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Criminalizing commercial sex work and branding ‘trafficking’ as the same thing raises the stakes for victims

It is the time of season to remember those who have not.

To remember the Good who wish only Good for others.

Our Children are not properly protected by the laws in Our Country, isn’t roughly 7,000 years long enough to make this world safe for Our Children????

It is time for those who truly care to join with us and stand together, THE TIME FOR COUNTING IS NOW!!!!


Criminalizing commercial sex work and branding ‘trafficking’ as the same thing raises the stakes for victims

In the United States, any person under the age of 18 whether a girl or boy with any assistance from a third party, is by definition a ‘trafficked victim’, whether they consent or initiate contact on their own accord.

According to Professor Marcus, attempting to criminalize all commercial sex work and/or conflate the term with “trafficking” actually aggravates the situation for children who are commercially sexually exploited. A better solution, he says, is to normalize sex work:

“This notion of ‘child sex trafficking’ has a dependency to make the stakes so high that people have trouble talking about their experiences. Most young people we met wouldn’t go to social service agencies to get help because social services records were tied to child sex trafficking and no one wants their ‘support network’ such as your…

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Museum Worker Stops 2-Year-Olds Abduction

Good Samaritan
Sharon Wise stopped Childs Abduction

Woman Stops Abduction of Young Girl

An employee at the Maine State Museum said her instincts kicked in when she saw an alleged attempted abduction.

Sharon Wise, 65, was at the museum reception desk on Tuesday when she saw a man run over to a 2-year-old girl and start to pull her by her wrist, according to ABC News affiliate WMTW-TV in Augusta, Maine. Wise said it all happened while the little girl’s grandmother was hanging up their coats.

“He grabbed a hold of the little girl and grabbed a hold of her wrist and he starts pulling her,” Wise told WMTW-TV. “At that point, instinctively I bent over and hovered over the child. I kept saying in a very low voice, leave her alone.”

Wise said the man did not leave the girl alone but instead kept pulling her. That’s when Wise, acting on instinct, managed to get between the man and the young girl, according to WMTW-TV. “I looked him right in the eye and I was really close to him and I said, ‘Let go of her now,’ and he waited for a minute, looked me right in the eye and he dropped her hand and left,” she said.

Minutes after he left, the man identified as James Cavallaro was arrested by police in the museum parking lot. “When he grabbed her, she [Wise] went right over and told him to let go and wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Chief Russell Gauvin of the Bureau of Capitol Police told The Associated Press. Cavallaro was charged with assault and held at the Kennebec County Jail.

Cronyism and Pedophiles



Why the coverup in America, or better still, WHY HAS THE WORLD IGNORED AND EVEN COVERED UP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE SINCE VERY NEARLY THE BEGINNING????  If all the facts and statistics which have been recorded were to be graphed on a year-to-year basis, then the mental and physical implications of Child Physical and Sexual Abuse considered, what conclusions could be drawn from this????

Let me put this in a way that everybody will understand what I am TRYING TO UNDERSTAND;  which came first, the chicken or the egg.  A very large percentage of people in prison have been a victim of some type of Child Abuse.  A very large percentage of people who use drugs and alcohol have been abused as a Child. 

Then why are people saying video games are what happened to America and the World????  Why did people say drugs are what ruined….  Why did they say LONG HAIR ruined….  OR The Beatles….  OR Was it Elvis????

The Drug War????  Why Not THE WAR ON CHILD ABUSE!!!!

Pedophiles deserve to be in prison

Alan Fountain 3:54 PM December 18, 2014

You are so right I spent 25 years forced to keep the secret as forces around this issue keep victims in the secret trap. My hometown listed in several books as the “Best 100 Small Towns in America to Live” of course a PR campaign to get in the book. You have no Idea of all the forces from inside the GA state Legislature attempting to silence me by alienation from the Legislative process to protect the cronyism Legislator members versus someone standing out and saying enough is enough. My hometown covered up a predator murdering his victim and this town is using all its powers to prevent those skeletons from surfacing as the same politicians that covered and most likely knew of my predator covered for their predator friend. These are separate cases.

When I returned from my life in California at the recommendations of my therapist to get closure because what was making me sick was covering up for everyone who was dishonorable and more comfortable in denial. I outlined the process before I started working on the NEW LAW and I am getting beat up in this process to prevent my story from getting in Media. It spreads from States Attorney down the chain. It’s the good ole boy network covering for their own even unsure if they fully know they are protecting predator enablers if not a full pedophile haven.

It was getting so complex that I made an outline of the national aspect until this week I got sent news post of what happened with a grand jury sealed record of powerful predators in the community that I had no knowledge as I was in California. This grand Jury sealed records supposedly has all the skeletons so it seems they are attempting to deny me access to justice as an advocate attempting to speak up for voiceless kids. The state of GA seems to be corruptly twice victimizing my honorable healing path to get closure to protect predator behaviors. I have no intention of caving to intimidation now that after 2 years I see the local, state and national problem and a path to make a major path in the solution of this Pandemic.

This has been a spiritual mission and I know that power is stronger than evil. I can hardly believe what I have learned along this journey. If I don’t see justice I will forever be changed. I can’t believe that after what I have been through that same spiritual guide would all of a sudden leave me before I’m done. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who care to bring awareness. This needs to be updated since my posts on DA cover up and assisting predator teacher get parole. But here is Link:


Thank you to NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! for your work! GREAT TO KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE! 

Drummer Molests 3-year-old

Peter Ivan McNeal

Former Cake Drummer Peter McNeal Sentenced to Prison for Child Molestation

Former Cake drummer Peter Ivan McNeal, 48, has been sentenced to prison after being found guilty of molesting a three-year-old girl. The incident, which occurred at a 2009 Thanksgiving celebration where McNeal was a guest, has landed the drummer 15 years to life behind bars.

This is not the first time McNeal has faced legal action for a sexual offense. In 2012, the former Cake member was charged with child sex abuse and released on $250,000 bail after attempting to molest a six-year-old girl while volunteering at a Los Angeles school. McNeal was given three years probation. The incident took place only two weeks after the Thanksgiving molestation.

McNeal’s first child molestation trial concerning the three-year-old victim was declared a mistrial, but during the drummer’s retrial, he was found guilty of one felony count of oral copulation and sexual penetration with the three-year-old back in 2013. Along with his prison time, McNeal will be listed as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Peter McNeal performed with Cake from 2001-2004, though he did not appear on any of the band’s studio albums. Cake is best known for their ’90s alt-rock hits ‘The Distance’ and ‘Never There.’

Female Teacher Faces Rape Charges

Former Utah teacher faces another rape charge as prosecutors find third victim

Brianne Land Altice, 35, is now charged with five counts of rape after a third victim described sexual encounters with the former teacher at Davis High School. She is already accused of raping two other young students in 2013.

Another teen has spoken out against an ex-Utah teacher accused of raping students at Davis High School.

Prosecutors discovered a third victim of Brianne Land Altice, the 35-year-old English teacher who allegedly seduced a 16 and 17-year-old boy for several months in 2013, landing her a fifth count of rape, according to the desert News.

Altice’s trial, initially set for September, had already been delayed due to a second victim who surfaced.

She was arrested by Layton police in October 2013 after a friend of the first victim reported his alleged sexual exploits that spanned half a year with Altice to authorities.

The victim claimed to have flirted with Altice while volunteering as a teacher’s assistant until she gave into sex, but he later felt guilty. Their encounters included the teacher’s home, a park and a church parking lot.

Her time with the 16-year-old victim overlapped encounters with a second victim that lasted from April to June 2013.

The third victim believes the rapes happened in either August or September, according to the Standard-Examiner.

Altice’s charges now include five counts of rape, two counts of forcible sodomy and three counts of forcible sexual abuse. Her next hearing for the latest charges is scheduled for Jan. 15.