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Rhode Island Has AntiChild Agenda

Bulls Are Born and Clothes Do NOT Make
A Woman

Editorial by Robert StrongBow

PROVIDENCE, RI  –  Rhode Island enacted a law which prohibits parents from seeking psychological help for their gender dysphoric children.

Last year, the State of Rhode Island made it illegal for a licensed medical professional to counsel a child away from the desire to change his/her gender identity, yet it remains legal to inject that same child with hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones.

College of Pediatricians Calls Transgender Ideology ‘Child Abuse’

March 2016
The American College of Pediatricians warns educators and legislators that “a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex” is dangerous for children.

In a strongly worded statement issued today, the professional association of pediatricians says “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.”  It describes such thinking as problem that exists in the mind and not the body and “it should be treated as such.”


NOW, you tell me how a “Prepubescent Child” is going to KNOW, much less ASK, FOR or ABOUT puberty blockers.

WE THE PEOPLE have allowed PEDOPHILES to not only enact laws that make it impossible to raise Children as was intended, but also to Parent Children and pass along their AntiChild, homosexual agenda.  Both of these are no less than FELONY CHILD ABUSE.

“Pediatrician: ‘Transgender’ ideology has created widespread Child Abuse.”

“Transgender ideology is not just infecting our laws. It is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us — CHILDREN!”

“The fact that in normal life and in psychiatry, anyone who “consistently and persistently insists” on anything else contrary to physical reality is considered either confused or delusional.”

Gender Ideology Harms Children

September 2017
Dr. Michelle Cretella, MD, FCP, president of the American College of Pediatricians, is a prominent expert in children’s health who has battled against the relentless promotion of transgender ideology as it impacts kids.

“The active promotion of transgenderism has resulted in massive uncontrolled and unconsented experimentation upon children and adolescents,” Cretella warned.  “This is child abuse.”

Child Predators – The Washington Agenda Pt-2

.jpg photo of Child Sex Abuse graphic
It is time for every person to be judged and sentenced equally.

Sewer Rats protecting Sewer Rats

Pretty much ties it all together in a dirty #AntiChild knot.  What is “NOT” surprising is the fact that Dennis Hastert and Jerry Sandusky was big-buddy Child Predators, right along with so many big names like Ed Savitz from PA, philanthropist Samuel Rappaport (Democratic member of the PA House of Representatives), Lawrence Scott Ward (in prison for Child Porn), former DNC Chair, Ed Rendell, and even a Podesta (not surprised, shame on you Hillary AND BILL)….

It’s real easy to see why OUR LAW MAKERS SAID NOTHING as every chance at a normal childhood, along with their rights, was taken from Our Children, while being given to the perverse.  EQUAL JUSTICE????  The “have-nots” draw sentences in the 2 and 3 digit range, while the “SEWER RATS” use their revolving door card.
Robert StrongBow

Victim’s Testimony Reveals Establishment-Connected East Coast Trafficking Network

Child Predators – The Washington Agenda Pt-1

.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
It is time for every person to be judged and sentenced equally.

Letter: Don’t let Child Abuse go under the radar

Chicago  –  A few pages after yet another story about the latest in the Harvey Weinstein saga, I read a Tribune editorial entitled: “The toughest job in state government,” and came upon a paragraph that reduced me nearly to tears.

It read: “The mother of a 2-year-old toddler from Charleston allegedly left him alone for days in a playpen with two peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and a bottle of vitamin water with a small hole pricked in the top.  He was discovered days later, dead from dehydration and starvation or a combination, according to the medical examiner.”

While the Dec. 19 Tribune editorial focused on the problems within the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, child abuse problems in America are pandemic.

The latest 2015 Child Maltreatment Report from The Children’s Bureau was published in January 2017.  The CB report “shows an increase in child abuse referrals from 3.6 million to 4 million.  The number of children involved subsequently increased to 7.2 million from 6.6 million,” according to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children.  “The report also indicates an increase in child deaths from abuse and neglect to 1,670 in 2015, up from 1,580 in 2014.  Some reports estimate child abuse fatalities at 1,740 or even higher.  The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations – losing on average almost five children every day to child abuse and neglect.”

It got me to thinking. Is child abuse getting its proper coverage in the media and attention from officials?  Or is it being shoved aside because it doesn’t wear a celebrity face and status?

I cannot know the trauma caused by sexual harassment.  But I do know it can be survived.  A child’s maltreatment and death, however, cannot.
— Jim Dudas, Naperville 

We Joked About Child Abuse In The 90s

.jpg photo of pedophile that molested daughter
Pedophile that Sexually Abused his Daughter

Then The Daughter The Convicted Pedophile Raped Speaks Up

It was 1996 when police arrested Jim and Justine and charged them with prolonged sexual abuse and exploitation of their 13-year-old daughter, Amanda.

At the time, Jim claimed that he didn’t think he was doing any harm to his daughter, and that in those days, child molestation was considered “something people joke about” — citing comic book “Chester The Molester” as supposed cultural evidence of this.

But the repercussions of that abuse — which began when his daughter was just 11 — would haunt Amanda into her adulthood, sending her life sideways as she attempted to self-medicate and escape the pain.

Now, 20 years later, Amanda and her biological parents meet again — Amanda for an apology, her parents (particularly her father) forgiveness.

Appearing on Wednesday’s episode of “Dr. Phil,” Amanda says her parents would routinely photograph her in “provocative” situations and video tape her performing various sexual acts— sometimes with her father — with the plan to sell the tapes across the world.

She tells Dr. Phil: “Jim told me with the money we could make, I could go to college”

Amanda adds that she never saw any of her supposed earnings.  Her mother, on stage with Amanda already, begins weeping, presumably overwhelmed with guilt and regret at her part in the abuse.

Then Dr. Phil brings out Amanda’s father.  The audience is silent as he walks out, the tension at its peak.

Amanda starts in on Jim, at first tenuously, seeming to barely contain her rage:

“Where to begin?….  How could you?”

Amanda begins to ask questions directly to her father — reluctantly, at first — saying she’s “dreamed of this moment,” but adding:

“Truthfully I would have preferred if you had been six feet under.”

Jim says to Amanda as she stares at him in anger and disbelief that he’s ashamed that he only remembers abusing Amanda four or five times when it was obviously a regular routine in the family.

Looking straight at his daughter, he says:

“It should have been burned into my memory as much as it was into yours.”

As Amanda recounts how her life spiraled out of control into adulthood — addiction, work as a topless dancer, even the creation of an alter ego to escape the pain she was experiencing — it’s clear that the memories left significant scars with lasting impact.

But the most chilling moments in the episode come from a one-on-one interview with Jim taped earlier, in which the former convict claims that during the early 1990’s, “sexually abusing children were things that people winked and joked about.”

Unbelievably, he goes on to complain that he’d been “exploited, taken advantage of [and] beaten up,” in prison.  He also protested that he had never been aroused by his daughter, but rather was interested in the “mechanics.”

But Dr. Phil doesn’t pull punches responding to claims that Jim didn’t know what he was doing to his daughter, saying directly to Amanda:

“To suggest that he was in an environment where parents didn’t know it wasn’t okay to rape their children is insulting your intelligence, it’s insulting to your experience, it is a complete insult to this entire experience between him and you.  Now he’s either that naive, or he’s just thumbing his nose at you because that is an idiotic statement.”

To watch the entire episode, which aired on Wednesday of this week, check Dr. Phil’s website for listings.

The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, which collects statistics nationally, reports that 46% of children who are sexually abused are the victims of family members.

It also reports that 61% of American rape victims are raped before the age of 18, and unbelievable 29% of all rapes occurred before the victim was 11.


What Did I Do Wrong

.jpg photo of Child murdered by child predator
WHY do you allow this????

Heinrich confesses to Jacob Wetterling’s death

For nearly 27 years, Patty Wetterling has asked a simple question to a world that has watched in pain and, until recently, in vain:
“Where’s Jacob?”

That question was answered late last week with the discovery of Jacob’s remains at a Stearns County farm near Paynesville.

On Tuesday, Danny Heinrich admitted in federal court how he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed Jacob with two gunshots. Heinrich didn’t answer the question of why.

But in wrenching detail and with a flat, matter-of-fact tone, he told a federal judge about the October night in 1989 when he kidnapped 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling at gunpoint, launching one of the most heart-rending mysteries in Minnesota history.

“Finally we know.  We know what the Wetterling family and all of Minnesota have longed to know since that awful night in 1989.  We know the truth.  Danny Heinrich is no longer a person of interest,” said U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger.  “He is the confessed murderer of Jacob Wetterling.”

Heinrich, 53, pleaded guilty to one count of receiving child pornography.  As part of the plea agreement, he recounted what happened to Jacob after he was taken at gunpoint along a rural St. Joseph road by a masked man who let his brother and his best friend go.

In exchange, Heinrich is expected to receive a 20-year federal prison sentence that allows him the chance to get out of prison if he lives long enough.  That plea agreement had the blessing of the Wetterling family.

Heinrich will not be tried in Jacob Wetterling’s death

Heinrich told a packed courtroom that he handcuffed Jacob’s arms behind his back after telling his brother, Trevor, and friend Aaron Larson to run and not look back or he would shoot.  A hushed courtroom heard Heinrich recount what a terrified Jacob said next.

“What did I do wrong?” he asked Heinrich.

Heinrich described how he saw the boys bike past him while he was driving on the road leading to the Wetterling residence.  The kids were going to rent a video, and Heinrich pulled around in a driveway near the abduction site and waited.

When the boys biked past on their way home, Heinrich put on a mask, grabbed a .38-caliber handgun and ordered the boys into the ditch.  One of the boys offered up the video they had rented, apparently thinking that’s why Heinrich was accosting them.

One tried to shine a flashlight in Heinrich’s face.  Heinrich slapped the video away and said not to flash the light on him.

He asked each boy his name and age, then let two of the boys go.

He cuffed Jacob and put him in the front passenger seat of his car, driving toward his hometown of Paynesville.  With a police scanner in the car, Heinrich could hear the response of law enforcement rushing to the abduction site.

He took Jacob to a rural area near a gravel pit and forced the boy to undress, then sexually assaulted him.  After 20-30 minutes, Jacob told Heinrich he was cold. Heinrich let Jacob get dressed.

“Are you taking me home?” Heinrich said Jacob asked him.

“I can’t take you all the way home,” Heinrich said, noting the massive police presence at the abduction site.

“He started to cry,” Heinrich told the court.

“I said ‘Don’t cry,'” Heinrich said.

Then, a police car drove by, with no lights or sirens, and Heinrich panicked.

He loaded the handgun and told Jacob to look the other way because Heinrich needed to urinate, Heinrich told the court.

“I, uh, I uh, raised the revolver to his head” and pulled the trigger, Heinrich said.  The weapon didn’t fire and Heinrich fired again. Jacob was still standing when Heinrich pulled the trigger a third time, shooting Jacob again.

“I left him and went home,” Heinrich said.

A couple of hours later he returned to the site with a shovel, but realized he needed more than that to dig a big enough grave.  He went to a nearby construction company, commandeered a Bobcat and dug a grave.  After filling it in with dirt, he tried to camouflage it with grass and brush.

As he walked home, he took Jacob’s shoes and threw them into a ravine.

About a year later, he returned to the site at night and saw the remains and the red jacket that Jacob had been wearing protruding from the ground. He gathered up the remains and clothing and moved Jacob’s remains to a site on a nearby farm.

Patty Wetterling said at a press conference after the plea that their family’s “hearts are hurting.”

“Jacob, I’m so sorry.  It’s incredibly painful to know his last day, his last hours, his last moments,” she said.

Heinrich is an “evil, serial predator,” said Richard T. Thornton, FBI special agent in charge for the Minneapolis Division.

Heinrich also on Tuesday admitted that he had kidnapped and sexually assaulted Jared Scheierl nine months before the Wetterling abduction.  In recounting that night, Heinrich said he was “driving around Cold Spring, looking for a child” when he spotted Scheierl on a dark street.

After sexually assaulting Scheierl, Heinrich let him go, telling him to run and not look back or he’d shoot him.

Heinrich kept the boy’s underwear and pants.

“A souvenir I guess,” Heinrich said in court Tuesday.

There were “striking similarities” between the Scheierl and Wetterling abductions, Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner said.

A DNA match to the Scheierl case opened more investigative doorways.

“That DNA confirmation triggered a series of carefully planned and thought-out events,” Sanner said.

The DNA match and details of the Wetterling abduction were part of the evidence used to get a search warrant last year for Heinrich’s Annandale house, where investigators found dozens of images of child pornography.

Facing the prospect of a lengthy federal child pornography sentence, Heinrich instead agreed to the plea deal and led authorities to Jacob’s body Wednesday.

“This is not the ending that any of us wanted,” Sanner said.

Luger described Heinrich as volatile and unpredictable, saying that there were windows of opportunity that opened for a plea deal, windows that would close quickly.  On Aug. 26, Heinrich’s lawyers reached out and said there was a chance.

“We had to grab the moment,” Luger said.

Heinrich took investigators to a spot where he said he buried Jacob. Investigators found a red St. Cloud hockey jacket consistent with the one Jacob was wearing when he was abducted.

But investigators didn’t find the additional evidence they needed and interviewed Heinrich again Sept. 1.  That interview lasted late into the evening, and led to a second excavation that revealed bones, teeth and a shirt with the name Wetterling on it, Luger said.

“There is great sadness and heartbreak in our state today, and an outpouring of grief for Jacob and what he went through and for the Wetterling family,” Luger said.  “But I hope that this is also a time for neighbors and complete strangers to come together and begin the healing process.”

Heinrich was arrested, but not charged, years ago for the Scheierl abduction and sexual assault that happened nine months before the Wetterling kidnapping.

A series of attacks and groping incidents happened in the mid-to-late 1980s in Paynesville, near where Heinrich lived at the time.  There was no mention of those attacks in court Tuesday and Luger declined to discuss them at a news conference afterward.

He said that Heinrich isn’t considered a suspect in any other cases that investigators know of.

As part of his plea, Heinrich acknowledged that he could be subject to a civil commitment after he serves his criminal sentence.

Heinrich has been jailed in Sherburne County since his arrest last summer. He’s scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 21.