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Woman attacks 10-year-old with hammer

Elderly Woman Attacked Girl, 10, With Hammer

An elderly Miami woman is facing an aggravated child abuse charge after police say she attacked a 10-year-old girl with a hammer.

Elderly Lady attacked Little Girl
Iona Aiken

Iona Aiken, 79, was arrested Monday afternoon following the attack at a home at 14145 Madison Street, according to a Miami-Dade police arrest report. Aiken was being held on $15,000 bond Tuesday, jail records showed. It was unknown whether she had an attorney.

According to the report, Aiken lives with the 10-year-old girl and another person as a family. As the girl was listening to headphones and playing with a tablet, Aiken “without warning and for unknown reasons” started hitting her with the hammer, the report said.
The victim said Aiken struck her four times on the head and once on the shoulder, causing a laceration and a concussion, the report said.

The girl and her mother then ran to the home of a neighbor who helped the girl stop the bleeding from her head.

“I’m the one that stopped the bleeding from the little girl,” said the neighbor, Dora Anderson. “She’s sitting in the chair, and I just held it there until the police came. “I’m surprised at this because I knew she had been sick because she took care of me when I was sick,” she said. “I was very sick, I couldn’t walk and she took me to go shopping and to the doctor, but I didn’t know she was this sick.”

The child was taken to Baptist Hospital for treatment. Officers took Aiken into custody.

Physical Abuse of 7-month-old????

Marine couple charged for alleged abuse of infant boy

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY – A 7-month-old boy suffered a broken rib, bleeding in the lungs, and injuries to his tongue and eyes, and arrest warrants state his mother, a U.S. Marine, is to blame. A man, also a Marine, was arrested in the case as well.

Marine Abuses Baby
Delaney Welch&-month-old Baby physically Abused

Delaney Welch, 20, and David Alvarez, 25, were arrested on January first at their home in Jacksonville.

Arrest warrants say Welch assaulted and inflicted serious bodily injury on the child that caused a broken rib and bleeding lungs. Warrants state the boy also had a cut to the underside of his tongue, a burst blood vessel in his eye, and bruising. Arrest warrants for Alvarez say he knowingly caused, encouraged and aided the infant to be abused and neglected. The alleged abuse happened from July through September of 2014. The warrants don’t say where the abuse happened, but the couple’s address is listed as the Brynn Marr Village Apartments in Jacksonville.

There is no word where the infant is now.

Cathy Gneiting is a doctor and counselor. She says even a 7 month old baby can have night terrors after experiencing serious abuse. “I would be more concerned about night terrors, help the baby to feel safe, calm, relaxed, in a safe environment,” said Gneiting. She says there can be contributors that lead to abuse, but the main reason people abuse is stress. “A lot of times people will look at the military as such a stressful situation that you’re abusing your children, and that’s not necessarily true. People are abusing their children because they don’t know how to deal with stress,” said Gneiting.

Both Welch and Alvarez were served warrants and arrested around 5 p.m. on New Year’s Day by Onslow County Sheriff’s deputies. Both were released to the U.S. Marines shortly after being arrested. Welch appeared in Onslow County District Court Friday morning for her first appearance. She is charged with felony Assault Causing Bodily Injury and felony Intentional Child Abuse.

Alvarez is charged with misdemeanor Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile. Our reporter spoke to Alvarez on Friday. When asked if he could talk about what happened, Alvarez replied he should probably not say anything.

Criminalizing commercial sex work and branding ‘trafficking’ as the same thing raises the stakes for victims

It is the time of season to remember those who have not.

To remember the Good who wish only Good for others.

Our Children are not properly protected by the laws in Our Country, isn’t roughly 7,000 years long enough to make this world safe for Our Children????

It is time for those who truly care to join with us and stand together, THE TIME FOR COUNTING IS NOW!!!!


Criminalizing commercial sex work and branding ‘trafficking’ as the same thing raises the stakes for victims

In the United States, any person under the age of 18 whether a girl or boy with any assistance from a third party, is by definition a ‘trafficked victim’, whether they consent or initiate contact on their own accord.

According to Professor Marcus, attempting to criminalize all commercial sex work and/or conflate the term with “trafficking” actually aggravates the situation for children who are commercially sexually exploited. A better solution, he says, is to normalize sex work:

“This notion of ‘child sex trafficking’ has a dependency to make the stakes so high that people have trouble talking about their experiences. Most young people we met wouldn’t go to social service agencies to get help because social services records were tied to child sex trafficking and no one wants their ‘support network’ such as your…

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Museum Worker Stops 2-Year-Olds Abduction

Good Samaritan
Sharon Wise stopped Childs Abduction

Woman Stops Abduction of Young Girl

An employee at the Maine State Museum said her instincts kicked in when she saw an alleged attempted abduction.

Sharon Wise, 65, was at the museum reception desk on Tuesday when she saw a man run over to a 2-year-old girl and start to pull her by her wrist, according to ABC News affiliate WMTW-TV in Augusta, Maine. Wise said it all happened while the little girl’s grandmother was hanging up their coats.

“He grabbed a hold of the little girl and grabbed a hold of her wrist and he starts pulling her,” Wise told WMTW-TV. “At that point, instinctively I bent over and hovered over the child. I kept saying in a very low voice, leave her alone.”

Wise said the man did not leave the girl alone but instead kept pulling her. That’s when Wise, acting on instinct, managed to get between the man and the young girl, according to WMTW-TV. “I looked him right in the eye and I was really close to him and I said, ‘Let go of her now,’ and he waited for a minute, looked me right in the eye and he dropped her hand and left,” she said.

Minutes after he left, the man identified as James Cavallaro was arrested by police in the museum parking lot. “When he grabbed her, she [Wise] went right over and told him to let go and wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Chief Russell Gauvin of the Bureau of Capitol Police told The Associated Press. Cavallaro was charged with assault and held at the Kennebec County Jail.

Daydreaming and WordPress BBQ

Free  Food
Free Treat BBQ from WordPress and Automattic

WordPress, Does this look familiar????

I knew nothing about a page of this type for Google, it was like Mandarin Chinese early in August when I looked it over, so I didn’t want to admit that this looked doubtful even in daydreaming stage.

That’s when I remembered Lewis and his blog, so I came looking for a Childhood Friend with a blog.  I didn’t find my old buddy, but WordPress did something few people ever have, except for a group of mostly Veterans on Google+, they was nice to me.  None of my friends ever heard this part WordPress, BUT, they did hear about the idiot in the forum.  A lot of these friends are a lot like me in some ways, and someone whose mommie bought them the superman model computer, complete with cape, utility belt, and decoder ring, might just forget he wasn’t superman one day and talk down to a real Popeye the Sailor.  So you get the idea.

Thank You WordPress for that first day, I figured you might tell superman that it’s your fault for him not running me off.