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Criminalizing commercial sex work and branding ‘trafficking’ as the same thing raises the stakes for victims

It is the time of season to remember those who have not.

To remember the Good who wish only Good for others.

Our Children are not properly protected by the laws in Our Country, isn’t roughly 7,000 years long enough to make this world safe for Our Children????

It is time for those who truly care to join with us and stand together, THE TIME FOR COUNTING IS NOW!!!!


Criminalizing commercial sex work and branding ‘trafficking’ as the same thing raises the stakes for victims

In the United States, any person under the age of 18 whether a girl or boy with any assistance from a third party, is by definition a ‘trafficked victim’, whether they consent or initiate contact on their own accord.

According to Professor Marcus, attempting to criminalize all commercial sex work and/or conflate the term with “trafficking” actually aggravates the situation for children who are commercially sexually exploited. A better solution, he says, is to normalize sex work:

“This notion of ‘child sex trafficking’ has a dependency to make the stakes so high that people have trouble talking about their experiences. Most young people we met wouldn’t go to social service agencies to get help because social services records were tied to child sex trafficking and no one wants their ‘support network’ such as your…

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A Must Watch Movie Free This Week

National  Center  for  Missing  and  Exploited Children

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Through NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, a brand-new Google+ Page on August 19, 2014, Our Circle began the endeavor of spreading the word of the evil forced on Our Children, called Child Maltreatment.  It is also referred to as Child Abuse, which is any physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or other act involving a Child with intent to hard the Child.  Child Abuse can take the form of physical abuse, emotional or mental abuse, sexual assault, or neglect.

The first paragraph is, in part, Our first post almost 4 months ago.  We started just like any other parent or interested party, we typed “Child Abuse” in our search engine, and started gathering information.  We got off to a slow start, and that surprised me, so I talked to Our Advisers, which we did everyday, since we were friends.  So I went riding around on my old search engine, and found just what we needed, graphics.  Only a couple of my friends knew a little bit of my background.  From the very first one, I began to see those Children on those graphics more and more.  I don’t mean that I literally ‘saw” anything, but if you imagine how many I’m sure critique the days work while in the grocery line, or driving home.  Most men wouldn’t be caught dead crying, anyway, it got worst.  And now you know why I am flakey about showing up here on any schedule, or even 3 days in a row, because it hasn’t gotten any better,  but it’s MY JOB.

I wasn’t planning on putting that in here, but since several of the writers here on WordPress started actually communicating with me(I haven’t found one that I didn’t like, incidentally), I might as well let them know that he-man “The Tyrant” has been seen with moisture sliding down his cheek(s) in the grocery line.

In our 4th or 5th week, I found NCMEC, and we began drawing some Followers. I owe them anything they want, they are GREAT People, with so may resources. In fact, they take donations, so they are officially Honorary Members of Our Circle, and they do a LOT of good work.  But through National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, I found The Department of Justice and their resources, and The Center for Disease Control.

I found this on NCMEC‘s Facebook Page this morning, so today I am going to attempt to share this Documentary Movie “The Long Night” that is FREE this week.  . This story gives “voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American #sextrade…  The Long Night is testimony to the lives of those who have lived this crisis.”
Featured by MSNBC Photography, Alexia Foundation and The New York Times – Lens – Photography



Our Children are In Need

Our Children are being held hostage by all the Violence that has become an everyday thing,  Our Children are being victimized by  Child abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Human Trafficking, Neglect, and Bullying.  They are NOT being taught LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT, and DUTY, all the basic qualities necessary to be a GOOD CITIZEN and GOOD NEIGHBOR.

There is few good places that truly care about Our Children!!!!  The Child Services of Our States are dropping the ball.  But NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! KNOWS who has proven track records.  OUR FRIENDS spend the MOST PER DOLLAR on Our Children.  But more than that, Our Children are taken care of when they get there.

Today is #GIVINGTUESDAY, open your minds to what is happening to Our Children, Open Your Hearts because every Child deserves the chance to be safe, while growing up, so they have a chance to make this World a better place.  THIS is the best place to help Our Children for The Holidays.

Ark of Hope for Children

Ark of Hope for Children
PO Box 342, Alachua,FL 32615-0342
(386) 454-1280


“Breaking the chains of abuse for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying to lead them into lives filled with faith, hope and love.”

Ark of Hope for Children brings care and awareness for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying. We are a human rights organization with programs that provide care for, and awareness of, survivors without discrimination of any kind. As a Christian based nonprofit we focus on unconditional love and transformation to help victims become empowered survivors. We are a nonprofit organization, #59-3585457, with further information listed on Ark of Hope for Children acts as the umbrella over all of the following programs; is our global live chat survivor support website with 12 topically focused chat rooms for group or private help. We provide listening and mentoring for all ages of survivors through specialized text only chat rooms. Examples include rooms for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, Male and Female Survivors, Ritual Abuse, Trafficking Victims and more. We facilitate connections to the survivor’s local professionals such as therapy, law enforcement or legal aid while providing a growing library of self-help resources on our site.

UnChained Project is mobilizing internationally to bring local awareness and action for survivors within the region where they live. Regional awareness groups will help local survivors know they are cared about. These groups focus on survivors of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying and can provide support groups, awareness events, school meetings, and fundraising activities for Ark of Hope programs. A customized Facebook Groups is created for each region with an active leader and team members.

Harbourage Transitional Living Center of north central Florida provides short-term emergency placement for victimized females and males rescued from human trafficking or at risk of being trafficked. Survivors are protected, nurtured and empowered in our safe home-like environment. Assessments are made towards the best plan for their current and future needs, while mentoring and faith-based counsel provide immediate support. In addition a long-term shelter is planned to bring people from the point of victim to thriving, self-sufficient survivors. 




Best of the Best

The Jump Team of Operation Underground Railroad

They are the best of the best. They train hard, work hard and take their job very seriously. They are the Jump Team of Operation Underground Railroad and they rescue children from sex traffickers.

Former U.S. Navy Seal “Dutch” Turley is the team leader and his number one job is keeping everyone safe. “I’m in charge of the security of the team,” he says. “If you’re in a bad situation you haven’t done the first couple steps.”

Those steps include forming a chain of command and creating accountability. You also need to make sure you’re never alone. You need to watch out for each other and blend in. Of course you have to do your homework too. For O.U.R. that includes gathering intelligence, working with local law enforcement and understanding how the traffickers are organized and move children.

In only six months O.U.R. has rescued 59 children. Perhaps the bigger miracle, however, is that it is all made possible with donations from people and groups who believe in what they are doing. “We are growing so fast,” says Turley. “We are forming more Jump Teams so we can go on more missions and save more children.”

While serving in the Navy Seals “Dutch” was a “breacher” someone who deals with explosives, blasting open doors or breaking barriers. Working with O.U.R. is a bit tamer but he’s always prepared should anything go wrong. In fact, everyone is. No one goes on a mission without training, even celebrities.

Actress Laurie Holden, best known for her roles in the movie The X-Files and the television series The Walking Dead, is also a human rights activist and went with O.U.R. on a recent mission to Colombia. Her job consisted mainly of helping the rescued children feel safe and relaxed. It sounds easy but in a tense situation where traffickers are being arrested it can be quite the challenge.

Jump Team training is ongoing and consists of hand to hand combat and handgun instruction. But the most important training, according to Turley, is mental. “You have to understand your enemy from a mental perspective. We try to do it as often as we can,” he says. “We cover the mentality of the situation.”

For a tough guy, Turley has his soft side. He says there are many outstanding moments working with Operation Underground Railroad. “It’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life, to save these children (long pause). I’m kind of at a loss for words.” He really is one of the best of the best.

Holidays and Caring, A Time for Love

What about Our Children, who are The Future of Our World

NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! will never accept Child Abuse, Indifference, nor Violence.  These things have NO PLACE in Our World, they are the evil created by the purveyors of filth, the bullys, and the perverts that infect Our World;  a CANCER WE CAN ELIMINATE.

UnChained Project: a human rights organization that is mobilizing advocates globally to provide localized community-based awareness and Christian mission-styled support for people victimized as children by human trafficking, all forms of child abuse and bullying.

Through events, workshops, prayer and outreach, UnChained groups will be localized lighthouses of hope within communities throughout the U.S. and internationally for survivors of all ages.

UnChained Project is an extension program of Ark of Hope for Children, a national U.S. based nonprofit organization. Localized events and fundraising will also support Ark of Hope’s other programs including; – global live chat survivor support website

Harbourage Safe Homes – in north Florida for rescued survivors of human trafficking

Ark of Hope for Children, PO Box 342, Alachua, FL 32615-0342


UnChained Project brings awareness and support on a global scale for the hundreds of thousands of survivors of child trafficking, the many forms of child abuse and teen bullying. Survivors we are here for you!

Survivors of human trafficking and child abuse so often live in fear and a self-imposed code of silence. Virtually all of them were victimized by adults, so how do they trust other adults with their horrible secret? Many successfully managed to bury their past and move on, only to have it rear up and raise debilitating havoc in their twenties, thirties and forties. Thousands are imprisoned within their own minds, reliving the abuse through nightmares and flashbacks that bring on severe depression, PTSD, alcoholism, drug abuse and more.

Survivors of teen bullying, many as young as eleven and twelve don’t fare much better. As their peers compete for recognition, in search of their own identity, too many targets of bullying slip into an ever deepening hole of despair. Their pain is so often manifested in depression, self-harm and suicidal thought.

It is time to rally a front line defense in our communities

It is time to embrace survivors and help break their silence

It is time for action


UnChained Project wants to mobilize advocates willing to provide awareness and support for survivors of child trafficking living in silence in your community. Here’s why;

  • Over 100,000 underage girls and boys are trafficked into slavery (1)
  • Odds of being rescued; 1 in 100 (2)
  • Of every three child victims, two are girls and one is a boy (3)
  • AVERAGE age a child is first exploited by prostitution is 12-14 years old  (4)
  • Infants are often identified in child pornography (4)
  • They may be forced into sex 20 to 48 times a day (5)
  • Life span of a victim can be as little as 2 to 4 years, having succumbed to attack, abuse, HIV and other STD’s, overdose or suicide (4)
  • Sex trade industry is the second largest global industry raising $32 billion a year, equal to $87 million a day! (6)
  • Sale of child porn in the U.S. alone raises more than a $3 billion annually! (7)

The above are some of the many child trafficking statistics gathered by our parent nonprofit organization Ark of Hope for Children to highlight the reason for alarm.

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