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TX Child Suffers Violent Assault At DayCare

.jpg photo of employee accused of Child Abuse at Daycare
Tracy Ludwig

North Texas Daycare Worker Charged
With Child Abuse

HASLET, TX (CBSDFW.COM)  –  A North Texas daycare worker faces a felony child abuse charge for a violent assault caught on video.

Those who run the Little Country Daycare and Preschool in Haslet are not talking about the arrest of employee, Tracy Ludwig.

They did say they were cooperating with authorities but could not comment any further.

The alleged abuse came to light when a 4-year-old’s mother demanded to see security video because no one could explain how he got serious facial injuries.

In the video an adult straddles a small boy on the floor and repeatedly slaps and pinches him.

Kindsie Andreason, the child’s mother, obtained the video of her son being assaulted inside the Little County Daycare and Preschool.

It was recorded on November 6 when he came home with welts and bruises that she was told were caused by him acting up.

Authorities investigated and arrested Ludwig for felony child abuse.

Andreason says she can only wonder if her son was assaulted more than once in his two years at the school before she removed him.

“Whenever we were watching the video outrage just went over me, I mean just to see your son being beat by a teacher that you pay to care for your kid while you’re at work.  It makes me sick,” said Andreason.

Andreason says she likely would’ve never known about the abuse if not for a teacher who alerted her.

She believes the daycare management tried to conceal what happened and that’s why she posted the video on social media and plans to sue the daycare.

This is not the first complaint about inappropriate discipline at Little Country Daycare and Preschool.  The CBS 11 I-Team found the center was issued four violations earlier this year.  Two of the violations were even considered “high risk.”

The violations stem from an incident in May when an employee force-fed a child, according to an inspection report provided by Texas Health and Human Services.

The report states after the child vomited, the employee yelled for the child to leave the room, then tossed a towel to the child to clean up the mess.

While staff informed the child’s parents about the incident, Little Country did not tell the state.  The lack of oversight resulted in a third violation.

A fourth violation was issued over missing paperwork.

State inspectors gave the daycare a week and a half to fix the issues.

A second report acknowledges Little Country complied with changes. Administrators acknowledged that children can’t be forced to eat and employees interacted with kids in a “positive manner,” according to an inspection report.

In Texas, licensed childcare facilities must be inspected at least once a year by The Department of Health and Human Services.

Information about these centers is posted online.

If centers face violations, they must also face more inspections.

Since 2015, Little Country has faced nine inspections.

A state database indicates the daycare was issued three violations in 2015 over record-keeping issues.

A look at a pair of inspection reports HERE

Every State Should Have Sophies Law

.jpg photo of child abused by babysitter
Sophie was abused by her babysitter at just four months old.

NKY mom ‘heartbroken’ by 3-year-old’s case pushes for child abuse registry

BELLEVUE, KY  –  A Northern Kentucky mother said cases like her daughter’s, and a case from last week in Butler County, are the reason she’s fighting to create a child abuse registry in Kentucky.

The new 2018 bill has been dubbed ‘Sophie and Kylie Jo’s Law’

She said her daughter was abused by her babysitter at just four months old.

Jennifer Diaz said her heart is broken for the family of Hannah Wesche.

Sheriff: 3-year-old ‘hanging on by a thread;’ babysitter charged with abuse

She worked with lawmakers in Kentucky last year to help create a child abuse registry, but the bill died.

Now, she is working with them again and hopes a new bill could make it a reality.

“Society needs to know who these horrible human beings are,” Diaz said.

Jennifer and her daughter, Sophie, have been sharing a story of abuse for years, hoping to save young ones from being hurt by someone they trust.

“We were fortunate that, you know, we’re survivors.  My child is a survivor,” Diaz said.

Sophie is in preschool these days, but she was four months old when her babysitter, Desiree Rankin, abused her, sending her to the hospital.

Rankin was convicted and sentenced in the case.

Jennifer said her heart broke when she saw 3-year-old Hannah’s story.

Investigators said Wesche was abused in Butler County on Thursday, to the point she isn’t expected to survive.

She’s currently in intensive care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and her family says she is brain dead.

Hannah’s babysitter, Lindsay Partin, was arrested but is out of jail.

Jennifer said she prays for Hannah’s family.

“You fight, you fight and get that justice that child deserves and just keep fighting,” Diaz said.

Diaz and her daughter are fighting too, to stop babysitters who’ve been convicted in similar crimes from ever doing it again.

Last year, Diaz worked with lawmakers in Kentucky to help create a child abuser registry.

She testified in Frankfort, but the 2017 bill died.

Now, she’s working with lawmakers in the 2018 session.

She testified just last week, with Sophie by her side.

“I’ll go 100 times if I have to, you know, whatever it takes to pass this law, it’s going to get passed,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer said the registry would operate much like the sex offender registry, with information online.

She said there are some big hurdles ahead, including figuring out ways to pay for the registry everyone can agree on.

The new bill has been dubbed “Sophie and Kylie Jo’s Law,” in honor of the two girls who were abused by their babysitters.

It has now been referred to the House Rules Committee.

Two NC Daycare Workers Charged with Child Abuse

.jpg photo of daycare worker accused of child abuse
Mary Neal Winchester, 55

Another Daycare Worker Charged With
Child Abuse in Rockingham Co.

WENTWORTH, NC  –  A second daycare worker is facing child abuse charges in Rockingham County.

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office confirms Mary Neal Winchester, 55, has been arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor Child Abuse.

The charges stem from an ongoing investigation into abuse at Lil’ Daydreamers Child Development Center in Reidsville.

The warrant for her arrest accuses her of “grabbing the child by one of the child’s arms and slinging her up against a cabinet and then picking her up and dropping her violently on the floor.”

Winchester was placed in the Rockingham County Detention Facility under a $10,000 secured bond.

Earlier this month (Feb. 15) detectives charged Nekeisha Latwanna Walton, 39, with two counts of misdemeanor Child Abuse.

The warrant for Walton’s arrest accuse her of “forcefully grabbing the child by the arm, jerking her, and then pushing her over.”

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has also been involved in this investigation.  A spokesperson says it is aware of the allegations and is considering next steps.

Winchester and Walton were both employees of the Lil’ Daydreamers Child Development Center at the time the alleged abuse occurred.  Attempts to reach the daycare’s owner for unsuccessful.

WFMY News 2 reached out to the Pastor of Noah’s Ark Full Gospel Baptist Church, where the daycare is located, but our call wasn’t returned.

OK Daycare Worker Accused Of Felony Child Abuse

.jpg photo of Daycare worker arrested for Child Abuse
Shannon Smith, 25

Metro daycare worker arrested for Child Abuse

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK  –  A metro daycare worker was arrested on Thursday after allegedly breaking the arm of a 5-month-old baby boy.

The alleged abuse happened on February 20 at Childcare Network at 14300 N. Western.

The abuse was discovered by the baby’s mother who noticed his forearm was swollen.

“I took his hoodie off, and he screamed in so much pain, and I was like why, and I looked at his arm and it was noticeably swollen,” said Nicole Browning.

She took her son, Airick Browning, to Mercy Hospital where they x-rayed his arm and discovered two different fractures.

“I honestly started crying, because I was so angry.  Like, he was 4 months old when it happened, and that’s pretty traumatic for a 4-month-old,” Nicole said.  “It really broke my heart, because I’m a new mom and I just don’t even, I don’t even have words to explain how it felt.”

According to court documents, the worker is seen on surveillance video “removing A.B. from a bouncy seat by grabbing his right arm only and pulling him up to her in a forceful manner.”

Then, while attempting to feed him, she continued “to move him around in her lap in a forceful manner.”

Shannon Smith, 25, was arrested on Thursday for child abuse, which is a felony.

“I was a little bit shocked.  I’ve never noticed anything that would make me worry about the safety of my child here,” said Matthew Long, whose child also attends Childcare Network.

Long said the arrest won’t necessarily cause him to change daycares, but he said he’ll be watching more closely.

“And, I’d like to think that, if the allegations and such are well-founded and all that, you know, appropriate justice will be meted out by the police, and such and the courts and that, you know, of course, I’m sure that’ll make the institution make a harder look at their hiring practice and monitoring their staff,” Long said.

DHS tells us they are conducting their own investigation but Childcare Network has a good compliance record with the state.

“I want all the parents to know about this place, that they’re not watching their employees like they need to know, and I don’t even think this place should be open anymore truthfully,” Nicole said.

We attempted to get in touch with Smith but were unsuccessful.

Childcare Network sent us this statement:

“We are very protective of the safety and well being of our children and are saddened to know that a member of our staff would ever handle a child in a rough manner.  Early investigations indicate that this teacher attempted to pull the child up from a bouncy seat toward her by one arm.  This is not a safe or appropriate way of lifting a child and resulted in a fracture.  The teacher’s actions clearly violated our policies, our mission, and our beliefs.  She was terminated immediately and we reported the matter to the appropriate authorities.  We continue to cooperate with their ongoing investigation.

Childcare Network has proudly served families in the Oklahoma City area for more than 5 years.  We have worked hard to gain the highest ratings and the trust of our parents.  Our staff are highly qualified and our experienced management team is quality focused. We have so many great, educated, and loving teachers that have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of children and families.  The actions of one individual are not representative of our team, our school or our company.”

Missouri Day-Care Provider Charged With Child Abuse

.jpg photo of unlicensed daycare operator
Rachel Slawson, 34

Day-care provider, a suspect in past Child Abuse, charged in 2nd case

SPRINGFIELD, MO  –  An unlicensed day-care provider was charged Monday with two felony counts of child abuse.

One charge stems from a 2013 incident in which a 5-month-old suffered a skull fracture.  Three years later, before being charged in the 2013 incident, the woman allegedly hurt another baby, causing a skull fracture and brain bleed.

Rachel Slawson, 34, was arrested Monday afternoon and held in lieu of $25,000 bail.  According to the felony complaint, she is charged with the child abuse after police say a child left in her care suffered a head injury in September of 2013.  The News-Leader reported about that incident at the time, but police investigators did not send the case to the prosecutor until June of 2016.

In the meantime, Slawson moved her in-home day care facility out of city limits into the county and another child is suspected of being injured.  Slawson is charged with another count of child abuse after a doctor said a child in her care was likely shaken in July of 2016.

According to the probable cause statement in that case, Slawson had used her phone to search the internet for topics such as “how to stop stressing when a baby is crying,” “why do I get so mad when my baby cries,” “symptoms of infant concussion” and “shaken baby syndrome.”

Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson said Assistant Prosecutor Stephanie Wan had just begun reviewing the 2013 case when she learned of the July 2016 incident.

It is not yet clear why almost three years passed before Springfield police submitted a case to prosecutors.  A News-Leader request for comment from a police spokesperson was not immediately returned Tuesday.

Patterson did say that some of the evidence in the 2016 investigation helps show the 2013 incident was not an accident and that in some head injury cases, it can be difficult to determine who or what caused the injuries.

This is not the first time Slawson’s name has come across the prosecutor’s and investigators’ desks.  In June of 2013, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services sent a letter to the prosecutor’s office, detailing incidents in which Slawson reportedly had more than four unrelated children in her care, Missouri’s limit for unlicensed care providers.

According to that letter, a Springfield police officer observed 19 children in her care in June of 2013.  Later, a Missouri child care facility specialist conducted an unannounced inspection and found eight children.  In August of 2013, that same specialist conducted another unannounced follow-up inspection and found seven children, six of which were unrelated.

Patterson said no charges were filed against Slawson for having too many children at her day care because she came into compliance by reducing the number of children.

According to sheriff’s office records, Slawson was also investigated for child neglect in 2007 and for child abuse in 2009.  In both cases, Children’s Division also investigated but it does not appear charges were filed.