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“Overcoming Child Abuse, Indifference, and Violence with
Faith, Knowledge, and Dedication”

Our Circle would like to say Thank You to each and every one of you for the strong support we have received in such a short time.  As our numbers increase in the form of more Followers, our voices are heard by more and more people, and will reach those who believe as strongly as we do.

This website, NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, and it’s support pages on Google+. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr are simply “pro bono publico”, totally funded and supported as follows:

  1. Our Circle donates their time and collective ideas on what we feel is best for this site, and the best possible ways of reaching out to like-minded people who will never accept Child Abuse, Indifference toward Child Abuse, nor Violence as a part of their life and world.
  2. Our Advisers, also members of Our Circle, keep Our endeavor on-track and moving forward;  providing counseling when necessary, and security when needed.
  3. Administration, who  are members of Our Circle, donates their time, hardware, software, maintenance, and the Domains known as, and .com.

Furthermore,  Our Circle freely makes known to all interested parties that these are nothing more than informative endeavors, to stop the sky-rocketing rise in Child Abuse and Violence in this Country we care so much for, and also in this World.

We would appreciate your input and ideas on how we are doing, and better ways of reaching out to inform All People of the high numbers of Our Children Abused everyday, and the Violence perpetrated on the innocent of this Country, and of this World.

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