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Devon’s 3 Steps to Parenting a Needy Toddler

Devon’s 3 Steps to Parenting a Needy Toddler.

Our Circle will be surprised that their Editor isn’t fast asleep at this hour, but little did any of you know that we decided another drive on Facebook might provide more than LIKES and FOLLOWS.

I am very excited and happy to report not only sighting a young couple that are parents, but also sharing a post with you from their site.  They are Devon and Phoebe, and Arthur is their toddler.  I know you will enjoy this post, and I am looking forward to reading more later today.  Meanwhile, here is their blog URL, Good Night.


Communication and Quality Time

How to Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

A new Friend I met here on WordPress made the statement “You are always mentioning Your Circle, what is it, like a game or an activity?”  It’s not Your Circle, it ‘s a group of people on Google who were friends when I joined, and they more or less took me in and adopted me. Most of the original Circle are Veterans, working people, and Cowboys. I’m not saying Cowboys aren’t working people; they know what I mean, but being a farm boy, me and Little Brother always leaned toward Cowboying.

But as I was saying, these people are REAL People, with REAL Values, who LOVE this Country. As we got closer the idea of the original Page was talked over, and a Lady that means a whole lot to me now, J.L. who happens to be a Veteran, is a major reason this Website became a reality. Between me and J. L. the name “Our Circle” came about.

The Lady whose videos I share on here, who just happens to be a member of Our Circle, mentioned that we should share some things to help parents.  I believe it is the responsibility of every parent to teach their Children from birth, who Our GOD is, Love, Honor, Truth, Respect, and Duty.  Children need to be prepared to be Good Citizens,and this begins at birth.  COMMUNICATION and QUALITY TIME go hand in hand.  With that thought in mind, I want to share something Caroline, another member of Our Circle shared with us; so get the Young-Ones together with some warm hot chocolate and marshmallows, and watch this.

Published on Mar 29, 2014

The term entrepreneur implies qualities of leadership, initiative and innovation, And Entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture.

Entrepreneurship may result in new organizations or revitalize organizations in response to a perceived business opportunity. A new business started by an entrepreneur is referred to as a start-up company.

This animation introduces the learner to the roles and functions of entrepreneurs.

It teaches learners about:

  1. Characteristics of entrepreneur
  2. Entrepreneurial competencies
  3. Process of entrepreneurship development
  4. Essential qualities of entrepreneurs.