various social network sites including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and encourage their followers to work hard to make that change.

The leadership of NIMW and everyone involved has embraced Ark of Hope for Children’s mission in a great way by sharing our programs, resources and our Removing Chains of Child Abuse book and journal, and resources.

Thank you to the many thousands of followers of NIMW for your passion!

Missouri Law Makers Address Child Predators

.jpg photo of Missouri Capital
Missouri Law Makers Address Child Predators, Child Abuse, & Children’s rights.

Bill Signing Dealing With Sex Offenders,
Child Abuse

JEFFERSON CITY, MO  –  A lawmaker says Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens will sign his bill to ban people convicted of sex offenses against children from coming within 500 feet of children’s museums.

Cassville Republican Sen. David Sater said Wednesday that he’s meeting with Greitens for a bill signing in Jefferson City Thursday.

The legislation also would make sex trafficking of minors a form of child abuse under state law.

It would require that children be told and informed in writing of their rights when taken into custody by police or juvenile officers, and that foster kids be told their rights.

Another provision would allow the Social Services Department to keep reports of child abuse where the perpetrator is unknown.

The agency now must destroy records if investigations don’t turn up sufficient evidence of abuse.

The Fight For All Children Needs You

.jpg photo of Child Sex Trafficking graphic
The internet has created a lawless space for predators to buy and sell people.

How tech companies are trying to
combat trafficking

Sex trafficking and human slavery are certainly nothing new, but the internet has created a lawless space for predators to buy and sell people.  Today, more than 150,000 escort ads are posted in the US every day, many of them for children.  The human trafficking industry enslaves an estimated 27 million people worldwide.

Now, an organization is turning to the very features of the internet that make trafficking so widespread to combat it.  Thorn partners with technology companies like Google, Pinterest, Facebook and others to help identify and rescue children, and possibly catch predators.

Last month, a video of Thorn founder Ashton Kutcher went viral when he gave very personal testimony to the US Senate on the tragedy of child trafficking.  Earlier this year, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee sponsored a bill that eventually became a law to direct $50 million in federal money annually to combat sex trafficking and human slavery in the US.

Following Kutcher’s Senate speech in February, the White House – led by Ivanka Trump – invited a number of anti-trafficking groups in to discuss what can be done.  Policy proposals may follow.
Traditionally, law enforcement efforts to combat trafficking have been insufficient, given the fluid nature, anonymity and enormous reach of the internet.  Thorn’s approach is interesting because it creates tech tools specifically geared to helping the authorities.

In 2011, law enforcement officials in the US turned 22 million images and videos of child abuse over to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify the victims, according to the center’s US Sentencing Commission testimony cited by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times.  In the US alone, 9 million computer IP addresses were tracked sharing child pornography files.  The sheer volume of victims and perpetrators is overwhelming for law enforcement.

Child abuse images are often traded on peer-to-peer networks or inside password-protected chat rooms.  Most buying and selling of sex occurs online, on listings sites like Backpage or Craigslist – where escort ads are posted, and customers text in to make contact.  That’s not illegal.  The challenge for law enforcement is that many of those featured in the ads may be underage girls who are trafficked – mixed in with women posting ads voluntarily.

“These transactions don’t happen in the open,” says Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn.  “I can go on to and put my couch up for sale and if I click the next tab I can buy a 14-year-old for sex, and this is not illegal, because an escort is not illegal.  Every day, hundreds of thousands of ads are posted, and some are children, but how do we know?  It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

Innovations in tech and data science can make that process more efficient.

Thorn is using machine learning, in which computers learn what advertisements represent a child, and create an algorithm to predict what other ads are more likely to be associated with a child.  That, they hope, can reduce the thousands of images of children in circulation.

They’re also using facial recognition software that recognizes signs of aging and can identify children from photos.  They are working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s database of missing children that could be matched to images from online ads.  This helps detectives in tracking down and identifying children.

There is also a new texting application called Befreetexting designed to reach trafficked children who have sporadic access to cellphones.  “These kids are held kind of captive, so they can’t pick up a phone, but they can text, and so we can create a text hotline,” Cordua says.

By sorting through the images to identify which are children, law enforcement can hone in on victims.  The goal is to get to children as quickly as possible.  That’s just one side of the problem.  Creating technology to go after the predators, either the customer or the pimp, has proven more difficult.