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Support AFA, No Liberal Ideology

.jpg photo of Teacher that stood up to school board
Jonathon Koeppel is a champion that parents should applaud and an inspirational example to other teachers…

Brave teacher tells school board:
Teach education, not left wing ideas

A Louisiana high school teacher laid it on the line recently when he correctly told the local school board that gender identity education was “liberal ideology” that is creeping into New Orleans area classrooms.

Jonathan Koeppel, a third-year Spanish teacher, played a clip from a lesson used by students called “BrainPop,” in which children are directed to stop using personal pronouns like “he” and “she” and begin using gender neutral words like “they.”

While addressing the school board, he said, “This isn’t a political indoctrination camp, it’s public education.”  His full address can be heard in viral video circulating the web.

“I was really shocked when I found out that a children’s program was promoting this idea that there are infinite genders to children,” Koeppel told the Daily Caller.  “When I saw this was happening, I realized that kids in my area were being exposed to this; I said you know what, I am not going to be quiet about it.  I am going to make a very firm stance.”

More and more educators are beginning to stand up and speak out against social experimentation and the indoctrination of public school children into “progressive” ideology.

Jonathon Koeppel is a champion that parents should applaud and an inspirational example to other teachers who want to see common sense teaching returned to the classroom.


Sign our note of encouragement to Jonathan Koeppel, thanking him for his leadership in speaking out against teaching programs and curriculum that undermine the trust that parents put in public education.


Also, check out the powerful video, In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality, from American Family Studios.  So many families are privately struggling with issues of transgenderism, same-sex attraction, and sexual brokenness.  Many pastors and small group leaders desire to reach out with compassion and truth to those who are struggling, but they don’t even know where to begin.  This feature-length documentary from American Family Studios is now available for church screenings at no cost to you.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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AFA Needs Our Support

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Nancy Pelosi’s Election Bill Will DESTROY Free And Fair Elections!

Democrats radical agenda to
federalize state elections

The top legislative priority of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is to launch an assault against the First Amendment and against free and fair elections. Without these foundational freedoms, America will be unable to maintain her democratic republic.

Take action now before it’s too late and let your voice be heard.  Tell your U.S. senators and representative to publicly oppose and vote against the expansion of government regulation and censorship of state elections.


The House version (H.R. 1) and Senate version (S. 1) of Pelosi’s and Schumer’s bills are deceptively named the “For the People Act.”  Their bills are not about the citizenry but about Democrats preserving and cementing political power.  They would remove the constitutional authority of the individual states to run federal elections and put that power into the hands of those in the U.S. Congress and the administrative state.

These deceptive and destructive bills would require non-profit organizations like American Family Association to publicly disclose financial donors’ names to the federal government.  These names would then be made available to the public and searchable on government websites.  Names of donors could then be used, for example, to publicly intimidate those whose religious convictions define marriage as being between one man and one woman, or those who believe that sex is a fixed biological reality established at conception.  Such an act of intimidation of donors would harm the ability of non-profit organizations to advocate on behalf of their supporters.  These bills would weaponize the Federal Election Commission against Americans and use the force of government as a way to silence dissenting opinion.

Pelosi’s and Schumer’s versions of the bill would also federalize state elections by imposing unconstitutional mandates and would expand federal government regulation of state elections.  This agenda would violate the rights of states and their citizens to establish voter qualifications to ensure integrity at the polls by enforcing “progressive” laws on voter identification, absentee ballots, and mail-in voting.

Heritage Foundation has provided a good analysis of the “For the People Act.”  You can read it here.

The U.S. Congress could be voting on these bills soon.  Before it’s too late, let your voice be heard and tell your U.S. senators and representative to publicly oppose and vote against H.R. 1 and S. 1.


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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'jpg photo of Toxic Waste in Animas River
Kayakers in the Animas River near Durango, CO

EPA Responsible For Colorado’s Animas River Spill

Will the public ever know why a government agency charged with protecting the environment instead dumped deadly chemicals into one of the largest sources of drinking water in the West?

The answer is No, Not as long as ROGUE BUREAUCRACIES are permitted to operate as though they are above the law. And not as long as the U.S. Congress refuses to assert its rightful powers under Article I of the Constitution.

Having a representative government means government is supposed to be subservient to the people’s elected representatives. It does not mean allowing unelected mega-bureaucrats to continue acting with impunity – increasingly in direct contravention of the law.

Americans want to know: Will Congress finally take a stand against bureaucratic lawlessness?  Or will it continue ceding its authority to an administration that has shown nothing but contempt for our laws.

On August 5, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unleashed one of the worst natural disasters in American history.  Ignoring specific warnings, one of the agency’s cleanup crews destroyed a dam near the long-abandoned Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado.  This so-called accident sent more than three million gallons of toxic wastewater – containing cadmium, lead, arsenic and other pollutants – pouring into Cement Creek, a tributary of the Animas River.

The pollution turned the Animas a bright yellowish-orange color — impacting water supplies in three different states.

Compounding the crisis, EPA officials waited more than twenty-four hours to notify the public of this toxic spill. And when EPA administrator Gina McCarthy finally got around to visiting the area (a week later) – she refused to visit Silverton.

After the initial spill, things went from bad to worse for those relying on the river. For example Navajo farmers – unable to use water from the river – were provided with emergency water reserves from the EPA. Unfortunately this water was contaminated, too – prompting another attempted EPA cover-up.

According to The Guardian, EPA officials originally told Navajo leaders the individual reporting the contamination was “unstable” and deliberating “agitating” in an attempt to undermine the agency. The Navajo leader, Russell Begaye, took the EPA at its word – at least until he observed the pollution for himself.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Begaye told the paper after inspecting the water and finding oily streaks in it. “I couldn’t believe the EPA’s higher-ups basically told me a lie.”

Such dishonesty from the agency has been epidemic in the aftermath of this spill. No wonder many in the affected areas think this disaster was no accident – but rather part of an EPA conspiracy to secure additional environmental “cleanup” funding for the area.

“I don’t put anything past the EPA,” Utah state lawmaker Mike Noel recently told Newsweek. “I’ve seen the way they use their regulating powers to shut down projects, harm mining, harm farmers.”

So what did the EPA know?  And when?  After weeks of prodding from multiple media outlets, the agency finally released heavily redacted documents on August 22 revealing its advance knowledge of the elevated risks associated with the Gold King Mine project.

“Conditions may exist that could result in a blowout of the blockages and cause a release of large volumes of contaminated mine waters and sediment from inside the mine, which contain concentrated heavy metals,” one of the documents dated June 2014 noted.

Unfortunately, an “unresponsive, secretive and unsympathetic” EPA is blocking the release of additional, un-redacted documents being sought by a congressional committee investigating the disaster.

According to the U.S. House Science Committee, the EPA is refusing to provide “documents pertaining to the Gold King Mine spill” sought in connection with an upcoming hearing.

Congress must act now to assert its constitutional authority.  For starters, McCarthy and other EPA officials must deliver these documents and provide truthful testimony regarding how they turned the Animas River into a new Crayola color — or be found in contempt.

Meanwhile lawmakers must zero in on the EPA’s multi-billion budget like never before – starting with legislation introduced earlier this year by U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson specifically targeting its wasteful programs.

If House leadership is willing to shut down debate over appropriations bills (including the EPA’s budget) over an arcane Confederate flag, surely this merits an even bolder response.

The EPA is not above the law.  It must be held accountable — not only for this spill, but the broader damage it is doing to the U.S. economy.


.jpg photo of Elder Abuse
Corrupt LawMakers sell-out Our Elders

Corrupt LawMakers show their true colors again. They not only don’t care that Children are SEX OBJECTS FOR ADULTS, they have now shown that THEY CARE NOTHING FOR OUR ELDERS AND ELDER ABUSE.

Through obvious UNDER-THE-TABLE deals, CORRUPT CRONY LAWMAKERS SOLD OUR ELDERS FOR 30 PIECES OF SILVER to bottom feeders like Teddy Lichtschein and Eliezer Scheiner, operators of some of the most poorly rated nursing homes in Texas. Their small empire has amassed more than $800,000 in federal fines over the past three years.

From their headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y., Teddy Lichtschein and Eliezer Scheiner operate some of the most poorly rated nursing homes in Texas. Their small empire has amassed more than $800,000 in federal fines over the past three years.

Regulators reported numerous problems.  One patient who fractured his leg waited four days to have his broken bone treated.  Another resident, given food he could not chew, choked to death in his wheelchair.  An 80-year-old woman with rectal cancer screamed in agony for two weeks before attendants phoned her doctor.

Despite this record, Lichtschein and Scheiner have new partners in the nursing home trade: seven public agencies, which could position the Brooklyn duo for a taxpayer-funded windfall.

A special state program to attract additional federal Medicaid money will bring an extra $69 million to Texas nursing homes this year, with more to come next year.  It was supposed to be for government-owned homes.

Much of it, however, will go to a multitude of private operators — such as Lichtschein and Scheiner who were savvy enough to craft unusual licensing arrangements with governmental bodies.

In a development wholly unforeseen by state officials, the licenses of more than 300 privately owned nursing homes have changed hands within the past year. They are now held by public hospital districts and hospital authorities.

Some of these homes are hundreds of miles from the districts themselves. Many of them have been repeatedly cited for serious deficiencies.

Former GA police chief, wife sentenced in Child Abuse case

HABERSHAM COUNTY, Ga. — A former Mt. Airy, Ga. police chief and his wife are headed to jail for allegedly keeping four adopted children locked in a room for years with little food.

Richard and Cheryle Burton were facing 28 counts of child cruelty. Richard Burton was also charged with child molestation.

They pleaded guilty to four of those child cruelty charges on Monday.  In exchange, all the other counts, including child molestation, were dropped.

They received sentences of 10 years each.  They’ll serve 25 consecutive weekends in the county jail; the rest will be served on probation.

As part of the plea agreement, the Burtons were given first-offender status.  They will not have a felony criminal history and Richard Burton is not required to register as a sex offender.

Sentence questioned by children’s new adoptive parent

The children who were allegedly abused now say they have the life they’ve always dreamed of on 13 acres of Habersham County farmland with loving parents and 11 adoptive siblings.  It’s practically the opposite of the life they describe with their first adoptive parents. Richard and Cherlye Burton, who adopted them in 2004 when their birth mother lost her parental rights.“It was good at first but something changed,” one of the boys said.The kids range in age from 13 to 19 now. Even though it’s painful, they want to speak out about the years of neglect, abuse and cruelty at the Burton house, where they say they were locked in a dark bedroom with boarded up windows, underfed and beaten.

“Getting hit in the head with a wooden paddle, being swung around the room, throwing us on the walls we had to stand upside down on the corner on our heads,” said another one of the boys. “We had to eat noodles and they would put leftover food that they didn’t want into our pot of noodles…We didn’t have warm food, it was cold from the refrigerator.”

The children were rescued after Will ran away in 2012 and told police. The Burtons were arrested.

Fran Chastain is their mom now and can’t fathom how the accused couple ended up with 25 weekends in jail as a sentence.

“I think it’s way too light,” Chastain said. “We feel like this is just sending this wrong message.”

Chief Assistant District Attorney Eddie Staples said he made the deal partly to avoid having the children testify at trial.  But he says Richard Burton’s connections also came into play.

“The witness list for the defense included law enforcement officers from this community,” Staples said. “Those are the people we go into court everyday and tell the jurors, ‘These are credible people.’ And they were going to come and testify to Richard Burton particularly, but the Burtons’ good character.”

Chastain say the children bear physical and emotional scars, but they’re healing.  They’re relieved there’s not going to be a trial and they can spend their summer simply being kids.