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UMF Lecture Series-High Cost Of Child Abuse, Oct. 7

.jpg photo of victim of Child Abuse
Behind the lines of a war on Our Children

FARMINGTON, Maine  –  The University of Maine at Farmington is pleased to announce ”A Look at the High Costs of Childhood Abuse and Neglect,” a public presentation by Katherine Kemp, UMF lecturer in rehabilitation services. The second topic in UMF’s popular “The Public Classroom” faculty speaker series, this lecture will take place at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 7, in the Emery Community Arts Center on the UMF campus.

A serious and prevalent public health problem in the U.S., child abuse and neglect has reached a critical level in Maine, and specifically in Franklin County. Overall, more than 100 children in every 1,000 living in Franklin County experience some form of abuse and/or neglect each year—an estimated 1 in every 10 children.

Although neglect is considered to be the most common form of abuse, many also experience chronic physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Research during the past twenty years demonstrates that an array of human and social problems resists solutions if we do not respond to the urgent need to prevent the abuse and neglect of our children.

In this talk, Kemp introduces three branches of science that have allowed for the greater exploration of knowledge about the effects of psychological trauma, abuse and neglect. These are neuroscience, the study of how the brain supports mental processes; developmental psychopathology, the study of the impact of adverse experiences on the development of minds and brain; and interpersonal neurobiology, the study of how our behavior influences the emotions, biology and mind-sets of those around us.

Kemp will also introduce the ACE study, an ongoing collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente, as a tool to analyze and solidify the relationship between childhood trauma and the risk for physical and mental health disabilities in adulthood.

Kemp’s area of expertise is working with individuals with severe and persistent mental health disabilities in the field of case management and counseling. A licensed clinical social worker, she is a teacher and advocate with a strong belief in the strength of community partnerships as a tool to challenge and change this serious public health problem. She works diligently to help students appreciate the critical connection between social problems, social programs and policy and how research contributes to the competency of a profession and leads to evidence-based systems change.

Kemp received her Masters of Social Work at the University of New England.

“The Public Classroom” series is sponsored by the UMF Office of the President. Lectures in this series are free and open to the public.

It Took 34 Years

.jpg photn missing for 34 yearso of ma
Marx Barnes was found 34 years later

National Center For Missing & Exploited Children

Dear Friend,

Just imagine … you’re scrolling through the posters of missing children on our website, missingkids.org, and then suddenly, you recognize one of the faces staring back at you.

You are shocked to find an age progressed image that looks like YOU.

If you never knew you were a missing child, imagine how you would feel!

That’s exactly what happened to Steve Carter.

And his story shows us why you can change lives by supporting NCMEC.

You see, Steve was born Marx Barnes. But when he was just a few months old, Steve and his mother went missing. Steve ended up in an orphanage, but under a different name and his true identity was never known. He was adopted and raised by two loving parents and spent the next 34 years unaware that he was ever reported as a missing child.

But here’s the most amazing part.

Our forensic artists used a photo of Steve at 3-months-old and photos of each of his parents at 20 years old to create an age-progressed image of what Steve would look like as an adult.

Their rendering was so accurate that Steve says when he saw it, “It took my breath away.”

Time and again, NCMEC’s age-progressed images have increased publicity relating to missing child cases, including long-term missing cases like Steve’s.

Steve is now reconnecting with his birth father and sister and told us that he feels, “really blessed that you’ve done the work you’ve done.”

As Steve knows firsthand, your support is such an essential part of each successful reunion. And with so many families still searching for their child, I urge you to make a very special donation today.

Thank you.

Very sincerely,

Robert Lowery, Jr.
Vice President, Missing Children Division

P.S. The longer a child is missing the more their appearance changes. That’s why age progressed images can help raise awareness in our search for missing children. Please help support our efforts to help find missing children by making a contribution right now.

The Comanche Code Talkers

.jpg photo of Comanche Code Talkers
Comanche Code Talkers

Fort Benning, Georgia, 1941

Front Row, left to right: Roderick “Dick” Red Elk, Simmons Parker, Larry Saupitty, Melvin Permansu, Willie Yackeschi, Charles Chibitty and Willington Mihecoby. Back Row, left to right: Morris Sunrise, Perry Noyebad, Ralph Wahnee, Haddon Codynah, Robert Holder, Albert Nahquaddy, Clifford Ototivo and Forrest Kassanavoid. (not pictured: Elgin Red Elk and Anthony Tabbitite)

The Comanche Code Talkers were an elite group of young men who were fluent in the Comanche language and used that knowledge, along with the training they were given by the Army, to send critical messages that confused the enemy during World War II. Seventeen young men were trained in communications, but only fourteen were deployed to the European theater.

Serving overseas were Roderick “Dick” Red Elk, Simmons Parker, Larry Saupitty, Melvin Permansu, Willie Yackeschi, Charles Chibitty, Willington Mihecoby, Morris Sunrise, Perry Noyebad, Haddon Codynah, Robert Holder, Clifford Otitivo, Forrest Kassanavoid and Elgin Red Elk. They were recruited from Cache, Cement, Cyril, Fletcher, Indiahoma, Lawton and Walters. Albert Nahquaddy, Anthony Tabbytite and Ralph Wahnee, who trained for the same role, did not serve overseas.

In 1989 the French Government honored the three survivors of the group for their important contribution with the “Chevalier de L’Order National du Merite.” As of 2006 The United States government has not offered any special recognition for the group.

We, as Comanche people, honor them always.

NE Law Officers Get New Tool For Child Abuse Cases

.jpg photo of No excuse for child abuse sign

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska law enforcement agencies are slated to get another training tool to help officers who are working on child abuse cases.

In the past 10 years, reports of child abuse across the state have increased by the thousands.

Attorney General Doug Peterson announced Wednesday that all of Nebraska’s law enforcement agencies will receive an eight-part DVD series with instructions on how to handle reported cases of child abuse.

“When you do this, you have to do it right,” Peterson said. “You have to get it right the first time.”

The DVDs and informational notebooks are aimed at new officers, with lessons such as the proper way to gather evidence and interview children. It includes eight DVDs produced by the League of Municipalities and other law agencies, that will walk officers through every phase of handling child abuse allegations, including talking to the children. The series also discusses the role of Nebraska’s child advocacy centers and protective services hotline.

“These kids are scared to death,” Peterson said. “They are scared to death about what just happened to them and who can they talk to and who can they trust.”

Peterson says the materials are intended for officers who have been hired but not yet completed all of their formal training.

Preserving and gathering evidence is critical in these cases.
“Let the evidence speak for the child, so they don’t have to relive their abuse on the witness stand,” Kerry Crosby said.

Peterson hopes the DVDs, which will be distributed mid-August, will help new officers get the advanced training needed, especially in smaller agencies.

“The thought is we need to get this into their hands as quickly as possible,” Peterson said.

Carol Stitt was the director of the Foster Care Review Board for 30 years. She works for the League of Municipalities now and helped launch the training program. She applauded Peterson’s initiative.

“He’s prioritizing these cases not only in his office, but he’s prioritizing training and he’s trying to get the word out that one of his first priorities is protecting children,” Stitt said.

“Law enforcement has to do a thorough and complete job of investigating that crime, because that young man and that young girl are trusting for us to do that,” Peterson said.

The project is a joint effort of law enforcement groups, municipalities and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Peterson is also sending out the message that there are resources that law agencies can tap into for help, including his office and seven child advocacy centers across the state

A Birthday Party Interupted By Cronys

I felt the pride deep down, and I couldn’t help but feel a satisfaction that made my mouth hurt from smiling so much, and Frank was smiling just as big as I was.

I was going to call Alan Fountain, who had worked tirelessly for months in Georgia.

As I started reading the article, I couldn’t help but remember Alan telling me about all the Children who had been sexually abused by perverted, sub-human, good old boys that had the protection of a whole bunch of cronys, that just happened to be elected law makers on the payroll of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

I would never have had the idea that NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! was part of the reason that I was reading about a new bill in Georgia to end Child Sex Trafficking, but after THE CARE HOUSE in South Carolina had communicated with us, I actually felt like we were doing some good for Our Children.

Then my heart hit the ground.

I want to ask all of you that are good people, PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN!!!!  You will have to read my next post and make up your own mind;  are you on the side of Good People and care for Our Children, or are you on the CRONYS SIDE AND PLAY ON THE GOOD OLD BOYS TEAM!!!!