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The Army With No General

Is This Immoral War Unwinnable????

One of our devoted readers sent me a Super Bowl link, and although the question was never verbalized, there is no doubt it was on both our minds:


The California Endowment
Saving our Children: The Super Bowl’s Dirty Secret

Our Children are in a hopeless war and it is no secret, yet so few seem to care.

The subject matter of the DEMANDING JUSTICE REPORT 2014 was the criminal justice consequences for buyers of sex with children.  The goal of the research is to provide clear, quantifiable, national and regional data on the criminal justice consequences for those who create the demand for sex trafficked minors.

I have posted information from this study in at least six posts, which has empowered many of our readers, although so very many on Google, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter was apparently unaffected.

SO, with this in mind, Tomorrow, February 07, 2016, during Super Bowl 50, if you truly care for Our Children of this world, I want you to ask yourself HOW MANY CHILDREN ARE BEING HURT, RAPED, AND ABUSED THIS WEEKEND, and then PLEASE, say a prayer for them.

  • Child rape occurs every two minutes.
  • 1 in 3 girls will be sexually molested before the age 17.
  • 1 in 5 boys will be sexually molested before the age 17.
  • A sex offender will molest an average of 120 victims.
  • Only about 2 percent of all sexual assaults reported to police are unsubstantiated.
  • 10,000,000 Children and young people ages 13 to 24 will contract one (1) or more STI or STD this year alone.
  • I have yet to find a compiled list and number of Children ages 0 to 12 that will be born with, or contract one (1) or more STI or STD.
  • 2,000,000 Runaways yearly.
  • 85% of Runaways are fleeing some form of abuse.
  • 1 out of every 6 Runaways will fall into the hands of Sex Traffickers.
  • 333,340 Runaways will fall into Sex Traffickers hands this year and be raped.
  • Average victims age is 11 to 14
  • Average life span of a victim is 3 to 7 years (found dead from attack, abuse, HIV and other STD’s, malnutrition, overdose or suicide)

Sex Offenders From A Psychological Viewpoint

.jpg photo of Interview with Psychologist
Psychologists would have you believe these people molests only 1 Child.

Grand Forks, ND  –  Many cringe at the though of people finding pleasure in child pornography and sexually abusing children.

But there are people who not only work to help sex offenders but like doing it.

Many people question why Dr. Stacey Benson enjoys her job.
Benson said, “My original plan was to work with children and I think that I’m still doing that indirect way by working with offenders.  I’m not putting out the fire. I’m taking away the match.”

Benson has been helping keep kids safe for about 20 years by treating sex offenders.  In that time she’s learned many misconceptions.  She tells us that people re-offend at a lower rate than many think.  Research shows that about 12 percent of sex offenders end up committing another sexual crime.  She also says that a stable life and relationships can help reduce the chance of them re-offending and that being labeled a ‘sex offender’ does not define her patients.  Something that she feels is an issue with the label itself.

Benson said, “It’s a present tense term. It implies that this is who I am now.  And individual can have 15 years since they’ve committed a sexual offense, but we still use the present tense when we refer to them as a sex offender.”

Experts say sex offenders come from all different backgrounds and there is no way to tell if someone will commit a sexual offense.
Benson said, “A lot of the research is suggesting that for individuals who have a primary sexual interest in children, that is real similar to a sexual orientation.”

So instead of changing the person, psychologists like Dr. Benson help them learn how to live without acting on their sexual urges.

Benson said, “For individuals who have a particular interest in children, treatment doesn’t necessarily change that, but it teaches them tools.”

Things like how to identify dangerous situations, recognize risky emotions, and intervention techniques.  And when people follow-up after a year or two of treatment, the part the makes the job worth it is when…

Benson said, “They get it and can look back, stop blaming other people or their childhood or using excuses of drinking and they own it and are able to acknowledge that they made those choices and they never want to make those choices again, and that’s incredibly rewarding.”

Not all sex related crimes are reported.

Experts say if you’re a victim you should never blame yourself or feel ashamed and should contact authorities immediately.

Rep. Miller Investigating Release Of Aaron Fisher

.jpg photo of Child Predator
Aaron Fisher

Aaron Michael Fisher is an accused child rapist who confessed to this crime and Judge Patricia Joyce of Cole County let him free Friday.

Rep. Rocky Miller, Camden and Miller counties.  Aaron Michael Fisher is an accused child rapist who confessed to this crime and Judge Patricia Joyce of Cole County let him free Friday.

Aaron Fisher allegedly admitted on video to sodomizing his 5 month old child and due to too many delays, many caused by his legal counsel, Judge Joyce made the decision to release him back into society without the benefit of a trial.

“This appears to be the height of incompetency for a Circuit Court Judge in Missouri and I will be reviewing her performance to verify that it has risen to the level of impeachment,” Rep. Miller said.

The Missouri Constitution places the duty of impeachment of Judges in the hands of the House of Representatives with a trial before the Missouri Supreme Court after Articles of Impeachment are approved.

Jerry Sandusky Allowed To Appeal????

.jpg photo of Child Predator
Child Predator Jerry Sandusky

BELLEFONTE, PA  –  The former Penn State assistant football coach convicted on multiple child sex-abuse charges will be returning to court for an appeal hearing.

WJAC-TV  reports that Judge John Cleland has ordered that Jerry Sandusky be moved from a state prison in Greene County to Bellefonte so he can be present for the Oct. 29 hearing.

Sandusky is appealing his 2012 conviction, claiming his trial attorney was ineffective. He also claims he was prejudiced because three former Penn State administrators awaiting trial on alleged cover-up charges weren’t available to testify at his trial.

The attorney general’s office already has filed a response calling the appeal “baseless.”

Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years for his conviction on more than 40 child-sex abuse charges.

Ohio Man Gets Life Terms For CSA

The Child is Lori Anderson’s Child, who is an adult now.

COLUMBUS, OH – A western Ohio man convicted of abusing a child over a six-year period likely will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A judge in Columbus on Friday sentenced 54-year-old Charles Wycuff to four life terms plus 145 years following his conviction this week on 43 counts of rape, sexual battery and gross sexual imposition.

The state Attorney General’s Office says Wycuff, of Wapakoneta (wah-puh-kuh-NET’-uh), sexually abused the child from 1997 to 2003.

Wycuff and his ex-wife, 51-year-old Lori Anderson, were arrested last year after an investigation.  Anderson, who was an elementary school teacher in Auglaize County at the time, pleaded guilty earlier this month to three counts of sexual battery.  She’ll be sentenced in November.

The cases were moved to Columbus because of pretrial publicity.