Perception or Judging????

Like a pack of Hounds of Hell, in a never-ending assault to protect, what up until this point, had been yours to devour and destroy at will, that being the futures of Our Children.

I can’t count the times that one of you, covered in your Saintly disguise and armed with Our GOD’S Word, unleashed your backbiting tongue to list the many infractions of Our MASTER’S COMMANDMENTS, you had charged to my name.

Don’t misjudge my words, as you see, even the last stone is not in my unworthy hands.  Although after so many years of walking near the dung heap, and what I have in my hand, I can only wonder if so many of the maids truly forgot their oil, or did a Heavenly garbed Saint happen through and draw all eyes from those lamps….

One by one, the illusions have fell away, and the truth of what has been done to Our Children can no longer be ignored.  The CRONIES and GOOD OLD BOYS scramble like rats, trying to take as many of Our Children with them.


8 thoughts on “Perception or Judging????”

  1. Yes, vote them out a.s.a.p.
    But are you under attack? Judiesm puts very high value on those who leave the dung heap and return. I thought Christians were the same in their belief’s. We all have things in our own lives that need improvement, thatshould be our focus ( mine too) AND PROTECTING THE CHILDREN!!!!!!

    1. Bunny, just because you go yo church with people, NO ONE knows what is in each person’s heart but Our GOD. If you don’t think Satan goes to Church when He wants to, then you are grossly underestimating his power.

    2. Bunny, I failed to answer your question, very little has changed since 2 little boys prayed everyday for death, except NOBODY has the guts to do it to their faces now.

    1. Alan, you could have said at least 1 thing was wrong with at least 1 of my “little” stories. I chose the possibility of “stolen” oil for a very good reason, I figured few people would understand the meaning.
      But the camp fire, was just too much, I think you;re getting a little too comfortable in your middle age. I actually had the young riders in my minds eye, then changed to the long riders, then thought for a minute and said “There’s NO way!!! Because we would have been riding in buggys or wagons if I’d said the Old Riders….
      As for the voters, as I said long ago, it’s our parents and GrandParents fault as well as Ours that all the Cronyies are so outgoing at the underhanded things they do, simply because no one has the time to even care.

      1. It is OK! I expect God to do that! God hooked me up with your site. An act of mercy toward an old soldier. There are still battles to be fought, and wars to win.

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