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19 Ways Your Child Can Succeed in Any Academic Class

Silhouette of Happy Family
Happy Family

19 Ways Your Child Can Succeed in Any Academic Class.
by Janice Wald, Reflections, http://mycurrentnewsblog.com/

This is a very good article by Ms Wald, who is an important part of Our Circle. I believe this will be something the Parents in Our Circle will appreciate, since Ms Wald is not only a good parent, but a Teacher also.

Our Circle is now Our Community

No excuse for child abuseThe fact that so many of you have contacted us to see if we were well, is a very good feeling and touched us deeply.

The fact is, we have grown so quickly that no matter how hard we tried, we have fallen further and further behind.  The quick-fixes and for-now-improvements have served us well during our growing pains, but it was time to admit that Our Tent Cities served us well, even for a short time.

TENT CITIES????  For me personally, the term seems perfect as I remember the many hours of redefining objectives, which had been redefined sometimes the week before.  The same can be said from a staffing stand-point; for what still seems a dream to us, an unimagined dream that became reality, no matter how we juggled the work, a week or perhaps two later, the unimaginable happened again, and again.

Our Circle had begun 5 months ago, with about 20 friends.  For the first month, Our Circle grew slowly;  then, as I look back, it was as though Our Circle got sand kicked in Our faces one too many times, and decided to follow Charles Atlas Body Building.

We started growing, and the growth accelerated;  suddenly we wondered when Our Circle would be kicked off the playground for steroid use.  But we knew there would be no more sand kicked on us.

What this means in terms all of you can understand is, we are on Our third theme, which in my opinion is a professional theme, and fits Our Circle well.  There are 4 pages on Our site which need an overhaul, and at least 2 need a total makeover.

As I write this, there have several changes made in different areas the last 2 days.  Please be patient with Our Staff, and when this overhaul is complete, hopefully Our Circle will be a beautiful Town-size Circle, with possibly 1 or 2 new tent cities.

OK, let me revise that last statement, due to the fact that we have 150 LIKES and FOLLOWS on Facebook at this moment….

Our Friends on WordPress, G+, and FB

Going?  NO we are GROWING!

We want you all to know how much you mean to us, and I am not speaking of the Likes and Followers, although you are ALL a Blessing for us there also.

WordPress is not unlike a thriving city, each blogger is the business, surrounded by bigger and smaller businesses.

It takes every kind of business in a myriad of businesses to support a metropolis the size of WordPress.  The flower shops, the fashionable, the healthy, the athletic, and then us, the sewer.

You can only attempt to imagine what it is really like from our perspective.  I want you all to know that you are our only good view from where our shop is located.  GOD Bless You All

Pennsylvania Cares

Indifference toward Child Abuse
There is no excuse for Indifference toward Child Abuse

Changes to Pennsylvania child abuse laws take effect

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The new year brings a new effort to prevent child abuse in Pennsylvania. New laws take effect this week that are designed to protect children across the state. The new laws are the commonwealth’s response to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal at Penn State in 2011.

The measures look to improve child abuse prevention and detection.

First, lawmakers have redefined bodily abuse. It’s now legally characterized as causing substantial pain. Prior to the new law, it was constituted by severe pain and serious impairment.

Legislators are also now holding more people legally accountable for reporting suspicions of child abuse. Anyone who comes into contact with a child, or is directly responsible for their care and supervision, is considered a mandatory reporter. They must report the abuse to the state within 48 hours, or they could face legal repercussions.

The law has also stiffened penalties for those who fail to report suspected child abuse. A first offense for not reporting child abuse is now a third degree misdemeanor. It comes with a maximum sentence of one year behind bars.

Under the new law, some mandatory reporters are also now required to seek training and continuing education on detection and reporting procedures. Those programs will be offered through state licensing boards that govern them.

In addition, lawmakers have instituted employment discrimination protections for mandatory reporters who file a suspected child abuse case in good faith.

Implanted Memories of Sexual Abuse

Parents May Have Case Against ‘Hypnotherapist’

A couple may show that their daughter’s therapist used hypnosis to implant false memories of sexual abuse, a Michigan appeals court ruled.

In 2009, Lale and Joan Roberts had two daughters living with them at home: L, who is a person with Down Syndrome, and her older sister, K. After it was discovered that a friend of the family had engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with K, Lale and Joan Roberts sought help for K from a mental health professional. Eventually Lale and Joan Roberts hired Salmi to provide counseling to K, she began to see Salmi in July 2009. K was 17 years of age when she first started counseling with Salmi. K began to live with family friends at around the same time.

Shortly after Salmi began to counsel K, K purportedly remembered that her father had physically and sexually abused her since she was five years old. Salmi invited Lale and Joan Roberts to attend a group counsel ing session, which was held in July 2009. At the group counseling session, K allegedly confronted her father with what Lale and Joan Roberts maintain were false allegations of sexual abuse.

In September 2009, Salmi reported the allegations to the Department of Human services. Salmi provided the investigators with a handwritten note wherein she described the abuse that K “just remembered.” In the note Salmi stated that K told her that L was also abused at home. Thereafter, the Department of Human services and the Michigan State Police investigated the allegations.

The investigators found no physical evidence that L had been or was being physically or sexually abused. An investigator with the Department interviewed K and K’s allegations, as recorded by the investigator, were strikingly similar to that provided by Salmi in her note. An investigator also interviewed K’s older sister, who had not lived in the home for several years. She described her parents as fundamentalist Christians who hold strong beliefs and practice discipline that she felt was emotionally and physically abusive, but she nevertheless stated that she did not believe that her father would hurt L or K. She also stated that she never observed anything that could be characterized as sexual abuse in the home. The investigator ultimately determined that it was unnecessary to take any action. Police officers also investigated and reviewed K’s allegations, but no charges were brought against Lale or Joan Roberts.

The trial court held a hearing on the motion in January 2013, the trial court entered an order dismissing Lale and Joan Roberts’ claim later that same month. After the trial court eventually denied their motion for reconsideration in April 2013, Lale and Joan Roberts appealed in this Court.

Child sexual abuse is one of the most heinous offenses that a person can commit. And, for that reason, there is nothing more stigmatizing than being branded a child molester. “It takes very little imagination to recognize the damning horror that must ensue to a parent falsely accused of child molestation.”

A diagnosis does not by itself implicate any particular person as the perpetrator of the abuse. More over, a patient confronted with such a diagnosis and no memory of the abuse is less likely to act on the diagnosis to his or her parent’s detriment. In the absence of evidence that the professional contributed to or caused the formation of a false memory or otherwise encouraged the patient to falsely implicate his or her parents, the mere diagnosis of childhood sexual abuse as the underlying cause of a mental disorder does not result in a direct foreseeable harm to the patient’s parents.

The trial court erred when it determined that Salmi did not owe K’s parents a duty of care; Salmi had a limited duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that her treatment of K would not cause K to have false memories of childhood sexual abuse. Therefore, the trial court should not have dismissed Lale and Joan Roberts’ claim on that basis.

Reversed and remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. We do not retain jurisdiction. There being an important question of public policy, we order that the parties may not tax their costs.