Amber Alert – Houston Texas

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Houston, TXexas AMBER ALERT

Amber Alert issued for missing baby in
Greenspoint after mother found stabbed

HOUSTON, TX  –  Investigators said a baby missing after her mother was found stabbed to death may be with her father.

An Amber Alert has been issued for Shanally Flores, who was nowhere to be found when police were called to her family’s home at 185 Goodson Drive in Greenspoint.

Houston police believe the baby may be with Thomas Bernardez, a black Honduran male, who is a possible suspect in the woman’s stabbing death.

Bernardez may be driving a 2000 blue Toyota Celica with a black hood, and Texas license plate CM7-L340.

The baby is described as being 30-inches tall and 20 pounds.  She is believed to be Honduran and possibly black or of mixed origin.

If you know where Bernardez or the baby are, call Houston police at 713-308-3600.

6 thoughts on “Amber Alert – Houston Texas”

    1. Irene, Thank You so much!!!
      As this story progressed, it just depressed me more and more.
      As if it wasn’t a sad terrible, evil story already, there was 3 different versions of this Dear Child’s first name, and at least 2 different ages given. I wondered if anyone knew this Dear Lady and her Daughter, besides the Father.
      I was so happy that he didn’t do this evil thing,

      1. Irene, yes ma’am they did and even spelled her name right.
        I know Irene, I can’t imagine any one being this hard hearted.

      2. It is sad, but many people are born without empathy and never learned it either. I’m always alerted, when I meet new people, who aren’t able to show empathy.

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