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Our Circle and Our Friends



Ark of Hope for Children needs Team Leaders for their 5-week Crowdrise Holiday Challenge.

This years’ will be the greatest opportunity yet to fully support Ark of Hope for Children programs and the ChildTrafficking, ChildAbuse, Bullying and HumanTrafficking survivors we support.

Join the front lines on GivingTuesday and throughout the holidays! AOHFC-HolidayChallenge2014-2014-11-18

Jumper cables for your search engine?

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Facebook, New Friends, and G+

I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you, I had mentioned before about my lack of experience as a writer, especially where more than 1 person looks and actually reads what I write. I neglected to mention another small area I’m short of experience. I had never been on FaceBook, I’d seen it but never had a profile. In fact my WordPress profile was the first.

We had no more got to Facebook when Robert decided to find Our new Friend’s page, Ark of Hope for Children on FB. It took only a minute to find, but when he did I will never forget the way the Man who writes with 2 swords looked, there was FIRE in his eyes.

Earlier this week, Robert replied to a comment by Crystal concerning his search engines, which he prides himself on.  Robert’s search results were being filtered, and there was NO doubt, as he looked up and down the row of posts, and not one matched Robert’s.

At this point, I feel it only fair to tell Our Circle that I always introduce the new members of Our Circle on the G+ page,  except the one time it slipped my mind, when it just had to be Mister Ark of Hope for Children, Mr Blair Corbett.  Could it have gotten any worst?  No…  but it did, because right at that moment, Mr Search Engine just happened to be standing close enough to see the look on my face, and right at that moment, I looked back at the list.

Yes I am still here, and being the forgiving, considerate person  I am,  I decided not to fire Robert.  I had all but decided on severe discipline, but realized what such a thing could do to the fragile ego of this MAN who fancied himself a kind of Zorro.  Can you imagine…

If Zor.. uh Robert mentions anything about sword fighting in the stable just ignore him, it’s probably a joke anyway.


Our New Friends, FB and The Family Place

Adopt-a-Shelter-Needs-2014-11-5- (1476-7)Holidays are the time to open our hearts, in a wise manner

Good Morning!  This is a very heart-felt moment for myself, I am Aida, Editor for NOT IN MY WORLD!

We are joined by Our New Friends here at WordPress, and I am very happy to tell the many who have Followed us here that we have a name for you.  It is the name we go by, OUR CIRCLE!  In such a short time, we are over a hundred strong, but all the many hours of almost non-stop work have paid enormous dividends.

As of this morning, we have a FaceBook page also!

I want to take this unexpected opportunity to introduce two (2)  Organizations who are now Our Friends, Ark of Hope for Children and The Family Place.

The Ark of Hope for Children is a Child Abuse specific Organization, as we are. and have a very powerful mission statement.  “Breaking the chains of Abuse for those victimized as Children by human trafficking, Child Abuse and Bullying to lead them into lives filled with Faith, Hope and Love.”  They are already in Our Circle on G+ and we will be joining with them on FaceBook.

The Family Place, whose mission statement brings a sense of security to victims of Family Violence, and many times probably Dangerous Environments, “Where Family Violence Stops.  “This is a Dallas, Texas-based Organization with a 24 hr crisis hotline,
Emergencey Shelter, Transitional Housing, Child Developement Center, a Safe Campus Center, Community Counseling, and Children’s Counseling, just to name a few of their services.

We want to urge everyone to please be sure the charity(s) of your choice is actually delivering an appropriate amount of service for each dollar taken in.  This is a matter of public record, so if anyone has a problem finding out this information on any Organization, we will help, or arrange qualified help to facilitate your request.

Now, we will post the first Holiday Drive for The Family Place on Our 3 sites. Thank You All, and now if ALL Our Circle will Put Your Arms Tightly Around Yourself And Hug Yourself Really Good, and say I Appreciate You! We Will Post This, The First Of It’s Kind, ON OUR 3 SITES.



Another Day In My World

Pathway Through Our World

As you walk on your Path through Life, you have seen other trails and paths intersect with the path you travel, and forks in the path.  There have been many travelers whose paths intersected with your own, and for a time, you have traveled with others on your Path through Life.

Forces of Nature: Our Circle

We’ve only just begun….  so much to do….  so little time.

What was 2 are many now, no longer Dream but Reality

In the short time Our Circle has traveled together on Our Pathway Through Life, we have affected change along the way.  Through the strict code and rules we were taught by our parents, we found others who believe in rules and a way of life necessary for living among others.  We have taught Our Children the same code and rules, from the day they were born until the day they were grown. Now, many of us have grown children, and they have children;  everyone of us live by the same code and rules, and we will NEVER accept Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, giving Our Children Drugs, and people that Abuse Our Elders.

I have something special for the ones called OUR CIRCLE, you now have your own Domain, you earned it through work.  ACTA NON VERBA

Welcome to Our World

Blessing, in the form of Our Circle

Something different today, we would like to know how you feel about Our new website…. OK, I am a bit scattered, I lookup from (uh-ohhhh, why are they both standing in front of me, and why are they both stareing at me) MY NOTEBOOK!!!!  OK, all clear.  That was Lia and Aida, the StrongBow Women;  bearing gifts in the form of a thermometer, a cool wet cloth, some kind of pills, a snack, and 500 questions.

I had mostly intended this for Our Circle, on our Google+ Page NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, and thought I had made reference to the Comment Guidelines page and the About Our World page, since I thought this post was published about 7 hours ago. Sometimes waking up feeling a bit scattered is not such a bad thing if you just happen to remember that you have forgotten to do something REALLY IMPORTANT….  like introduce yourself to the WordPress Community

I am Blackhorn33, Administrator of NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! and the Google+ page of the same name.  I remember hearing some reference to “your own little world” or “yall’s own little world” for a good part of my life, and I never had to give it any consideration because the storm was here, and Dr Frankenstein(Frank) stood ready to attach the leads to the electrodes.  “Say When Dr Frankenstein”(Dr Frankenstein Frank shouting across the laboratory to Dr Frankenstein Blackhorn33), and with a nod I said “WHEN”, and just as a Woman screamed in the audience, someone backstage hollered out “IT’S ALIVE”!!!!

I didn’t have to look to validate what I knew already;  for in the length of a nanosecond, all the weight in the world had been lifted from our shoulders.  All of our hopes and dreams was reality and complete, and the Child Abuse and Indifference that followed with us from our youth, fled from it’s presence.

All I have left to say could take a lifetime, because it took a lifetime to see this day.  The people I owe, and will leave this world oweing, don’t go by no fancy rough-tough names like “The Wild Bunch” nor “The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang”.  Although a major part of them have traveled many miles, many times, out of Our Country, to places all over the world, even under water close to The North Pole in a submarine, all the while prepared to give their lives to keep US A FREE NATION.  We got a couple of CowBoys, a couple of CEOs, several very good Attorneys, one we call Medic, a Rabbit who takes care of us all, a Foster Parent who retired protecting us, an old friend who became a Ferrier one time who just came back into Our Life, Together We Heal, and many more I will mention later.  We Call Ourselves OUR CIRCLE, but without MY 2 GOLDHEARTS this point in time would be very different. Thank You J. L. and Lynda