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Welcome to NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, where we speak-out against Child Abuse and Violence

NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! is the product of a Circle of Friends on MeWe, who believe PRICELE$$ is the only value we can place upon Love, Honor, and Duty to Our Children, and to every Child in this world.

With the closing of G+, we moved Our Home and Our Circle to MeWe on March 4, 2019, and opened our NotInMyWorld Page.  I am very happy to say that since our move to MeWe, we have witnessed many, many Blessings, and so many of these have been the new additions to Our Circle.

We are a nonprofit information resource center, serving families, parents, and the general public on issues related to good parenting.

All Children deserve to grow up in a non-violent, family settingbeing loved, cared for, feeling safe at all times, with proper diet, and as they grow be taught Honor, Truth, Respect, Responsibility, and Duty in regard to themselves, others, and as young future citizens.

“The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its Children.”
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer –

The resources we have made available are not our property and are made available in good faith only as a public service, for we believe there is a basic set of values parents should possess to be good, productive members of a community and citizens of this country, as well as teaching Children these same values.

The resources we have available at this time are listed in the left sidebar menu:  Anger Management, Baby, Child Abuse, Children, Communication, Conflict Resolution Skills, Family & Good Parenting, Stress Relief, and Violence.

Restoring Hope: Volume 1
“Removing Chains of Child Abuse”

.jpg photo of .jpg photo of book of Child Abuse stories
Restoring Hope Vol-1

Ark of Hope for Children is proud to present our first book in our Restoring Hope series, “Removing Chains of Child Abuse”.  This very special book is compiled from short stories, art and poetry authored by seventeen survivors of child abuse, bullying and human trafficking.  The contributing survivors in volume one hail from three different countries; United States, United Kingdom and France. Stories are already being gathered for Restoring Hope volume two.

These powerful stories allowed those who submitted them to experience writing and art as therapy.  The authors know that their works will give hope to the survivors reading them to realize that they are not alone and they too can recover.  This book is packed with resources for those still suffering and it includes a short journal in the back for readers to note their feelings as they read.  A full journal is now available!  Created as a stand alone journal or to accompany this book, read more about the Removing Chains of Child Abuse Journal here.

The Restoring Hope Project was made possible through our Community Partnership with TGIM Publishing, which is the proud developer of Writing for the Soul Workshop™. The workshop is a vibrant program that invokes a passion for writing, resources for healing, and skills for a lifetime while tackling the problems of mental, financial and educational inequality.

Available now!

Parental Supervision and Quality Time

Our Children are easy prey when left unsupervised and many parents mistakenly believe their Children are safe indoors.

The internet is a cesspool of perverts and pedophiles doing everything possible to lure Children to them.

There are apps which block access, according to how they are set, and apps that record activity and location;  all of these should be seriously considered and employed as another means to protect Children in day-to-day life, although nothing can replace parental supervision and quality time.

∗ It must be noted that these apps that track activity and location and their uses are strictly governed by Federal Law and closely monitored, these may not be utilized against anyone over 18 years of age.

Domestic Violence and Every Day Violence

Child Abuse is out of control and Violence is sky-rocketing.   We have allowed Violence to become a common, everyday, thing.

Violence takes many forms, including intimate partner violence, sexual violence, child maltreatment, bullying, suicidal behavior, and elder abuse and neglect.  These forms of violence are interconnected and often share the same root causes.

There are experiences, particularly early in childhood, that make it extremely predictable that individuals are at substantially higher risk for involvement with violence, be it interpersonal, youth violence, intimate partner violence, dating violence, or child abuse.

When children grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments, they learn empathy, impulse control, anger management and problem-solving—all skills that protect against violence.

When children grow up in environments where they don’t feel safe, their brain cells form different connections with each other to better recognize and respond to threats.

Children living in a persistently threatening environment are more likely to respond violently (fight) or run away (flight) than children who grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing environments.

Fight-or-flight responses are survival skills that people are born with and often override other skills that enable non-violent conflict resolution, such as impulse control, empathy, anger management, and problem-solving skills.

 Tougher Laws For Any Form Of Child Abuse

Child Abuse, especially Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Slavery is ignored and Child predators are given minimum sentences, even when the CHILD is exposed to  life-threatening STDs.

This year alone, 10,000,000 Young People, 13 years of age to 23 years of age will contract at least one (1) or more STI or STD.

There are about 3.3 million reports of Child Maltreatment every year in the United States.  Yet less than 25% of the cases are reported, which translates to over 13,200,000 actual cases of Child Maltreatment, and the actual number may be much higher.

What should be a wakeup call to everyone is the unsettling fact that out of 3.3 million reports, only 686,000 cases are deemed actual Child Maltreatment.

It has now been proven that due to a faulty, tainted system of record keeping within CPS and other Departments, what is listed as about 5 Children daily, is more near 10 to 13 Children daily in the United States DIE because of Child Abuse or Neglect.

a.  70.3% were younger than three years of age
b.  44.4% were younger than one year of age

“The future of this Country and Our World, depend on what we do now.”
– Robert StrongBow


  • Violence:  Connecting The Dots – pdf
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
  • Journal of Preventive Medicine
  • Ark of Hope for Children


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    1. Mr. Pintowski, I am extremely pleased to discover the education you have actively pursued and completed, but I challenge you to reach higher, and never cease to demand and expect more of yourself….
      Reach for the stars Mr. Pintowski!!!!
      I wish you to know My Dear Friend, Mr. Ngobesing Romanus, for he is a MAN that knows the feel of the stars.
      As for your nomination, I am in awe, but all I can say at this point is that I will weigh this matter carefully.

  1. Goodjob although it don’t surprise me I knew you had it in you! Keep up the good (time consuming and hard) work!

    1. Mr Kaveman, we appreciate your input.
      You remind me of someone…. you remind me…. OF ME!!!!
      You always knew how to make the old man happy, you the first one of my boys to comment, and most probably the first one to visit and spend some time.
      I Love you K, you be strong!!!!

      1. Que paso amigo! I usually jump over to Twitter and reTweet Y’all, but I’m shadow banned from there.
        When I was logging in I got a strange recommendation:

        omnipulse, Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling
        5h ago
        Artificial Light the Synthesis of Consciousness
        Artificial light, artificial consciousness. Light stimulates neurons, consciousness is ‘produced’.

        Artificial light stimulates neurons, artificial consciousness is produced?

        The question requires another answer which is necessary to explain how consciousness manifests. Is this produced by the brain or merely transmitted and received?

        Hasta luego!

    1. Hemangini, Thank You!!!!
      We are extremely glad you finally found us, obviously you care very much for the Children of this world.
      Come again, you are welcome 24/7.

  2. Im so glad I found this page. Going to like on FB. I look forward to making a difference and spreading awareness. All the information here is amazing. Thank you.

    1. Gwasshoppa, Thank You for your input and your very kind words.
      You have me very interested in seeing your blog, but if you will drop me a private note I will give you my FB page also and support you also.
      We also have a Blog, My Brother’s Keeper, https://notinmyworld.com.
      Thank You and please don’t be a stranger, as you always have a place here.

    1. Thank You Gwasshoppa!!!!
      I see you are still up and available.
      I am about to visit your site, and leave you a message.
      Thank You again, you are greatly appreciated,

      PS – Gwasshoppa, you might want to join us on Google, since that is where this all began

  3. Great new menu and fresh look. Still sad this group and site is even needed.
    I wish we never met in this way.
    I’m sure it would have been better meeting in the parking lot of wall mart.

    1. Keith, my Good Friend, you just made the day a little easier.
      You know that I feel the same way.
      This is hell, or at least as close as we’ll get to the real thing.

  4. Wow..this is such a beatiful blog with a really noble cause…i am honestly happy to know that there are still people around who sincerely care for the children as obviously the future of humanity lies in their hands..

    1. Thank You My Friend, that is very kind of you to say. One thing about it, it rains here at the very least every day or two.
      But that is only if I screen the articles I read, because if I don’t, then I can’t sleep at all after a bad one.
      Just so you know, I wasn’t kidding. So tell me, was that just a good writers story, or did it really rain?

      1. Awe Robert. So happy to be back here I’m interrupting lol. The sun came out here today, so I opened the window blinds, then the clouds returned immediately. Rain predicted all night again so I’m feeling your pain; and mine. Empathy sucks! Haha. Have a blessed evening dear. Give your pretty half a big hug for me please.🌻☀️ (we SHALL have e-sun anyway 🌞)
        Crystal ☀️

  5. Hello G+ friends. Congratulations and thank you for all that you’ve been doing here for the children. I’m now a retired grandmother who has helped children since I was no more than a child, but I thought I was grown so that got a lot done. One of our G+ brothers invited me to a special event tomorrow. A year is amazing. I only have a G+ page these days, but please feel welcome to visit me there. I’ll help anyway I’m able here. Looking forward to hearing from you. Again, Congratulations on this first year of a great undertaking. Children are our most precious gift. Thank you for helping them. ~<3~

      1. I usually jump over to Twitter and reTweet Y’all, but my VPN is blocking Twitter. No biggie, I’m shadow banned there anyway.

      2. You got banned there? I can’t imagine that, I’ve never seen you being abrasive in any way.
        Social media for the most part is simply a mirror of life in the real world, with the big difference being that the Bullys and Bully-Boy Collectives never graduate, never leave town, this is like the movie Groundhog day on a day-to-day basis.
        I think Google is a whole lot better and classyer than FaceBook, although #OurCircle is one of a kind. We have more than just a little in common, and the values are what we really throw out there, but if you think about it, there is not one of us that will take any crap from anybody for any length of time..
        I need to contact a couple of my advisers about what has really been going on since before my Brother’s funeral.
        In fact, watch for an email today.

      3. Thank you Robert. I have had many issues since I posted that and just reopened my WordPress account is why the late reply. Been keeping up elsewhere and sorry for your loss. I lost my only blood brother Nov. 27th, so am grateful they haven’t had to fight pain in the bitter cold that followed this winter. They sure put up the good fight for those of us who love them.

        I left Twitter a few years ago when tweets that weren’t mine kept showing up as mine. That won’t do.
        Became more active IRL, one on one, face to face.

        Thank you for all that you do for our children. On my way back up to hopefully be of more benefit. Live long and stay well my friend. ~<3~

      4. Crystal, Thank You, but remember, you are very much a part of Our Circle, you are just as much the reason as I am.
        Incidentally, we need you on Google and here, so hurry up with your comeback, please…

  6. Yes I so agree, we are to be our brother’s keeper! Thank you for your great advocacy work & writing on my Blog. Since writing it I’ve been invited to the Philippines with my violence prevention work by a missionary pastor who begged me to come! I will be having a Pod Cast on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 11:00 a.m with Matthew Pappas, a survivor with http://www.survivingmypast.net about my humanitarian aid work in the Philippines. If you ever write another book I would love to be included!

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