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TX Day Care Owner Gets 30 Years

.jpg photo of sentencing of Child Abuser
ILiana Archuleta abused her adopted Children

Day care owner sentenced to 30 years in
heinous Child Abuse case

SAN ANTONIO, TX  –  A mother and owner of a northwest side day care was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday in a child abuse case stemming from 2012.

That year, Iliana Archuleta’s 8-year-old son was taken to a hospital after suffering a seizure.

Hospital staff reported signs of abuse to authorities, prompting a larger investigation.

That investigation revealed that Archuleta’s three adopted children, 10-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, and the 8-year-old boy, were malnourished.

Investigators interviewed the girl who told them she and her brothers were forced to sleep in a bathtub and were beaten.

According to an affidavit, the children were rarely allowed to eat, but were forced to eat a stick of butter if they misbehaved.

The children were also forced to bite each other when a sibling acted up and one of the children lost part of her left ear during a biting incident, according to investigators.

Archuleta apologized to the court Friday and admitted that she was neglectful but she believes the abuse and torture alleged by the prosecution was exaggerated.

“Thirty years is a lot.  Twenty years is a lot for something that, I feel, happened just when I wasn’t even noticing,” she told the judge.  “I was just in pain, running a business.”

Archuleta’s then-husband, Tim Archuleta, and brother-in-law Rogelio Archuleta were also arrested in connection to the child abuse case.

Tim Archuleta pleaded no contest in January to charges of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury by omission.

During Iliana Archuleta’s sentencing, the prosecution pointed out that her biological children were at a healthy weight, if not overweight, while bones could be seem protruding from her adopted children.

A Child Protective Services worker said Friday that 30 years in prison was not enough for Archuleta and that the Archuleta family received roughly $91,000 in state funding after adopting the three children who were the victims of abuse.

Another case worker testified Friday that the abused children are now in foster care and seem to be excelling in school. 

Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty

.jpg photo of Daycare worker found guilty
Sarah Jordan

Former Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty Of Child Abuse

MANASSAS, Virginia  –  A former Virginia day care worker was found guilty Wednesday of multiple charges of child abuse after she mistreated toddlers in ways including spraying water at scared children and encouraging them to fight.

Sarah Jordan was convicted of seven felony charges and six misdemeanour charges after prosecutors say she abused and neglected toddlers in her care at the Minnieland Academy Day Care Center in Woodbridge, Va.

The series of abuses, which happened over an eight-month period in 2013, traumatized what were mostly one and two-year-old children.

Parents spoke to after the verdict were overcome with tears of joy. Blake Buckner had a son that was placed under Jordan’s car and said he was forced to fight in what prosecutors described as a “baby fight club.”

“The teacher was making him the class bully made to fight.  It was hard to hold back tears, emotional, it was very deep,” Buckner said.

Social Services reported Jordan, along with then-fellow employee Kierra Spriggs, tortured kids who were afraid of water by spraying a hose in their faces on full blast, fed the children flaming hot Cheetos and called one girl ugly, among other incidents.

According to state documents, Jordan and Spriggs physically and emotionally abused the children for entertainment.

“It pissed me off.  She knows what she did.  Justice has prevailed,” Buckner said.

Jordan faced a total of 39 charges of abuse, including felony charges. She was denied bond after the verdict.

Jordan faces a maximum of 41 years in prison when she is sentenced in May.

Spriggs is accused of similar mistreatment.  She is a scheduled 3-week jury trial in February.

At least 8 parents have hired attorney James McCoart III and are considering a civil lawsuit against Minnieland.  After Wednesday’s verdict, McCoart issued the following statement:

“Not only were the actions and behavior of this Minnieland employee cruel and traumatizing it was outrageous criminal behavior on our communities most vulnerable and innocent. To hear sworn testimony by three employees of Minnieland that each on separate occasions reported this abuse to the Minnieland supervisor or director and then, and only then it was an anonymous phone call to child protective services that started this criminal investigation is incomprehensible, we will never know how much abuse and trauma could have been spared these children had Minnieland reacted to employees concern.”

KY AG Candidate Beshear Releases Child Abuse Prevention Plan

.jpg photo of Attorney General Candidate
Kentucky Attorney General Candidate Andy Beshear

KENTUCKY – Attorney General candidate Andy Beshear releases a seven-point plan to combat child abuse in Kentucky. The full plan, Preventing Child Abuse In Kentucky: A Seven-Point Plan, highlights Beshear’s commitment to protecting Kentucky children and families and ending the child abuse epidemic in Kentucky.

“As Attorney General, my mission will be to end Kentucky’s child abuse epidemic so that every child can grow up in a safe and secure environment,” said Beshear. “Kentucky has one of the highest physical child abuse and child abuse death rates in the country. As a father of two young children, I cannot live with this reality. It’s time to make preventing child abuse a priority for leaders across our country, and especially right here in Kentucky. I am committed to ending this epidemic and if elected, I will work with anyone, Democrat or Republican, to implement my seven-point plan and make Kentucky a safer place for our children.”

A summary of the central proposals can be found below, and the full plan is available here.

Create a Child Abuse and Exploitation Division: The Child Abuse and Exploitation Division will bring together specially trained investigators, prosecutors, and policy experts with vast experience in combatting child abusers and helping victims. The Division will work with local prosecutors and law enforcement on a statewide mission to vigorously and aggressively prosecute child abusers, sexual predators, and human traffickers.

Expand use of latest technology to combat abusers: We will work to expand Kentucky’s use of technology to identify and keep abusers out of our childcare industry so that every entity has the tools and data they need to ensure no abuser is able to outwit the system and slip through the cracks.

Regulate all sectors of our childcare industry: Currently, Kentucky law does not regulate caretakers in certain groups, such as summer camps, that care for thousands of Kentucky children each year. We need to extend Kentucky law and regulation to all portions of our childcare industry so that all our children are protected.

Integrate our non-profits’ ideas into state policy: Our regulations should adopt best practices that have been created and tested by our most effective non-profits. The Child Abuse And Exploitation Division will work to coordinate non-profit efforts to ensure we maximize our combined efforts.

Require participation in STARS program and better monitor day cares: Currently, the STARS program is only voluntary for day care providers that do not receive childcare assistance funds from the state. By mandating that all Kentucky day care providers participate in the STARS program, we can better monitor our day cares to ensure quality child programs are in place.

Conduct a thorough review of foster care system: We will push the state Legislature to conduct a top to bottom study of our foster care system that compares our current guidelines and procedures with best practices so we can make any necessary changes so that foster children can live without fear of abuse.

Promote good parenting: The number one way we can protect our children is through good parenting, which provides a safe, healthy, and nurturing home environment. Promoting good parenting will be a top goal of the Attorney General’s Office, which will be achieved by working with community organizations that aim to help strengthen families across Kentucky.

Throughout the campaign, Beshear will release additional plans that highlight his commitment to protecting Kentucky children and families.