The Beauty Of Our World

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Every Child deserves an equal chance to make this world a better place.

There is one thing that a Child cannot be taught, and that is LOVE.  You can teach a Child how to spell LOVE, but a Child learns LOVE by being LOVED.

LOVE, TRUST, and mutual Family RESPECT, are necessary components for meaningful communication between Parents and a Child.  QUALITY TIME is the bridge that opens the door to making GOOD Memories, which build and strengthen values in young Parents, as they teach the basics of these values with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to their Children.

These values are the building blocks of tomorrows GOOD CITIZENS.

I want to share a GOOD MEMORY with you.  I only wish I had gotten the video, but  I have 4 screen shots.  A good Friend who lives in Oklahoma now, sent an almost unbelievable video to Frank.

We hope you enjoy the pictures…. which are Our Good Memory tonight.

Tennessee Mom Prays While Throwing 19-day-old Baby

Tennessee mom prays while throwing 19-day-old baby

A disturbing video shows a 19-day-old Memphis boy’s harrowing ordeal as he was violently thrown to the ground by his mom, who prayed, chanted and asked another child to join in the abuse.

The woman, who has not been named, invoked the name of God as she repeatedly tossed little Christian to the floor and encouraged a girl sitting in her lap to do the same on Friday, the video shows.

The boy’s father filmed the 13-minute ordeal over the hysterical cries of the infant and the girl, who begged her mom to stop, before calling police, he told Fox13.

The mom instructed her daughter to pick up the baby, then pushed her, forcing Christian to roll to the ground.

At times, he is left sprawled on the ground face-down.

The baby boy is left crying on the ground of the Memphis home.

His mom later dragged him around by the arm.

While the parents shouted at each other in the video, the dialogue is difficult to hear over the cries of the children.

Memphis police responded to the scene after the man reported the incident Friday. They later took the mother for psychiatric evaluation and placed little Christian with his grandmother, although it is not clear exactly how soon after the incident.

The department did not immediately respond to the Daily News’ request for comment Thursday morning.

Police first saw the video after the man sent the video to Fox13, who forwarded it over to authorities Monday.

A version of the video has been viewed on Facebook over 3.3 million times.

Although the distraught mother repeatedly told the boy’s father to take the baby as he lay wailing on the ground, the dad did nothing but record and shout for 13 minutes.

“I ain’t got nothing to do with that,” the man said in the video of caring for the boy. “Ma, you a low-down b***h. I’m going to kill you.”

He later spoke to Fox13 and said he was afraid to intervene during the woman’s “schizophrenic moment.”

“I wanted to put my hands on her, but I couldn’t,” the father said, “That was going to leave me in jail and the baby still was going to go with them. It can’t be two dumb parents.”

He said he took video for police evidence and to keep the child safe.

Memphis Police Colonel Marcus Worthy told WMC the man “took the proper steps, maybe not as quick as he should have,” by taking the baby and calling police.

The boy’s mother is mentally ill and had gone off her meds during her pregnancy “because she didn’t want to take anything to harm the baby,” grandmother Lily Moore said.

“Knowing my daughter, that was not my normal daughter,” Moore told the station.

Christian was examined at a hospital and is doing well, she said.
Child Protective Services, Memphis Police and the Attorney General’s Office are still investigating.

UW-L Professor Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has canceled the summer school contract of a professor charged with sexually assaulting a minor who police identified as the victim of a 45-year-old La Crosse man in a separate case.

Paul Miller, 47, of La Crosse and has agreed to remain off campus until the case is resolved.

Miller was charged earlier this month with second-degree sexual assault of a child younger than 16. The incident occurred June 13, when several children were staying overnight at Miller’s residence in preparation for a birthday party the next day, the complaint states.

According to a La Crosse Police Department report, a 14-year-old girl told investigators that Miller slept in the same bed as her, as well as kissed, fondled and performed oral sex on her. When interviewed by police, Miller told investigators that he did indeed sleep in the same bed as the girl but did not do anything inappropriate.

Because of the severity of the allegations, UW-L canceled Miller’s contract to teach a summer course, UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow said. Miller is an associate professor of chemistry hired by the university in 2000.

Gow said the university respects the due process rights of its employees, but if charges against a faculty member affect his or her ability to work, the university can take action. “I think it is in everyone’s best interest that he is not teaching or on campus until the legal process has concluded,” Gow said.

Jonathan Hart, 45, of La Crosse is also facing sexual assault charges for raping the same 14-year-old girl. According to charges filed July 1, Hart is charged with sexually assaulting her multiple times during a 16-month period, using religion and a relationship with the minor to control her.

In the complaint, officers state that a La Crosse pastor told police the minor had informed him of being in a relationship with Hart and having sexual relations for more than a year. When interviewed, the girl told an advocate that she and Hart were “going to be together forever” and were “meant to be together in God’s eye.”

The girl stated the relationship had started out as boyfriend and girlfriend and then the defendant proposed and gave her a ring, using the Bible to control her, according to the complaint.

According to the interview, the child stated that she had her own room at Hart’s residence, had planned on giving him children and described having sex with Hart on several occasions over a period of March 2014 to June 2015. When contacted by police, Hart met with officers June 29 but said that after speaking with his attorney had nothing to say. Police then arrested him.

Jane Doe , John Doe, America’s found unknown persons

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I was making Our Circle’s rounds the middle of the week, and while on FaceBook, I couldn’t help but notice a new Group that I just had to find out more.

As it turns out, this is a new group of obviously, very caring individuals, brought together by 3 very caring people with really big Hearts Of Gold.  I am going to ask everyone of Our Circle and Friends to go by, if you have a FaceBook page, and LIKE the pages.

Jane Doe , John Doe, America’s found unknown persons
(This is the Community)

Helping people locate their missing loved ones that have been found , but unidentified.
(This is the Public Group)

People that have been found in the USA , some living some deceased , all unknown . Help us get them home to their family’s . This group is for anyone missing a loved one or anyone wanting to help research and find the identity of the Jane and John Does that have been found.

Child Abuse OK in AZ????

Botched child abuse cases to be reviewed by next week

Phoenix, AZ(AP) — An Arizona government official says his department will review more than 6,000 unexamined reports of child abuse and neglect by Dec. 2.

The director of the Department of Economic Security, Clarence Carter, also said in a plan submitted Monday night that all reports forwarded to case workers will be investigated by Jan. 31. Carter sent the plan to members of the Legislature’s Child Protective Services oversight committee. Carter revealed the problems with the botched cases last week and was grilled by members of the oversight committee on Thursday. He told the committee he would deliver the plan by “the close of business” Monday.

Child advocates have said that the debacle in Arizona reflects a common problem nationwide as child protective agencies are burdened with high case loads, lack of funding and dismal resources that force social workers to prioritize calls based on the most egregious reports.

Still, the reports need an initial review to determine whether they are worthy of investigation, said Michael Petit, president of the advocacy group Every Child Matters and former commissioner of Maine’s Human Services Department, which oversees child protective services. “They can’t just park them and say we’re really busy and put them aside,” Petit said Monday.

Carter has identified a number of Child Protective Services staffers who will be assigned to investigate the cases, department spokeswoman Tasya Peterson said earlier Monday. An exact number of staffers hasn’t been determined, but Gov. Jan Brewer has approved using overtime for the urgent job. Brewer added 200 new CPS positions in her budget this year to help the agency deal with skyrocketing case loads.

So far, authorities re-examining the cases have identified at least 125 in which children were later alleged to have been abused. No deaths have been connected to the lapses. Meanwhile, state police are reviewing how the mistakes occurred. A captain, sergeant and four detectives will have their caseloads reassigned and focus only on the CPS investigation. The investigation is designed to determine who authorized the cases to be designated as “not investigated” and to review the department’s policies. It is administrative in nature, and any findings of potential criminal actions would be handled by another team or agency, Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said.

State law requires that reports phoned into a child abuse hotline be investigated. Yet beginning in November 2009, some cases were closed before being sent to a field office for investigation by a team of specialists trying to clear a backlog, Graves said. The practice was suspended, briefly renewed the next year, and suspended again. However, beginning about 20 months ago, a new team designed to help the agency overcome an ongoing backlog revived the practice. More than 5,000 of the 6,000 cases that were not investigated happened since that time.

Law enforcement agents assigned to the agency’s child welfare investigations unit discovered the closed cases in recent weeks. Carter has said cases were pulled before they reached field investigators based on a review by a special team whose goal was to focus field investigators on the most serious cases.

Petit suggested the agency just had too many cases to handle. “When you’ve got 6,000 backlogged cases, that’s not a function of a lot of people goofing off,” he said. However, Petit added, the problem won’t be easy to address without a huge increase in staff at the Arizona agency, and the issue will be compounded as calls keep coming. “If they’re going to do a retroactive on these 6,000 cases,” he said, “they’re going to have the same problems six months later if they don’t address the problem that led to this in the first place.”

Some Democrats have called on Carter to resign. But Brewer, a Republican, is standing by him – for now. “Once we know what happened, then accountability will take place,” Brewer spokesman Andrew Wilder said.