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Hazing Or Rite Of Passage? I Don’t Think So

.jpg photo of town where high school players are accused of sexual assaault
Four 15-year-old Maryland high school football players charged as adults with rape for sexually assaulting four teammates with a broom during a hazing incident.

Maryland high school football players
accused of sexually assaulting
teammates with broom

DAMASCAS, MD  –  Four 15-year-old Maryland high school football players charged as adults with rape for sexually assaulting four teammates with a broom during a hazing incident have been released on bond.

The Damascus High School athletes, whom NBC News is not identifying, were each charged with one count of first-degree rape, three counts of attempted rape and one count of conspiracy to commit rape, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said.

Each of the students was released Tuesday on $20,000 bond, according to court records.  They are not allowed on the premises of Damascus High School, and they are not allowed to contact one another, McCarthy said.

A fifth teammate is accused of participating in at least one of the attacks and being charged as a juvenile but is also identified as one of four victims, charging documents show.

One of the alleged victims told police that the suspects held him down, pulled his pants down and poked his buttocks with a broomstick before “the broomstick was inserted into his anus a few inches,” prosecutors said.

Two of the victims said they were violently attacked, but were able to fight off the assailants before they “got the broom,” prosecutors said.

Another victim said a broomstick, which he described as a wooden handle with a “cut on the tip of it” said he was “stabbed” on the buttocks with the broomstick. When that victim tried to fight the attack, the suspects told him it was “tradition,” he told police.

When interviewed by investigators, one of the suspects said the broom “started from generations ago,” according to prosecutors, who said freshmen were the ones targeted.

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said citing tradition is not a defense.

“I’m offended by the term hazing.  It’s not hazing, these are crimes, and I would caution anyone to refer to this as hazing.  These boys were victims of criminal acts,” McCarthy said.  “They were not victims of hazing, they were victims of first-degree rapes.”

The alleged rapes and attempted rapes happened on Oct. 31, according to the court documents.  Damascus High School’s principal reported the possible assaults to police on Nov. 1.

Montgomery County Public School District Superintendent Jack Smith said in a statement that the district is cooperating with police and providing support for Damascus High School students.

“Our thoughts are with the students, staff and all who have been affected,” Smith said.

Remember Bullying Programs Were Unsuccessful

Texas school shooter’s father suspects Bullying caused him to snap

When Bullying school programs began, I made the statement that these would never be successful, because they all addressed Child on Child Bullying only.  In all my years experience, serious Bullying always involved at least one adult, and most times, it involved multiple adults, with at least one or more being teachers or coaches.
Robert StrongBow

A 17-year-old student accused of fatally shooting 10 people at a Texas high school should be seen as a “victim” because he may have recently been bullied, causing him to lash out, his father said.

In a phone interview over the weekend with Greece’s Antenna TV, Antonios Pagourtzis said he wished he could have stopped the killing Friday at Santa Fe High School.  His voice cracked as he described how he told police to let him inside the school so his son, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, could kill him instead.  He said he suspects his son was under pressure, perhaps due to bullying.

“Something must have happened now, this last week,” he told the station.  “Somebody probably came and hurt him, and since he was a solid boy, I don’t know what could have happened.  I can’t say what happened.  All I can say is what I suspect as a father.”

The suspect’s attorney, Nicholas Poehl, has said he is investigating whether his client endured any “teacher-on-student” bullying after reading reports of the teen being mistreated by football coaches.  The school district issued a statement saying it investigated the accusations and “confirmed that these reports were untrue.”

The elder Pagourtzis said his son took a legally owned shotgun and handgun from his closet before leaving for school that day.  The teen didn’t own firearms of his own, he said.

“My son, to me, is not a criminal, he’s a victim,” he said.  “The kid didn’t own guns, I owned guns.”

Dimitrios Pagourtzis is being held in the Galveston County jail on capital murder charges. Authorities say eight students and two teachers were killed in the attack, and 13 others wounded.

Antonios Pagourtzis said his son never displayed any signs that he would be capable of such violence, explaining that he didn’t fight with others, didn’t drink alcohol and seemed to enjoy healthy pursuits such as working out.

“He pulled the trigger but he is not this person,” he said.  “It is like we see in the movies when someone gets into his body and does things that are not done.  It’s not possible in one day for the child to have changed so much.”

He said that after the teen had been taken into custody, he and his wife were allowed to visit him for 15-20 minutes.

“I saw the child.  I didn’t see a child who is a murderer.  A pure child, a child who was ashamed to look me in the face,” his father said.  “He was thinking of his sisters, how his sisters will be able to get about.  He said he loves me, he told his mother he loves her and he will try to be strong to help us cope.”

He said his son had told him he had acted on his own, and had spared “the kids who were the good kids so they can tell his story.”

Total Cost: 1 Role Model and 1 No-Class Thug

.jpg photo of statue at Euless Texas Police Headquarters
A teddy bear was placed on the statue in front of the Euless Police Headquarters

Honor, Truth, Respect, Duty, and RESPONSIBILITY For One’s Own Actions

I heard my name called, and I knew the voice very well.  I dropped what I was doing and as I stepped into the room, I said “Yes Sir”.

My Step-Father said “you are going to want to see this”.  As I almost fell into my recliner, my heart hit the floor before I made contact with the soft cushion,

Another Law Enforcement Officer Ambushed, and in Euless Texas no less.  That was only about 25 miles away.

Right here is where I tell you that you have the right to take offense to this, just as I have the right to say my piece….  FINALLY.

This no-class, gutless , disrespectful, piece of crap never had any HONOR, much less CLASS.  His whole Family was scared of this wimp.  I don’t even want to know what all they had put up with.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I found myself wondering if he was affiliated with anyone, because if he was, his actions  were very damaging to the group.

This “gangsta” mindset is so typical among the young people now.  They see adults all around them with no thought ever of taking responsibility for their actions, instead, criminal activity is ignored along with no respect for law and order, while sniveling about racism is common-place.

There is  no disparity in education, you have to WANT to learn, just like you have to WANT to do a job right, the very best you can.  It has never been a secret that the top 3 people with the highest grades in their field gets their pick of the best jobs when they come out of college.  At least until Affirmative Action started, and this Disparity In Education is just more of it

In fact, this heart-breaking case is proof of what I am saying:
Officer David Hofer not only cared deeply about his fellow-man, but everything he did, he put forth his BEST EFFORT, as  is seen here.

“David truly enjoyed helping people and led with a servant’s heart…”

“If you had the fortunate opportunity to meet him, you would have found him to be a very warm and cheerful individual who would go out of his way to help anyone…”

But just as the mass of nay sayers, this 22-year-old man can’t even complete his job without having a meth smoke-break, at which time Officer Hofer drives right to the park.

Why couldn’t this young man just accept responsibility for his actions.

Our Children are the future of this world, and they all deserve the chance to make this world a better place;  but they have to be taught from birth the basic qualities it takes to become a future citizen.

Please remember one very important thing, LOVE can not be taught.

A Very Powerful Message

.jpg photo of words, Don' t Bully, Be A Friend
Bullying is wrong, and never forgotten.

Stop Bullying

I want to say Thank You to Our Friends at Ark of Hope for Children for showing us this very powerful #StopBullying video “The Silent Word“.

Are you being Bullyed?  Do you need help?  Visit @RemovingChains on Twitter or http://removingchains.org/

My Role Model

.jpg photo of Charity poster
Giving Tuesday


It’s the Holiday Season with Christmas just around the corner.  This time of year is a time for giving Thanks for what we have , and for what we have been given.

It’s the Holiday Season with Christmas just around the corner. This time of year is a very special time of the year for Children.

Here at NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! we are very outspoken about who Our Friends are, and for good reason.  A Friend is there for you through thick and thin, good times and bad times, glad times and sad times….

The only reason we are here is for the Children of this world.  But if not for someone who loves and cares for every Child on this earth, we would not be where we are today.  Mr. Corbett, Founder of Ark of Hope for Children, reached out and offered guidance, advise, and counseling, and has continued to do so to this day.

December 1, 2015, Giving Tuesday has become biggest giving day of the year, following on the heels of the successes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 100% of Giving Tuesday is to support charity.

Ark of Hope for Children
“Breaking the chains of abuse for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying to lead them into lives filled with faith, hope and love.”

Ark of Hope for Children , brings care and awareness for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying. We are a human rights organization with programs that provide care for, and awareness of, survivors without discrimination of any kind. As a Christian based nonprofit we focus on unconditional love and transformation to help victims become empowered survivors.
As a 501(c)(3) organization all donations are fully tax-deductible #59-3585457
Ark of Hope for Children, High Springs, FL, US hope@arkofhopeforchildren.org

Giving Tuesday via PayPal

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Giving Tuesday via PayPal

Make history this #GivingTuesday! Donate via PayPal to #ArkofHope and help break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for most money raised online for charity in 24 hours! Give through http://bit.ly/1lUJWPu and PayPal will add 1%.

Giving Tuesday via YouCaring

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Giving Tuesday via YouCaring

December 1, 2015. YouCaring is global using PayPal for payment processing.

Giving Tuesday via Generosity

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Giving Tuesday via Generosity

December 1, 2015. Generosity uses IndieGogo for payment processing.

Now through New Year’s Day via eBay

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Favorite Us Now through New Year’s Day via eBay

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