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My Worst Nightmare

Hopefully this will help someone out there..

A couple of years ago we were at Walmart, and as usual I had to go easy when I got near the isle with bleach, Fabuloso, and cleaning supplys, because of the chemical spills known for Walmart.I wasn’t quiet there yet, when it hit me like a bomb.

I moved as quick as possible, considering I could barely breathe already… wouldn’t you know the closer to the front I got, the more and more people blocked my way… I wasn’t going to make it out of the store.

About that time I spotted the ice cream and frozen food isle, and headed to the first or 2nd door on my right, opened the door to the frozen ice cream, stuck my head in, and pulled the door agaiinst my chest.  (Later I learned that I was a very BLESSED Man, due to the refrigerants used now to cool these big long freezers.

I am unsure how long I crouched there on my knees, but my lungs stopped shutting down(little did I know then, but my lungs were filling with liquid, and later I will tell you what that liquid looks like when you finally start clearing it..)

Just then, a couple of Balch Springs Firemen were at my side, with very concerned looks on their faces.  I explained what I was doing as well as possible, and they told me they would get me out of the store.

I was already breathing better as we headed for the front quicky, and I saw my StepDad coming behind us.  As they got me to the front doors and set me down, I heard my StepDad babbling “I told him, I told him, I told him he needed to see a Doctor”, while they were making sure I was comfortable and breathing better. and suddenly one of the Firemen, already very agitated, said “this man knows what he is allergic to, and what to do when he realizes he is near the allergins, a Doctor can do him no good, the medications available to stop this could very well kill him at his age”.

TO BE CONTINUED… My Worst Nightmare…