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Childhood Trauma Leads to Brains Wired for Fear

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This cannot be said enough, until people wakeup and see that Our Great Country will never make it another 300 years.  Because Our Children are the Future of Our Country.

The out-of-control Violence in Our Country has to be addressed before any and all forms of Child Abuse can hope to be affected.

The day when we as people wakeup and decide that Our Children should come before anything, and the defense of Our Country should be paramount also, is the day when laws will be enacted making it a felony for committing a Violent act in front of a Child and anywhere it can be witnessed by a Child.

After a time, all forms of Child Abuse will begin to decrease in frequency, and that includes Bullying, but Domestic Violence will also decrease proportionately, along with Elder Abuse, School Violence, suicide, drug dependency, alcohol abuse, and all crime will drop to some extent.

Now, you decide what is important to you….

Silver Girl

 Sound Medicine

brain regions
Last week, a report by the University of San Diego School of Law found that about 686,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect in 2013. Traumatic childhood events can lead to mental health and behavioral problems later in life, explains psychiatrist and traumatic stress expert Bessel van der Kolk author of the recently published book, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma. Children’s brains are literally shaped by traumatic experiences, which can lead to problems with anger, addiction, and even criminal activity in adulthood, says van der Kolk. Sound Medicine’s Barbara Lewis spoke with Dr. van der Kolk about his book. Here are highlights from the interview.

Sound Medicine: Can psychologically traumatic events change the physical structure of the brain?

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk: Yes, they can change the connections and activations in the brain. They shape the brain.


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NY Child abuse cases going unsolved

BUFFALO, N.Y. – More and more cases of child abuse in Western New York are going unsolved, and experts say it’s because people aren’t speaking up.

Judith Olin from Child & Adolescent Treatment Services deals with the severe cases of child abuse each and every day. “We all want justice when we see a child being hurt,” she said.

Her office works with law enforcement to provide a safe place for children to be interviewed and recover from abuse. Much of the problem in solving these cases. Olin says is that children can’t speak for themselves, making it take longer for police to bring the person or persons responsible to justice.

Statistics show that 47 percent of child abuse victims are under the age of 6. One in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.

Last week 7 Eyewitness News told you that a 6-week-old baby from Cheektowaga was in Women and Children’s Hospital, recovering from serious injuries. Cheektowaga Police say they’re working on leads, and compiling a timeline of who had contact with the infant.

Almost one year after her death was ruled a homicide in Jamestown, 16-month-old Nayla Hodnett’s aunt is still looking for who killed her baby girl.

“A lot of times you hear babies crying, you just walk away or turn your head because you’re worried about that person and the adult. Well what about the baby?” Camille Hodnett said.

If you or someone you know is a victim of child abuse, experts urge you to call this phone number to report it: 1-800-342-3720.

New York Daily News’ Dark Side

Why would anyone, especially a newspaper, attack the Clergy continually?  More to the point, why would The New York Daily News attack the Clergy in Australia, yet ignore high numbers of Child Maltreatment within the state of New York?

It is a matter of public record that only around 650 cases of Child Sexual Abuse have been proven against Clergy.

It is a matter of public record that close to 20,000 cases of Child Sexual Abuse have been proven against employees of the public schools system.

It must be noted that of all cases reported, excluding Clergy, only about 2% are unsubstantiated.

In all cases reported involving Clergy, 65% are unsubstantiated.

We should commend the good, honest, hard-working newspapers in our Country, that take Child Maltreatment seriously.  At this moment, I am looking at Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Michigan, and Colorado.

The Good Life: Easy Day, Fine Dinner, And A Movie….

Some people’s day wasn’t so good….

Operation Underground Railroad is making a difference, one day at a time.

Nearly 2 Million Children are Sex Slaves! This most STOP!
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Former officer charged with sex crimes against student

Child Sex Abuse
Lee Carrell Perry

Former Jackson County school resource officer charged with sex crimes against student

Jackson County, AL – March 25 2015,  A former student of a Jackson County School is pursuing sex crime charges against a former Jackson County sheriff’s deputy who was stationed at her school more than a decade ago.

Lee Carrell Perry (Jackson County Jail)

The charges are against Lee Carrell Perry, who was a school resource officer at Skyline School in 2003 and 2004. The student says she and Perry were involved sexually during that time. She said it started when she was 13 years old.

Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips said an investigation was opened back then, but the victim and her family did not pursue charges. He said Perry resigned then in the midst of the investigation.

Now an adult, the former student has come forward with charges. A Jackson County grand jury heard the evidence and indicted Perry on nine counts of sexual offenses on March 12. The charges include statutory rape, second-degree sodomy, enticing a child for immoral purposes and sexual contact without consent.

Perry was arrested on Sunday. He bonded out of the Jackson County Jail on $65,000 on Monday.

Phillips said Perry didn’t work the sheriff’s office long, He started in 2003 and resigned the following year after the investigation started.

A school representative could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.