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Dennis, This Is What I Think Of You

Sex Offender

On March 11, 2015 at 11:40 pm, Dennis posted what he “thought” of the post “Child sex offenders in Maryland Public Schools: Cronyism and Coverup!!!!”. I have decided that Our Circle should see your “words of wisdom”, but unfortunately, you will get to see what I think of you first.

Dennis, what form of “english” is this????

Never mind, I already know, the dialect is used in correctional institutions, and even though you try to cover it up, I smell the AB from a mile off. Dennis, you are an absolute IDIOT.

But what really turns my stomach is the smell of SEX OFFENDER. Dennis, YOU ARE THE DREGGS OF SOCIETY and I refuse to address you any further, UNLESS you agree to a face-to-face, in which case I am happy to say that I have my dancing boots on.

Child sex offenders in Maryland Public Schools: Cronyism and Coverup!!!!

7 hours ago
These types of news stories are the reprehensible hate teaching fear mongering methods the Nazis used to stir up hatred for the Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The intention of these fear and hate germinating stories is to create a society that feels off balanced and stressed by using children as a battering ram to get as many people to side with the egregious intensions of these soon to be exposed, front groups, who intend to use so called, sex offenders (American citizens) to set legal precedents that will allow for the most horrific punishment man can conceive. Once these unconstitutional laws are on the books they won’t only apply to sex offenders but these horrific laws will apply to you and your children as well. These sycophants in power have been lowering the Constitutrional protection bar year after year. Always cleverly using children to take away, more liberties. It hasn’t worked yet with firearms but they will continue to use children as thier gateway to tyranny to pry that right as well. These comments don’t apply to people who use force or abuse children to young to understand. Those acts are reprehensible and should be delt with harshly. But for people illegally involved with willing teenagers, society has more than enough protection and have gone to far in punishment. Many cultures around the world have decriminalized sexual contact with willing teenagers. Personally I believe it is immoral for an adult to be intimately involved with a willing teenager and would not involve myself with a person that young. At the same time American society should get in line with the rest of the civilized world and make it a misdemeanor or decriminalize unless the person is in a position of authority. Punishment should be reduced to a fine. With no unconstitutional scarlet letter of public humiliation requirement after the fine has been paid. These unconstitutional Megan type laws are the technical equivalent to tattooing numbers on ones forearm. Not in my world. Those front groups I referred to will be exposed this summer for who and what they actually represent. Stay tuned.

America Wakes Up To Cronyism: Day 10

February 25, 2015
NM Dept. of Corrections working to decide what to do with sex offenders living near ABQ daycare.

14 sex offenders living near an Albuquerque day care are on parole or probation. Their living situation is in violation of not only city law, but New Mexico Department of Corrections rules.

Wednesday, the DOC responded to the story KOB discovered, but the potential solution is a double-edged sword.

It started with concerned parents in Barelas, who pointed us to a dormitory-style apartment housing 18 sex offenders less than 1,000 feet from a daycare.

That’s against Albuquerque law.

But the DOC is responsible for 14 of those offenders, and now they’re deciding whether and where to move them.

“We’ve been on-site almost every day,” said sex offender supervisor Haven Scogin.

Since KOB discovered 18 registered sex offenders living at The Dorm in Barelas, within 900 feet of a daycare, the DOC has been reviewing policy. “Our policy is 1,000 feet,” said Scogin, who supervises the monitoring of 14 offenders who live at The Dorm.

A daycare down the street moved in after many of those offenders — but still, this living arrangement violates not only city ordinance, but DOC policy.

“We’re not viewing them as being in violation at this point,” said Scogin, “because what is occurring is not their choice.”

It isn’t clear why DOC’s 1,000 feet policy wasn’t followed when the daycare opened last year, but Scogin says that’s now the subject of an internal DOC inquiry.

“And the fact is – the offenders who are living on this site are in compliance with their supervision; they’re following their conditions,” she said.

But now, some may have to move — something Scogin says creates more problems than it solves.

“They have a higher likelihood of becoming involved with drug use or picking up new charges,” she said. “Having a stable environment makes a big difference with these offenders.”

What makes this even more tricky — neither the city law or DOC policy say whether it makes a difference if the offender lived in a neighborhood before a daycare or school opened.

As far as moving them — offenders have to find a place they can afford, one that will accept them, and many of those options have long waiting lists.

America Wakes Up To Cronyism: Day 1

February 17, 2015  By: Caleb James, KOB Eyewitness News 4
APD and BCSO can’t decide who has jurisdiction over sex offender housing complex 900 ft. from daycare.

An Albuquerque day care surrounded by more than a dozen registered sex offenders has neighbors scratching their heads. Even law enforcement isn’t clear on whether it’s legal.

Some parents in Barelas asked KOB to look into their concerns: A Barelas day care shares a neighborhood with at least 19 sex offenders, and 18 of them live in the same building.

“I don’t think these schools are aware that they’re here,” said a Barelas dad who didn’t want to use his name. “I don’t even feel comfortable walking to the little store on the corner.”

He noticed something in his neighborhood that just didn’t seem legal — 19 sex offenders living a few hundred feet from a daycare. “It just concerns me that our city’s doing nothing about it when they should,” he said.

It’s particularly upsetting for him. “Especially being a victim,” he said.

He says he suffered sexual abuse as a kid. “Who do we depend on?” he said.

It depends who you ask.

Albuquerque code says sex offenders must register at a permanent address at least 1,000 feet from schools like the daycare.

So KOB walked it out, and less than 900 feet from Joyas del Futuro daycare, we ended up at an apartment building called “The Dorm” — a community living complex that is home to 18 registered sex offenders.

So how’s it possible? Well, we asked.

APD says they can’t enforce the 1,000 feet ordinance because the Bernalillo Sheriff’s Office is in charge of sex offenders.

But the sheriff’s office says only APD can enforce city code.

Then – halfway through the day – both agencies came up with an answer that made more sense.

They said the dorm is run by the state, and thus exempt from the code.

“It shouldn’t be exempt for nothing,” said the dad.

It turns out that it isn’t. The owner of the building tells KOB she receives no funding from the state and operates as a completely private business.

So our question is right back where it started: unanswered.
Both APD and BCSO say the other agency is responsible for enforcing the ordinance. Neither agency can tell KOB why they believed the dorms was run by the state.

The owner of that complex told KOB she was here way before the daycare, and KOB confirmed that with property records. She told KOB she has always welcomed registered sex offenders if they are following state provisions, and works with their parole officers to make sure they’re on the up and up.

KOB will continue pressing for answers regarding enforcement of the ordinance.